Pelishek-Tiffany Nature Trail

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The Pelishek-Tiffany Nature Trail runs for 6 miles along an abandoned railroad corridor, between the towns of Allens Grove and Clinton. The trail is open to snowmobiles, cyclists, horseback riders and cross-country skiers. The wooded trail passes through cultivated fields along a pleasant route.

Parking and Trail Access

In Clinton park at Farmers Gateway off Lake Shore Road; east of town park at the Clinton snowmobile club's headquarters on E. County Rd. X just west of where the trail crosses County Rd. X. In Allens Grove park at the trail's east end off North Road by Hill Street.


   September, 2012 by aslaksan

As you leave Clinton, you'll travel beneath a thick canopy of trees. Later, as you approach Allens Grove the trees are less numerous and you parallel a major highway, which can be a bit loud. Nevertheless, much of the trail is very peaceful and attractive. more

Great Weekend Trail

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"This is a great weekend trail ride. The trip out and back is a little over 12 miles and takes about 2 hours for a rider with average experience and endurance. It can be rough at times and riders are encouraged to take it easy on their first time out more