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Located on the eastern side of Seward, Nebraska, the Plum Creek Trail runs for nearly 3 miles through open fields and dense woodland. As its name suggests, the trail follows the course of Plum Creek for its entire route.

The trail begins in the north at Plum Creek Park, which contains tennis courts, a baseball diamond, softball fields, playground equipment and shelters. Before turning south, the trail passes through the Plum Creek Garden Area. The garden includes a variety of trees and flowers for the enjoyment of the residents of the town.

South of the garden, the trail runs past Plum Creek Sports Complex's soccer fields before entering wooded landscape. Here the trail crosses 1 of 5 bridges over Plum Creek. Near the at-grade crossing of E. Hillcrest Drive/Bluff Road, the campus of Concordia University can be seen in the distance.

On the final part of its route, the Plum Creek Trail crosses under busy US 34, traverses another bridge over Plum Creek, and finally reaches its endpoint at S. Columbia Road.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the Plum Creek Trail can be found at the northern trailhead in Plum Creek Park on Karol Kay Boulevard. The Plum Creek Sports Complex has a large parking lot located just across the road from the park's smaller lots. Just east of Concordia University, park at the dedicated lot where the trail meets E. Hillcrest Drive/Bluff Road.

Additional parking lots can be found at the trail's intersection with E. Seward Road; off US 34 north of Crooked Mile Road; or at the trail's southern endpoint on S. Columbia Road.


Plumb Creek Trail

   September, 2009 by noeljkelller

An Excellent concrete surface, start at N40.92695 W097.08252 by “The Garden“. Winding through corn fields and ends along waste treatment plant. Well utilized this morning. Noel Keller 14 Sep 09 read more