Prospect Heights Bike Path

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Prospect Heights Bike Path runs between Woodland Trails Park and Country Garden Park, paralleling the commuter rail tracks on its north–south leg. The trail provides a nice off-road route through the Chicago suburb of the same name, linking neighborhoods with shopping, parks and Arlington Lake on the northwest end. The trail doesn't offer much shade but don't let that stop you from enjoying it on a summer day.

Parking and Trail Access

Park at Woodland Trails Park (1500 block of Euclid Avenue) or in the parking lot at the corner of Stonegate Drive and Schoenbeck Road near the basketball court.


Great Ride

   July, 2016 by tbanghart

It's a nice paved trail. Not busy. Uses powerline right of way so there's some nice prarie grasses and natural habitat you go through. A great length for after work ride. Careful though, it crosses two busy roads among some others. read more

The Power Plant Path

   July, 2016 by terrell002

Okay, so just to get something straight here, this path was originally laid out for service maintenance of the overhead power lines which align with the entire trail. For inline skaters, I'm ranking this path a 2 based on track quality (2 - pretty choppy), more

Prospect Heights Bike Trail

   May, 2016 by william.goostree

Really nice trail. Paved. Connects to Lake Arlington at the West End of trail. Pleasantly surprised with this trail. read more