Red River Bicycle Trail

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The Red River Bicycle Trail provides a convenient route through the heart of Shreveport along the Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway. Along the way, the trail offers spectacular views of the river and the city skyline. The path begins at RiverView Park, which features gardens, a sprayground and 35-foot-tall lighted rose sculptures. Midway, the trail passes through Veterans & Freedom Park before ending at the Charles and Marie Hamel Memorial Park, a 17-acre open space offering a picnic area and boat launch.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at the trail's northern end at Sci-Port, Louisiana's Science Center; mid-trail at the Veterans & Freedom Park; or at the Charles and Marie Hamel Memorial Park on the trail's southern end.


Not sure why the bad reviews.

   August, 2016 by s13kat

I rode this trail today. It is very scenic. Love the winding turns. The big downhill by the bridge and tbe scenery was so awesome. There is one place near the boatlaunch that is covered by a man made levee to help with flooding but it can be ridden over more


   June, 2016 by robindeawaugh

This trail is really sad. Portions of it have sand and dirt all over it so thick we had to pick up our bikes and walk through (road bikes). The vines are growing out and will hit you in the face. Obviously the city is no longer maintaining it. One part more


   July, 2015 by sharilee43

We went to ride the trail and found only small sections open, due to all the flooding this spring/summer. Would love to try it again when it cleans up! read more