Redden State Forest Headquarters Loop Trail

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Redden State Forest is located just north of Georgetown in Sussex County. The state forest offers more than 44 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching and hunting on several thousands acres.

The most popular trail is a four-mile loop trail that goes around the 1,836-acre headquarters tract. Visitors will find harwood trees and loblolly pine as they explore this well-traveled trail. The trail cuts through dense woods, across bridges and through swamps and meadow areas. There are several smaller trails to explore off this main trail as well.

Redden Lodge is a historic highlight along this loop. Built in the 20th century by the Pennsylvnia Railroad , the lodge was used by railroad executives for conferences and hunting excursions. The historic architecture is interesting to note.

Hunters use the state forest during hunting season - typically between fall and the first of the year, so if you are using the trail during hunting season wear bright orange to be safe.

Maps of all the forest trails are avaialbe at the headquarters building.

Parking and Trail Access

Drive north on Rt. 113 from Georgetown and turn east on East Redden Road. Turn right into headquarters just past the rail-road tracks. Parking is available at the headquarters building on the right after the fishing pond.