Redstone Rail Trail

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The Redstone Rail Trail is built on the former New York, New Haven & Hartford Armory Branch, which in turn is a former branch line of the New York & New England RR. Its name comes from the numerous red sandstone quarries in the area that gave the town its industrial beginnings.

On its northern end, trail-goers can view the historic Old East Longmeadow Rail Station, as well as a modern point of interest, the East Longmeadow rotary, an intersection where seven streets come together with no traffic signals, giving the spot the notorious reputation as one of the most dangerous stretches of roadway in the world.

Parking and Trail Access

Access to the trail and parking can be found in three locations: on the northern end along Maple Street near the East Longmeadow Rotary; mid-trail off Chesnut Street and west of 220; and on the southern end at Denslow Street just west of 220.


Very Nice Trail

   October, 2014 by annette britten

What a great trail! It was even and flat, so great for beginners, and the area was very quiet and pretty. We made up for it being so short by going over it several times. Highly recommend! read more

Very Nice Trail

   October, 2013 by harringtonlawn

Well kept by the town. Some dog owners should remember plastic bags on their walk. read more


   October, 2012 by terry602

My wife and I just retired and were looking for someplace safe and convienent to walk. We found it at Redstone. The trail is flat and paved making it easy to walk. read more