River Trail of Illinois (Carl "Bud" Schmitt Trail)

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Running from East Peoria to Morton, The River Trail of Illinois was resurfaced in summer 2011. From East Peoria, the hiking and biking trail travels southeast along the old Illinois Terminal Railway line. Trail users can experience a bit of tall-grass prairie, bluff and forest habitats that comprise the Illinois River valley. This portion of the trail was recently named for Carl "Bud" Schmitt, a long-time advocate for East Peoria's parks and trails.

The northern portion of the trail, under East Peoria's jurisdiction, lies between Main Street and Hawthorn Avenue. The Morton portion of the trail is 2 miles long and begins near the intersection of W. Jackson Street and Detroit Avenue. A 0.5-mile extension spur leads to Westwood Park.

Parking and Trail Access

In Peoria, you can access the River Trail of Illinois from the Fondulac Park District headquarters at 201 Veterans Drive. In Morton, you can access the trail from Westwood Park (Veterans Road north of Jackson Street/US 150) or from West Jefferson Street southeast of its intersection with Detroit Avenue.


Recumbent friendly

   June, 2015 by greygirl45

This trail is a freshly paved 14-20 mile round trip from Morton parking, across from KMart. Lots of sun the first 3 miles with 4-5 street crossings. Friendly for pet owners, runners, rollerblades, and family riding. A good incline and challenge riding ...read more

Question about River Trail

   December, 2014 by liflana24

Im a professional runner looking to do a long tempo run on this trail. If I start in Morton, when does the path start to get hilly ( I want to avoid the major hill)? Also, do you need to stop for lights/cars or is the trail secluded? Thanks! read more

Great run, but kinda confusing

   September, 2014 by dvxprime

I ran this course in August 2014. First off, the addresses for the parking sites given by TraiLink are inaccurate. Second, I started my run by the parking lot of Woodland Park in Morton, IL. If you look on the map, the route to East Peoria takes a right ...read more