Rock Creek Park Trails

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Located in the northwest section of Washington, D.C., Rock Creek Park is the oldest and largest urban park in the national park system. Established in 1890, Rock Creek offers more than 1,700 acres of natural area for a variety of uses. Trails are numerous and are a mix of natural surface for for hikers, runners and equestrians and paved paths for cyclists and other users.

The paved trail runs parallel to Beach Drive and Oregon Avenue, although many other routes are available. The trail systems runs from the Maryland Border at Beach Drive south to the Roosevelt Bridge (I-66) behind the Kennedy Center. At the Maryland border, you can continue north on the paved Rock Creek Trail.

Hikers and runners should use caution on the unpaved off-road trails. Equestrians, note that only some of the off-road trails are marked for horse use.

Cyclists should be aware that there is no off-road bike path option on the northern section of Beach Drive. While this section of road is marked as an on-road bicycle route, bicycling here is not recommended on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, though, Beach Drive is partially closed to through traffic, creating an on-road route that bicyclists, in-line skaters and walkers and runners flock to. For more information, including maps of the park, please see the Trail Website.

Parking and Trail Access

There are dozens of places to park to access Rock Creek Park trails. Visit the National Park Service website for more information.


Not for the road cyclist

   July, 2015 by stamps377

I guess I can't really say that this is a bad trail, because it isn't. But if you are a road cyclist riding on slicks and hoping for any kind of smooth or speedy ride you probably don't want to use this trail. I found the trail too uneven with too many more

Nice Park near the City

   April, 2015 by stephenmelinger

Some of the signage needs updating but the trail is great. Bikers need to share the trail with hikers. The surface is a little uneven but passable. The angles of rise and fall are minor and the conditions are good. read more

Out for a Sunday Ride

   July, 2013 by rpdqnelson

We rode up from Georgetown to Silver Springs on the Crescent Trail and took this one back to Georgetown. Around Silver Springs area the signage was a little confusing and a couple other sections of the trail, but once on the trail it was wonderful. They more