Rock River Parkway Trail

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The Rock River Parkway Trail in Janesville runs between Rockport Park and S. Jackson Street bridge on the north side of the river. Here, at the trail's eastern terminus, you can easily link to Spring Brook Trail from the end of Riverside Drive. At Rockport Park, the western terminus, the trail merges with Janesville's Peace Trail at the Afton Road/County Road D trailhead by the river.

The Rock River Parkway Trail follows the north bank of the Rock River between the river and Riverside Drive, turning away from the river for a short stretch between Pearl Street and an industrial site along Afton Road/County Road D. The level trail is part of a city-wide network of 28+ miles of trail, all of which either connect to, or are part of, the state-traversing Ice Age Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

The western trailhead is just south of Rockport Rd. on Afton Rd. along the river. There is a small boat launch here, too. Other trailheads are at Rockport Park (Peace Park; access via the Peace Trail) and at Monterey Park (Riverside and Lincoln streets).