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The Sacagawea Heritage Trail is a scenic river trek along the Columbia River through the Tri-Cities of Richland, Kennewick and Pasco in southeastern Washington. The trail is a 23-mile blacktop loop trail with portions on both sides of the Columbia River.

Begin your journey in Richland at Columbia Point Marina Park, where the trail meets the Richland Riverfront Trail. From there, the trail parallels I-182/US 12 before crossing the Yakima River and running through the Riverview Natural Preserve and Yakima Delta Wildlife Nature Area along State Route 240. In Kennewick, the trail rejoins the southern bank of the Columbia River and passes through a number of city parks. At the western edge of the city, trail users can access Bateman Island, featuring 160 acres perfect for bird-watching, fishing and hiking.

Three highway bridges link the two sides of the trail, and they all feature separated paths for safe non-motorized travel. The southernmost river crossing is via the Cable Bridge—also known as the Ed Hendler Bridge and the Intercity Bridge—which takes trail users to the City of Pasco. A short distance to the east of the bridge is the Sacajawea State Park, featuring a museum and a host of allowed outdoors activities at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake rivers. To the east of the Cable Bridge, the trail follows the Columbia River for several miles through Pasco to the I-182 Bridge.

Parking and Trail Access

From I-182 in Richland, exit north onto George Washington Way. After 0.4 mile, exit right onto Columbia Point Drive. Follow the road to its end at the Columbia River, where Columbia Point Marina Park features a large parking lot. Head under the I-182 Bridge to reach the Sacagawea Heritage Trail.

Additional parking can be found at a number of city parks and other trailheads along the trail's route. Refer to the TrailLink map for exact locations.


Great interpretive signs

   December, 2015 by parishn

I am from Seattle, but I walked this trail back in July when we visited the Tri-cities, and remember how awesome the interpretive environmental educational signs are! I am now doing a project for my Urban Ecology Master's class and am basing it partly more

Edit to trail guide

   May, 2014 by lkkochan

There is a typo in the following portion of Bear's 2010 route description: "You have followed the trail to the Yakima River and now there is a choice: Kennewick or Richland. You want Richland. You want to ride ahead, over the river. Ride alongside more

TRAILBEAR ON THE COLUMBIA: The Sacagawea Heritage Trail

   November, 2010 by trailbear

TRAILBEAR ON THE COLUMBIA: The Sacagawea Heritage Trail 09.11.2010 Tri-Cities, WA @@@ OVERVIEW If you are in the Tri-Cities (think: Hanford Reservation, A-bombs, etc.) you have some trails worth riding: The Richland Riverfront Trail and the Sacagawea more