San Gabriel River Trail

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The San Gabriel River Trail extends from the base of the San Gabriel Mountains all the way to the Pacific Ocean. A key component to LA's transportation infrastructure, the trail will eventually connect to the Rio Hondo and Whittier Greenway to form the backbone of a huge trail system for the region. The trail travels through a diverse landscape of industrialized and natural areas, including Santa Fe dam recreation area and the Whittier narrows. Parking and restrooms are available at the ranger station at the north end and beach access at the southern end.

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The Good, Bad & Ugly

   February, 2016 by jmk355

I rode both the upper ends of the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel trails connecting via Rosemead Blvd with the help of locals who showed me the connection. At the dam, I climbed and went north to the end. A great ride, very scenic desert views north of dam more

Upper SGRT

   January, 2016 by danbridge

I started at the Santa fe dam. The trail stretches for miles along the top of the dam. Then it empties into Santa Fe dam recreational area. This is what the valley looked like back in the days of the indians. There is a nice nature center in the park. more

Love this trail

   November, 2015 by trishgrimes

I ride this trail a few times a week. It's the safest, longest dedicated trail that I've ever ridden, anywhere in the country. When I travel, I miss this trail! It's so nice to ride safely without cars. A lot of the bridges underpasses have homeless communities more