San Luis Rey River Trail

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The San Luis Rey River Trail runs for 9 miles along the course of the San Luis Rey River in Oceanside. The trail, which is smooth and mostly flat, is a local favorite among cyclists, walkers and inline skaters.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the San Luis Rey River Trail from numerous places along its route. Visit the City of Oceanside's website for details.


Terrible for inline skating...

   January, 2017 by intaminag

Beautiful views, terrible surface. This trail is rough as heck now for inline skates. The asphalt is over 14 years old and it shows. It's like riding over gravel with your wheels. I got about 1000 feet before I turned around with nearly numb feet and more

love this trail

   January, 2016 by gillettcharles

living close to the San Louis Rey trail it is a go to ride on many weekends one of my favorite things about it is that there are under passes along the streets it connects with so that there is no need to stop and deal with motor vehicle traffic read more

Wheelchair walk

   September, 2014 by baff

I push my wife in her wheelchair. This was a very pleasant walk. Semi-scenic with some cool breezes, though very little shade. Starting from the east end, we went 4.5 miles, nearly to the drive-in (there was a bit of a steep downslope there that I didn't more