Santa Barbara Beach Trail

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The Santa Barbara Beach Trail, occasionally signed as the Coast Route, begins at Shoreline Park, a long but thin area encompassing the bluffs just west of Santa Barbara Point. The park offers plenty of places for picnics and barbecues, equipment for the kids to play on and a stairway leading down to the beach, where you can enjoy a quiet walk along the cliffs all the way to Arroyo Burro Beach.

The path continues northeast from Shoreline Park as a coastal trail with amazing views of the ocean. At the trail's eastern end, the Andrée Clark Bird Refuge, a 42-acre brackish wetland, provides a safe haven for a diverse bird population. There are self-guided interpretive and environmental tours along this stretch of the trail. Note that the dirt path along the northern shore of the refuge's lake is open to walkers only.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the Santa Barbara Beach Trail is available at Shoreline Park or Leadbetter Beach Park on Shoreline Drive and at the Andrée Clark Bird Refuge on E. Cabrillo Boulevard.