Santa Cruz River Park Trail

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The Santa Cruz River Park Trail follows the Santa Cruz River from Santa Cruz River Park (just north of W. 29th St./Silverlake Rd.) north to its junction with the Rillito River Trail (on the west side of the river north of the intersection of Sunset Road and Silverbell Road). On both sides of the river, which is a dry wash during most of the year, the trail is paved between Grant Road and 29th Street/Silverlake Road. From Grant Street north, the trail is paved on the west side only.

On the east side of the river, the trail is gravel between Grant Road and El Camino del Cerro. You may be able to continue on top of the retaining wall but watch for breaks in the wall.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the Santa Cruz River Park Trail from anywhere it crosses a road. Parking is available at the following

*the ballfields off El Camino del Cerro west of the river
*Christopher Columbus Park off Silverbell Road
*off Riverview Blvd. just north of where it meets Apache Dr.
*at the end of Ontario St. at Riverside Rd.
*Santa Cruz River Park


Good mostly flat ride without much user congestion

   December, 2012 by websissy

Nice trail without a lot of road crossings. It's open now (as of my writing this review) north to a small neighborhood park with water and shade called El Rio Park that's just north of Twin Peaks Road. There is only one major road crossing on this more