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The 17-mile Santa Fe Rail Trail follows the old Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway line, beginning in the Railyard park in town and continuing along the tracks to Highway 285 through El Dorado to Lamy, incorporating urban, suburban and rural characteristics. Beyond the capital city, it runs along hilly, red-dirt terrain among a countryside of yucca and green junipers.

The Santa Fe Rail-Trail offers a flat, if jolty, journey. It's paved and accessible between the Railyard and Rabbit Road. Beyond that it's unimproved. A few steep climbs, arroyos (dried creek beds) from rain run-off cutting gulches across the surface and "goathead" sandspurs lurking in the soil produce plenty of hang-on-to-your-britches moments. Some stretches, like near Rabbit Road, are particularly bumpy, making it mostly used by mountain bikers. Be warned, however, a little rain can change the trail in minutes and make for a soupy ride if you're caught in it.

Trail managers do have plans to re-align segments and resurface some areas of the Santa Fe Rail-Trail to reduce erosion and make the trail safer.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the Rabbit Road trailhead in Santa Fe, head south on S. St. Francis Drive until you pass under I-25. Take a right heading west on Rabbit Road and follow for about a half-mile until you reach the railroad tracks and a small parking lot on the left. At the southern end, outside of Lamy, the trail and railroad tracks can be picked up near Cerro Alto Road off Highway 285.

You can find other trailheads with parking at the trail intersections with Nine Mile Road, Avenida Vista Grande and Avenida Eldorado. Users can also access the trail at Spur Ranch Road, but there are no facilities.


Asphalt surface of Santa Fe Trail

   May, 2009 by noeljkelller

While taking a picture of the Trail Head off Rabbit Rd ( N35.62771 W105.96681 ) I was informed that starting 0.2 miles north the trail is asphalt for 3.6 miles into town. I found an excellent trail with some at grade street crossings. Up and down to cross more

Great walk on a snowy day

   November, 2007 by runhard

My wife and I walked a portion of the Santa Fe Trail on the day after Thanksgiving in 2007. There was an inch or two of fresh snow that had fallen during the night which made it a beautiful but somewhat slippery walk. The Rabbit Road trailhead is easy more

Local Rider

   November, 2004 by

"I live in Eldorado (at Santa Fe), a half mile from the approximate mid-point of the Santa Fe to Lamy ride. While the rail tracks (still in use) do go all the way to the village of Lamy, the trail in fact does not. If riding from Santa Fe or points more