Santa Rosa Creek Trail

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The Santa Rosa Creek Trail follows the meandering course of Santa Rosa Creek, beginning in downtown Santa Rosa and heading west beyond Willowside Road. From end to end, the trail is only a few miles long, but you can more than double that by traveling on the spur trails and along both sides of the creek.

The trail follows a wooded corridor that is home to many bird species and other wildlife. It branches north just west of Fulton Road, forking again with both forks heading to Marlow Road. Back on the main route, the trail branches north again between two cultivated fields, crossing Guerneville Road and turning east to Fulton Road.

The Santa Rosa Creek Trail is paved on its north side between downtown and Willowside Road, but has a gravel surface beyond Willowside Road. The trail on the south side of the creek has a gravel surface exclusively.

At its eastern end at Pierson Street, the trail meets the Prince Memorial Greenway, which continues seamlessly to downtown Santa Rosa and a junction with the Joe Rodota Trail. Access to the latter is between Olive and 3rd Streets via a bicycle/pedestrian bridge alongside the train tracks.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the Santa Rosa Creek Trail, take US 101 to the 3rd Street exit and head southwest. Turn right on Pierson Street. The trail can be found on either side of the creek near the road's end. Note that parking is unavailable here.


Great Trail

   August, 2015 by frankiethemole

Great trail if you start away from downtown.Sadly there are lots of homeless people and young less than desirable youth along the creek. read more

Lots of positives BUT

   March, 2015 by rpcabergs

This is a great trail however it is NOT safe to be on it alone. There have been lots of gang related attacks and there is a high probablility that you will run into at least one group of pot smokers. So don't miss out on it, but go with a group or a dog more

Prince Memorial Greenway Trail is deteriorating

   September, 2013 by muirfan

A lot of money and effort went into creating what could be a beautiful trail along Santa Rosa Creek. And the trail IS beautiful once you get away from the downtown area. From downtown to about Stony Point road the trail has become a homeless encampment. more