Saunders State Trail

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The 8.4-mile Saunders State Tail links with the Gandy Dancer Trail at Borea, southwest of Superior, and continues into Minnesota, where it is known as the Soo Line Trail (southern route). The trail is popular with snowmobilers, equestrians, ATVers, mountain bikers, hikers and cross-country skiers. Its surface is rough ballast. During summer you'll find wild raspberries and a variety of flowers growing along the trail.

For more information, contact the Douglas County Forestry Dept: P.O. Box 211, Solon Springs, WI 54873; (715) 378-2219.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the trail from Superior, Wisconsin, take State Route 35 south to Ames Road. Turn right and cross the railroad tracks. You can access the trail from Boylston Junction, Boylston, and Borea; however, there is no official parking for the Wisconsin segment of the trail. For more information contact:

Douglas County Forestry Dept.
P.O. Box 211,
Solon Springs WI 54873
(715) 378-2219