Shelby Farms Greenline

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The Shelby Farms Greenline Trail runs for nearly 7 miles between Tillman Street in Binghampton (east of Midtown Memphis) and Farm Road in Shelby Farms. The greenline is built upon the bed of a former CSX Railroad line, which was abandoned in 2001. The trail is open from sunrise to sunset and night-time use is prohibited.

Parking and Trail Access

Access the trail where it crosses Tillman St., Highland St., High Point Terrace, Graham St., Waring Rd., Podesta St., Sycamore View Rd., Mullins Station Rd. and at Farm Rd. in Shelby Farms Park (between Mullins Station Road and Walnut Grove Road).

To get to the park, from the west, take I-240 to the Walnut Grove Exit and go east to the third stop light. The park is on both sides of the road. Turn left at the light. From the east follow Walnut Grove or Mullins Station until you see the signs for the park.



   April, 2014 by ghepburn

Our walking group from Emmanuel Methodist Church walked a portion of the Greenline today. We met at the church and rode to the Podesta entry point and walked to High Point Terrace(about three miles) where we exited and walked a short distance to Cheffie's more

nice trail

   April, 2014 by markmattison29

I have lived in Memphis past 3 years all of it in apartments until 2 months ago we found a rental house on Chalmers. Being and avid biker I had been hearing about the Greenline trail and went past it more than once. I had a stop on Podesta one saturday more

Very Nice Trail

   September, 2013 by mhmcnm534

My husband and I are traveling cross country and riding on various bike trails along the way. I am a novice bicyclist and I found this trail to be scenic, easy and shady. I had a very nice ride. read more