Shooting Star State Trail

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The Shooting Star State Trail connects four small towns in southeastern Minnesota: Le Roy, Taopi, Adams, and Rose Creek. At nearly 19 miles long, the paved pathway offers a beautiful array of countryside views as it follows the Upper Iowa River, enters Lake Louise State Park, and continues through open prairie, wetlands and small patches of woodland. For much of the way, the trail parallels Minnesota State Highway 56, a scenic byway lined with wildflowers, including the attractive pink and purple blossoms for which the trail is named.

The route follows the former Milwaukee Road (also known as the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad), which first began in Wisconsin in 1850 and eventually stretched from the Midwest to the Rocky Mountains. A community group called Prairie Visions has been spearheading the rail-trail's development since 1992.

Construction has started on an 8-mile western extension of the trail from Rose Creek to Austin and is expected to be completed by summer 2016.

Parking and Trail Access

There is plenty of parking at the trailheads in both Le Roy and Adams, with restrooms and covered picnic areas. Taopi also has a restroom and picnic table with parking.


Pleasant ride, couple of bumps

   July, 2016 by krbailleucpa

This is a pleasant enough trail. Most of it runs along beside a highway, but in many places there are trees and bushes shielding you from the road. The trail is asphalt, but there are several places where there are big bumps, as if the asphalt was put more

Beautiful scenery, lots of headwind

   June, 2015 by mikaspaso

But don't let that stop you from exploring this beautiful trail. We started our trip in Rose Creek and thankfully, the wind was against us on the first half of the trip; but that's okay because we had the energy! We lost 30-minutes on the return trip more

Fast, flat, and smooth

   October, 2013 by kevinkaren

I rode this trail from west to east with a car shuttle. The western trailhead in Rose Creek has no official parking lot, but it is across the street from the town hall, and there was a porta-potty at the end of the trail. The trail is dead flat and more