Sierra Bike Trail

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The Sierra Bike Trail occupies a sliver of land between active Metrolink commuter rail tracks and Sierra Highway, connecting the communities of Palmdale and Lancaster in California's Antelope Valley. The path helps commuters access two Metrolink train stations—one in each city—and also provides a recreational route for residents.

There is a short gap that can be bridged via bike lanes between 6th Street East and Avenue Q around the Palmdale Metrolink station. The trail is landscaped to provide some greenery in the desert surroundings, and some benches can be found along the route. Make sure you bring water, though—the trail is located on the western edge of the Mojave Desert, and the beating sun can be vicious.

Parking and Trail Access

Free parking is available at the Palmdale Transportation Center (39000 Clock Tower Plaza Drive) in Palmdale.


A decent out-of-traffic bike path

   July, 2013 by volosong

I ride this trail frequently. It is good in that it is out of traffic lanes. The path runs parallel between the railroad tracks and Sierra Highway. There is a Western-style wooden fence between the path and the RR tracks and sparse desert shrubbery and more

pretty good

   February, 2012 by bogglersto

This trail links in with the Santa Clara River trail. A lot of it you have to ride you have to listen to cars and truck driving by. I just put on my earbuds in that section. Its nice once you get away from cars. You can spend many fun bike rides in Santa more