Snoqualmie Valley Trail

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The Snoqualmie Valley Trail traverses one of northwest Washington's most beautiful agricultural landscapes, passing through several communities and taking in parks, natural areas and farmland. In addition, the trail incorporates railroad trestles along the route. At its southern end at Rattlesnake Lake, the Snoqualmie Valley Trail connects to the Iron Horse State Park Trail.

There is a gap in the trail near the town of Snoqualmie, between SE Reinig Road and Tokul Road; both require that you use stairs to access the trail from the road. On Tokul Road, you'll find the trail on the north side of the road near the guard rail just west of SE 60th Street. Use Mill Pond Road between Reinig and Tokul to bridge the 2.4-mile gap.

Parking and Trail Access

Access the Snoqualmie Valley Trail from both end points, Taylor Landing or McCormick Park in Duvall, at Nick Loutsis Park in Carnation, at 356th Place SE near Fall City, at NE 4th & Ballarat Avenue in North Bend and at Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area.


SVT 03/09/15

   March, 2015 by shallberg

This was my first time out on this trail and overall I was pretty happy. I started in Duvall at McCormick Park; while there could be limited parking here on a busy day, I find sharing the parking lot with the Police Station to be a good trade off...figured more

Fall City to Snoqualmie Falls?

   February, 2015 by markjphelps

For those considering walking this 3.5 mile section: (1) getting to the Falls requires walking along Tolkuk road for a half mile. (2) you can avoid the dangerous crossing of the highway next to the Falls by taking a small trail on the right side more

Saw a bear on September 1, 2014…

   September, 2014 by david147

Saw a pretty big black bear on The Snoqualmie Valley Trail on September 1, 2014. It was approximately 100 yards west of the three Forks off leash dog park. It was near where the trail dead ends at the bridge, and you have to take the stairs to the street. Pretty more