Soo Line Recreational Trail

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The Soo Line Recreational Trail is a continuation of the Soo Line Trail (southern route) just north of Royalton, Minnesota. This 10-mile segment, however, does not permit motorized uses, unlike its connecting segment to the northeast.

The Soo Line Recreational Trail continues southwest from Royalton along the abandoned railroad corridor to meet up with the Lake Wobegon Trail just north of Holdingford at 450th Street. The trail crosses the Mississippi River at Blanchard Dam, passing among farmland, wooded areas and creek bottoms. The trail runs through the small community of Bowlus just south of midway. The Stearns County portion (at the Lake Wobegon Trail end in Albany) is being developed as the Dairyland Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the Soo Line Recreational Trail just north of Royalton at US 10 and Township Road 316/83rd St., where you'll find a large parking area. There is a small parking area on the west bank of the Mississippi River at Blanchard Dam (access via Great River Rd.). Parking is also available in Bowlus south of Main St near its deadend on the east side of town.


nice ride

   June, 2016 by jodi.morrison.5

It's a nice smooth ride with great food at Jordie's along the way. Worth a visit. read more

Flat as a geometric plane

   September, 2015 by mcea0006

I loved this trail. Nice, clean and flat. It gives a good view of the countryside as you traverse the miles of trail. I had no clue where this ended as it flawlessly merges with the Wobegon trail for way more mileage that I could have done in my short more

Great rural trail!

   June, 2015 by opjmd1

My wife and I just rode the trail from Royalton to Holdingford. Really great scenery along the way. We saw deer, I saw what I believe to be an osprey at the Mississippi River, with a fish in it's talons(didn't see it long)! Lots of shade along the way. The more