South Bethlehem Greenway

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The South Bethlehem Greenway is a linear park that follows a former Norfolk Southern rail line through the southern neighborhoods of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The trail parallels Daly Avenue/State Route 412 for much of its route and passes the former Bethlehem Steel Corporation site, where steel stacks tower over new development. A large portion of the site is now home to the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem. The company paid for much of the trail’s development adjacent to its property.

The trail links neighborhoods with the city's business district, and extensions are being planned to further increase its utility. Eventually the trail will run more than 3 miles between Union Station and Saucon Park, with construction on the southern extension set to begin in 2014. Connections to the Saucon Rail Trail and D&L Trail are in the early planning stages.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the South Bethlehem Greenway is available in a dedicated lot off Steel Avenue, between E. 3rd Street and Mechanic Street. Public parking is also available farther east in downtown South Bethlehem.


Great for Lehigh off-campus students

   February, 2016 by tas415

Have been running this trail about once a week for a year and a half. It's close to most Lehigh off-Campus houses, so you can walk there in less than two minutes - if you are a Lehigh student like me. The path is lit up at night which makes it feel safe. more

Good for cruising on a longboard.

   September, 2014 by getzco

Started down by the NCC building, and went all the way down to the skate park and back on my longboard around noon. Scenery was nice, there was a decent amount of people walking so wasn't bothersome to skating past them with the width of the trail. Only more

Short, but a good glid

   August, 2014 by wolfrock

Helf mile of a slight downhill slope from on smooth pavement makes for a great glide down to city. Push back up to the skate park, or go for another 1/2 mile into town. Crossing a main intersection is the only drawback. Short trail but a fun ride. read more