Suitland Parkway Trail

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The Suitland Parkway trail is a short paved multi-use path that runs adjacent to Suitland Parkway in SE D.C. to the border with Maryland. Proposed construction may extend the trail to the Branch Avenue Metro Station in Prince George's County, Maryland (near Andrews Air Force Base), but these plans seem to be on hold for now.

Parking and Trail Access

The Suitland Parkway Trail is accessible from Pomeroy St. SE, and terminates just before Southern Avenue. There is no trail
access from Southern Avenue.


this trail is unrideable...

   June, 2015 by jmr666

nothing more to say: this trail is unrideable! it was paved once -- poorly! -- when it was built and then left to decay. it connects nowhere to noplace. why is it on this list? it also goes through one of the most dangerous areas in the country --consult more