Superior Hiking Trail

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The Superior Hiking Trail is a long distance footpath modeled after the Appalachian Trail that follows the shore of Lake Superior in northeastern Minnesota. The trail is 1,750 feet above sea level and more than 1,000 feet above Lake Superior. The trail is characterized by ascents to rock outcroppings and cliffs, and descents into numerous river and creek valleys crossed by attractive and functional bridges. Panoramic overlooks of Lake Superior, the Sawtooth Mountains and inland woodlands, lakes and rivers are abundant along the length of the trail. At many points, the trail follows rivers and creeks, often for distances of a mile or more, showcasing waterfalls and rapids, bends and deep gorges where thousands of years of rushing water has cut into layers of ancient volcanic rock.

Parking and Trail Access

See the comprehensive trail website.


Cream of the crop!

   May, 2013 by claynet77

This trail is the ultimate way to get into nature and still travel through a rugged and beautiful area of Minnesota. Each season provides new and exceptional vistas of nature. read more

Well Marked

   April, 2003 by

"Over the last few years, I have hiked many segments of the trail. It is very well marked and an excellent trail for hiking. To plan your hike, stop at a visitor center or contact the Superior Hiking Trail Association (" read more