Swamp Rabbit Trail

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The nearly 20-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail links the cities of Travelers Rest and Greenville in upstate South Carolina via a former railroad corridor. Beginning in the north at Tate Road in Travelers Rest, the trail passes the North Greenville Medical campus of the Greenville Hospital System as it continues south through the community's downtown. Eventually, the trail enters downtown Greenville, following the Reedy River to Greenville Tech on Cleveland Street.

The trail is officially known as the Greenville Hospital System (GHS) Swamp Rabbit Trail due to a generous $1 million contribution from the local healthcare provider to help develop and publicize the trail. Varying from 8 to 12 feet wide, the trail features a paved surface for bicycles, skaters and walkers, with an additional rubberized surface for runners. Amenities along the trail include lighting, picnic areas, benches, water fountains, restrooms, signage and bicycle racks. Views of the Reedy River are plentiful throughout the trail.

Parking and Trail Access

There are numerous access points and parking places along the length of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. For more information, contact:

Greenville Parks & Recreation Department
206 South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601


Highly OVER-RATED Trail

   August, 2014 by dlog

I've ridden many bike trails, and this one is just "fair". Locals rate it highly, because it is the only one around. The workers did a good job, but it has PROBLEMS with SIGNAGE, and the biggest problem is that it is in SEGMENTS: The southern part near ...read more

Use every way, every day

   August, 2014 by salutaumonde

I moved to Greenville about a month ago and haved already logged several hundred miles of biking, running, and hiking on the SWR. Mostly, I'm running, but I also commute to the downtown on my bike, from the southern portion of the trail. The trail seems ...read more

What do we do when walkers deliberately block the path?

   August, 2014 by brett1974

We ride this on a tandem several times a week and absolutely love it. We find other cyclists helpful and friendly, but my gosh, there are some ass@&*$s out there, walkers with idiot ear buds in, who REFUSE to step to the right! We call out to them, ring ...read more