Tahoe-Pyramid Bike Path (Nevada portion)

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The planners of this bikeway have high hopes that this path will eventually extend from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. At this time, there are a few large segments that are being planned in between Sparks and Wadsworth as well as between Truckee, CA and Verdi, NV. Until then, cyclists are guaranteed safe access throughout the constructed parts of this bikeway. Please refer to the Truckee River Bike Trail for information on this California segment of the bikeway. Below is information on the segments from Verdi to Sparks and from Wadsworth to Pyramid Lake, also known as "The Rez" due to its location along the Pyramid Lake Tribal Reservation. Please be respectful to regulations provided by the reservation in this area so cyclists do not lose access to this tremendous section of the trail.

From Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway:

Verdi to Sparks

The Mogul-Verdi link was opened by the Bikeway, in partnership with NDOT and Reno, in 2005, making it possible to ride from Reno to Verdi without cycling on I-80. Recent bike counts reach 200 per day in good weather.

From Verdi to Sparks (about 20 miles) the route is a combination of bike lanes, streets, and older sections of bike trail built by the cities. The trail ends at Vista Blvd.

"The Rez"--Wadsworth to Pyramid Lake

The northern-most section of the trail, the Pyramid Lake Reservation Bikeway, is 24 miles long, alternating dirt and paved surfaces. Skinny tire bikes are NOT suitable. This is a remote area, so you will need all your own supplies, and cell phone coverage is spotty. The trail includes some rolling hills and passes through a working cattle ranch by going up-and-over two fence stiles, so please don't bother the animals, and you need to be able to lift your bike up and down 6 stairsteps. If these conditions don't appeal to you, you can still follow the old railroad grade north from Wadsworth, then turn right at Gardella Canyon Road, taking it downhill until you see the trail on your left to continue north. Not recommended for inexperienced riders or trailers; horses are not allowed by Tribal regulation.

You must have a day use permit from the Tribe ($6.50 per car obtained at the Smoke Shop in Wadsworth). It is a good idea to call the Smoke Shop in Wadsworth, at (775) 574-1022, before driving out there to make sure they have permits for sale, as they sometimes run out. They can also tell you the current weather and snow cover conditions.

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