The Shoreline Pedestrian Bikeway

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View, views, views! Have we got views! On a scale of 5, we have 6-7 stars of views.

Views across Long Beach Harbor, the cranes of the container port and Palos Verdes beyond. Views down the beach to the mouth of the San Gabriel River. Views of the oil islands and ships anchored in the outer harbor. Views of the homes and apartment towers along the shore and more. The SPB is probably the most scenic bikeway in Los Angeles or Orange County. The harbor area features lots of tourist attractions, so you can spend the whole day doing this or that and go broke in the process. Riding the trail is free.

The Shoreline Pedestrian Bikeway is a scenic 4.62 mile multipurpose bikeway from the tip of the breakwater opposite Island Girssom at the Long Beach Shoreline Marina, down along the base of the marina, onto that long white sand beach, down the beach, past the Belmont Pier to end at E. Ocean Blvd x 54th Place in Belmont Shore. It is a 17 concrete path with a five foot pedestrian lane and two bike lanes with lots of parking (pay) and restrooms along the route. The City of Long Beach thinks its 3.1 miles long and doesnt include the marina breakwater. Right.

Bikes are for exploring things. Anyone on a bike will ignore that and head right out to the tip of the breakwater to start their ride. They do and so did we. So does the bikeway. It runs right out to the tip of the breakwater. Pedal out, zero your log and start checking out the views on the way back.

Parking and Trail Access

Take the 405 (San Diego Freeway) to the 710 (Long Beach Freeway) and head south toward the harbor. The freeway will become Shoreline Drive. Look for directions to the Long Beach Convention Center, which is in the shore side complex of attractions. Go past the convention center to Shoreline Village Drive. Turn right. Head for the marina. The base of the marina, Shoreline Village and the trail is just ahead. (Check out my review for details on where to park.)



   January, 2010 by trailbear

This is the first trail review I’ve done that started with a detailed discussion of where to park and save money. Yes, the TrailBear is cheap – and threadbear. Yes, you’re not in Irvine, CA anymore, where you just had to find a city park for a trail head more