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The Turtle Rock Trail is a short (2.63 miles) but aerobic workout up and down a series of concrete bike/walks (11 wide bikeway and sidewalk combined) which climb through green belts up, over and down the eastern ridge of Turtle Rock. You enjoy a combination of huffing ascents and screaming descents. Your decision is  in what order? Climb out of William Mason Park or out of the Turtle Rock Community Park? Both ways climb toward the high point of the trail  where it meets Ridgeline Dr. above the Hairpin Switchback. If you start at Turtle Rock Park, you ascent 140, then descent 321 to Bobcat Junction. Ride over, but what a great descent!

As one expects in Irvine, the trail has good landscaping and facilities. There are two trail-side water fountains and numerous benches set in alcoves along the trail. Instead of low bollard lights, the TRT has street lighting. The trailhead is Turtle Rock Community Park, 1 Sunnyhill Drive, Irvine, CA.

Parking and Trail Access

From the 405 (San Diego Freeway) in Irvine, take the Culver Dr. exit south. Take Culver up to the junction above UCI where Culver, Bonita Canyon, Anteater and Shady Canyon Dr. meet. Turn left onto Shady Canyon and take it 1.5 miles to the junction with Sunnyhill Dr. Turn left onto Sunnyhill and left again into the Turtle Rock Community Park, which is on the corner. That wide sidewalk leading up Sunnyhill to the greenbelt is the trail. In Irvine an 11 wide sidewalk is a bike/walk for combined bike and ped traffic. A sidewalk half as wide is for peds only.



   February, 2010 by trailbear

TRAILBEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN… THE TURTLE ROCK TRAIL, IRVINE, CA. Length: 2.63 miles, concrete bike/walk thru greenbelts over a ridge at Turtle Rock. Short, sweet and steep, that’s the Turtle Rock Trail. Certainly the most aerobic workout of ...read more