Turtle Rock Trail

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The Turtle Rock Trail meanders its way through the neighborhood of the same name in southern Irvine. The path is a short—but serious—aerobic workout, as it features climbs to the trail's high point at Ridgeline Drive from both endpoints.

Common to Irvine's well-regarded trails, the Turtle Rock Trail features attractive landscaping, and several parks dot the route. Reach the scenic Quail Hill Preserve via either the Shady Canyon Trail at the Turtle Rock Trail's southern end or the University Trail at its northern end. Both of these paths connect to other trails in Irvine's extensive network, offering additional opportunities for recreation and transport.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking for the Turtle Rock Trail is available at Turtle Rock Community Park, located at the intersection of Morningside and Sunnyhill in Irvine's Turtle Rock neighborhood.



   February, 2010 by trailbear

TRAILBEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN… THE TURTLE ROCK TRAIL, IRVINE, CA. Length: 2.63 miles, concrete bike/walk thru greenbelts over a ridge at Turtle Rock. Short, sweet and steep, that’s the Turtle Rock Trail. Certainly the most aerobic workout of ...read more