UC Davis Arboretum and Putah Creek Trails

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The UC Davis Arboretum and Putah Creek Trails are a bike path often used by the residents of Davis. As its name suggests, it begins at the beautiful UC Davis Arboretum and runs alongside Putah Creek for most of its length. It traverses through the Putah Creek Bicycle Undercrossing in order to pass under Interstate 80 and has two brief sections that require the cyclist to shift onto a road with a bike lane. These sections are short with light traffic.

Near their midpoint, the trails connect to downtown Davis. it is also possible to keep traveling the trail along its full length and arrive on the east side of town, where the East Davis Greenways can be joined.

Parking and Trail Access

There is a parking lot near the beginning of the trail at the end of Putah Creek Lodge Drive.


Pretty as a picture!

   June, 2014 by fiyero

We rode on this trail to get to downtown to eat lunch after riding the UC Davis Russell Blvd trail first. There was a lot to see on this trail, so I suggest walking it to take in all there was to see. read more