Vasa Pathway

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Managed under agreement with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Grand Traverse County, and TART Trails, the Vasa Pathway is located amid the pristine beauty of the Pere Marquette State Forest. The Pathway, utilized by cross country skiers, mountain bikers, walkers, and naturalists, features a series of loops and trails that offer both challenging and easier routes for every level of user.

Parking and Trail Access

There is free parking and bathroom facilities located at the trailhead off Bartlett Road.


3k Meadows trail

   August, 2006 by kim2

"Apparently little used. First 1k was mostly obvious, beginning mowed. But after you find the first bench, the 1k marker was a bit tricky - from then on.... GOOD LUCK! I wandered through and around the meadow area for almost 40 min then barely managed more

Not Prepared or Equipped to Handle

   October, 2005 by

"The reason I picked this particular trail over the other TART Trails it was woodsey (Pere Marquette State Forest), and I love riding on trails in woods because they are less congested, and one gets to enjoy the lovely scenery, wildlife, smells, etc. more

Trail is groomed in winter for skiing!

   February, 2003 by

"I have biked on the Vasa Pathway and am aware of how beautiful the trail is, but I was shocked to see the parking lot so full in the dead of winter. The trail is groomed for both classic and freestyle x-country skiing by the local trail group. Thank more