Victoria Avenue Bike Path

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The Victoria Avenue Bike Path parallels a scenic parkway dotted with palm trees that was built in 1892 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The northeastern end of the trail offers a peaceful ride through charming Riverside neighborhoods. As the trail continues southwest, the views become more rural with stands of orange groves along the way.

The route also offers a safe and convenient way for students to travel as the pathway is in close proximity to Gage Middle School, Washington Elementary School and Harrison Elementary School. However, a short gap interrupts the otherwise continuous trail from Harrison Street to Tyler Street, so cyclists will need to safely merge into the parallel roadway.

Parking and Trail Access

Nearby parking lots can be found at Gage Middle School (6400 Lincoln Avenue), Washington Elementary School (2760 Jane Street) and Harrison Elementary School (2901 Harrison Street).


nice for roller skating

   October, 2014 by proftracy

This is a beautiful trail. I started at Harrison near the end of the trail on the west end and went about five miles before I turned around. It's pretty flat with lots of shade. The only problem is the debris (leaves etc) that made it occasionally hard more


   December, 2013 by mightyt

My wife and I rode this trail today. Parked just past Central on Victoria. This path was delightful and everything I hoped for. It was a great asphalt path, clean, safe and had an alternate bike lane along the street adjacent to traffic. I had no worries more

   September, 2012 by datsun nut

I fond this a nice ride. Not to hard of a workout but a nice ride wth just enough grade to get your heart pumping. I like taking this path up to Central and back. Enjoyable ride. read more