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Traveling for nearly a mile in downtown Columbia, this first segment of the Vista Greenway features a 100-year-old railroad tunnel stretching 400 feet under Lincoln Street.

Although short, the new rail-trail has helped transform what was once an unpleasant corridor of the city into a vibrant and critical link for pedestrians and cyclists between residential neighborhoods; Finlay Park, one of the city's most popular recreational amenities; and the Vista, the city's shopping and entertainment district.

The next phase will extend from the park to the historical neighborhoods north of Elmwood Avenue and reach the city's Drew Wellness Center on Harden Street. Eventually, the trail is planned to be a nine-mile route along the former Seaboard Air Line Railroad.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking can be found in Finlay Park (930 Laurel Street).


Pleasant fall walk

   October, 2016 by hwrightson

We enjoyed the walk. There was a lot of kudzu near Elmwood but also colorful morning glories blooming on the side. We saw several species of butterflies and birds. We added on loops in Finlay Park and Memorial Park to make it longer. The long tunnel was more