Walker's Creek Trail

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Walker's Creek Trail begins on Emerald Hills Way and travels north past the softball fields of Walker's Creek Park, the popular NRH20 Family Water Park, and Home Town Lakes. The trail ends at Dick Faram Park, which features "People Train," a metallic sculpture of a family by Seppo Aarnos. Along the way, the path connects to the North Electric Trail and the Cottonbelt Trail, which cuts across North Richland Hills and is planned to extend to Dallas.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking facilities are located within Walker's Creek Park, at Smithfield Middle School and within Dick Faram Park adjacent to Amundson.


Great trail

   April, 2015 by tmickeyd

Walkers Creek trails goes from NRH2O & Walker Creek to the Cotton Wood trail and the North Electric trails it is paved and borders some preserved areas. Walker Creek Park is a large park and has rest rooms, water, public parking. read more