Watts Towers Crescent Greenway

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This is a extremely short rail-trail that parallels an existing rail line in the vicinity of the Watts Towers Art center, home of the striking and unique sculptures know as the Watts Towers.


There are no restaurants or food markets along the route, but these can be found elsewhere in Watts and adjacent neighborhoods.

There are no rest rooms along the trail.

Transit information for Watts may be obtained by calling (800) COMMUTE in the Los Angeles calling area. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Web site is www.met.net

There are no rentals available along the route.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the Watts Towers crescent Greenway from the intersection of Interstates 110 and 105 in Los Angeles, go east on I-105 for 2.2 miles to Wilmington Avenue. Go left (north) on Wilmington Avenue for 1.0 mile to 108th Avenue. Turn left (west) on 108th Avenue for 0.2 mile to Willowbrook. Go right (north) on Willowbrook for 0.1 mile to the trailhead. There is no formal parking area, but there is on-street parking available.