West River Parkway

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The West River Parkway Trail extends between N. Plymouth Avenue opposite Boom Island Park and Ford Parkway in Minnehaha Park, where you can join the Minnehaha Trail. The trail follows the Mississippi River south (down stream) to Minnehaha Falls and offers spectacular views of the river, as well as access to downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota campus. The trail mixes urban amenities with natural areas and is well used for recreation and commuting.

The West River Parkway Trail is part of the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway, a 50-mile loop tour of the region that can be walked, biked or driven and featuring cultural and natural sites.

Parking and Trail Access

From I-94 just north of downtown Minneapolis, exit at Broadway and turn east. Turn right on West River Road and go about 0.5 mile. There are several parking lots along the parkway south of Plymouth Avenue. You can also park just west of the parkway in one of the neighborhoods. Check the map for more parking and access locations.


Very nice if you plan the timing smart

   March, 2014 by ddekerf1969

I am a regular at the West River Parkway, from my house in St Louis Park I can do a nice 25 mile evening ride via the Cedar Lake trail, West River Parkway, going back via the lakes to the Midtown Greenway and going back to St Louis Park. I do see the ...read more

More of a connecting link than a destination trail

   October, 2008 by dreamshark

One of the oldest separated bike paths in Minneapolis, and it shows. The pavement is very rough in places, curb cuts are few and awkwardly placed, and the pedestrians will drive you nuts. Although there is a walking path a few feet away from the bike ...read more