White Rock Lake Park Loop Trail

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The White Rock Lake Park Loop Trail is a part of the City of Dallas trails system. This loop trail is one of Dallas' most popular trails. The trail follows the shoreline of White Rock Lake and connects may of the features and amenities within the park. This trail also connects to the Union Pacific Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, the Katy Spur Trail, and the White Rock Creek Trail (North).

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at many places around the lake, although spaces get crowded during summer.


white rock trail

   September, 2016 by kbrashier1981

Great ride. So many different paths to take or just stay on the main path. read more

Dallas is making connections

   August, 2015 by cobias

First time to ride the trail. Catch it from 635 & Hillcrest @Valley View Park and connected to the edge of White Rock Lake @Lawther. Thoroughly enjoyed the trail as it winds behind soccer fields, restaurants off Forest, and new modern homes going up close ...read more


   February, 2015 by jhbell62

Did the trail around the lake and was disappointed on the. East side of the lake. The trail is not being maintained so it is rougher than a cob. The West side is all maintIned nicely. I would stick to the West side of the lake and just enjoy what there ...read more