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WARNING: In March 2014, a mudslide and subsequent flooding of the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River wiped out the Whitehorse Trail, along with the adjacent State Route 530. The disaster destroyed entire communities, and dozens of people lost their lives. As considerable funds and efforts focus on rebuilding homes and reconstructing the highway, no reopening date for the Whitehorse Trail has been determined. For more information, visit Snohomish County's official website for the trail.

Two sections of the Whitehorse Trail, which runs along a former Burlington Northern rail line, are currently open for use. The eastern end of the trail spans 6 miles between Darrington and Swede Heaven Road. West of there, most of the rest of the planned trail to Arlington is officially closed due to trestles and bridges that need to have decking and railings installed. In 2013, one such bridge was improved, and another trail segment is now open from the link with the paved Centennial Trail in Arlington to 115th Avenue in Trafton.

Frequently paralleling State Route 530 and the North Fork Stillaguamish River, the trail corridor winds through a series of farm, forest and river environments, and contains several fishing access points and river bridge crossings. The route is very scenic with many views of the Cascade Mountains, especially Whitehorse Mountain, Mount Higgins, Prairie Mountain, and others.

The trail surface is mostly unimproved, so mountain bikes are recommended. Trail users should look out for patches of loose rock.

Additional sections of the Whitehorse Trail will open as the county is funded for decking and railing installation. Check the official website for updates.

Parking and Trail Access

The trail ends in Darrington with access at the junction of Railroad Avenue and Price Street. There is parking on Railroad Avenue near its junction with SR 530.


Whitehorse - Arlington

   June, 2014 by sam.simone.7

The trail has no real changes since the other reviews in 2011. From the Centennial Trail out on Whitehorse the trail only goes about 3.5 miles before it abruptly ends in the back of a farm. It may go further than that, but on a Sunday morning I didn't ...read more

Whitehorse Trail from Swede Heaven to Darrington

   June, 2011 by eckart

Went back to re-inspect the eastern end of the Whitehorse Trail. It was a little more overgrown than I remember it from last year. The trail surface is quite rideable with a mountain bike or a sturdy street bike. At one place the Stillaguamish North Fork ...read more

The Arlington End of the Trail

   June, 2011 by trailbear

Now that the extension of the Snohomish Centennial Trail is open from Arlington up to a new trailhead at Bryant, you can access the lower trail end of the Whitehorse just beyond the bridge. It is signed for horses and with good reason. It is brushed ...read more