Willard Munger State Trail (Alex Laveau Memorial Trail)

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The Willard Munger State Trail is a collection of three multiple use trails roughly stretching between the towns of Hinckley and Duluth. The three trail segments include the Hinckley–Duluth, Alex Laveau Memorial Trail (which are joined in Carlton) and the Matthew Lourey State Trail, also known as the Boundary segment, and which lies to the east of the other two trails. The trails offer a total of 160 miles for hiking, bicycling, in-line skating, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. The trails pass through some of Minnesota's most scenic areas, following the route of the railroad that saved many lives during the notorious Hinckley and Cloquet fires in the 19th century.

The Alex Laveau Memorial Trail was named in honor of a county commissioner and dairy farmer who was a strong advocate for rails-to-trails projects. From Carlton all the way to the Minnesota–Wisconsin state line, north of Route 3, the trail is a combination of bike routes on paved highway shoulders (mostly Wrenshall to Carlton) and off-road paved trail. The Carlton end joins with the main Hinckley–Duluth segment.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the Alex Laveau segment of the Willard Munger Trail in Carlton, park in the lot at the southeast corner of the intersection of North Avenue and County Route 1. Here, you can take the Hinckley–Duluth segment north and east, too. Too get on the Alex Laveau segment, take 3rd St./Co Rt. 1 south, crossing the railroad tracks and the creek. The Alex Laveau Trail heads southeast, while the Hinckley–Duluth segment heads northwest (and quickly turns south again).

In Wrenshall, the trail follows Co Rt. 1 to Parkwood Dr. (left, then left again in a short distance to the off-road trail).


Don't expect services

   October, 2007 by

"If you are camping, stay off this trail, you may not find anything. State run rest stops have been stripped of their trash cans and picnic tables. Other states recognize the improtance of bike trails and maintain and support them. I am sad to say Minnesota ...read more

Nice Ride

   August, 2003 by megaman

"I rode this trail in mid July from Carlton to Duluth and back. The trail is paved with asphalt but is need of repair as the surface is rough in some places. The bridge over the St. Louis River gorge is awesome. You get plenty of scenic views elsewhere ...read more

Smooth trail

   June, 2002 by

"This is the central portion of a trail system that will eventually go from Winona (near MN's southern border) to Canada and is already connected to Wisconsin's beautiful LaCrosse to Elroy trail. The portion from Hinckley to Carlton is typical central ...read more