Windham Rail Trail

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The Windham Rail-Trail occupies a scenic stretch of abandoned rail ( Manchester and Lawrence) between Range Road (at Rockingham Rd.) in Salem and Windham Road, about 4 miles to the northwest. At Windham Road, the trail becomes the Derry Rail Trail and continues for nearly another 4 miles.

The Windham Rail-Trail passes by farm pastures, orchards, ponds and marshes through a corridor of trees. Two notable railroad bridges are also found along the trail; one is a keystone archway built from New Hampshire granite in 1849. The trail also has stone-cut ledges—offering relief from the summer heat and sporting multi-colored ice flows during winter.

Wildlife is abundant along the trail. Watch for deer, moose, owls, turtles, herrons and beavers, as well as many species of duck and geese.

In addition to the old stone walls along the trail, you'll find a cellar hole from an 19th-century sawmill. And the Windham Depot buildings and surrounding property have been designated a historic district by the town of Windham. The depot has been restored as has a beautiful Boston and Maine caboose (C16), which you'll find here.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach the Windham trailhead, take Interstate 93 to Exit 3 and head west on State Route 111 toward Windham. After about 1 mile, turn right on North Lowell Road. Just beyond the Interstate underpass, bear right where North Lowell intersects with Depot Road. Park at the restored Windham Depot, about 150 yards up on the right at the caboose. NOTE: Parking is prohibited at Windham Depot (Derry Rail Trail end) from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise and is strictly enforced.


Great Trail, rediculous policies

   January, 2015 by grinley94

I've ridden this trail on bike,walking, and more currently use it for snowmobile parking. Just the other day I was riding and broke down up in epping on the rail trail, little did I realize you cannot park in the lot at night I got back to my car finally more

Good Trail

   October, 2014 by kim913

This is a fairly decent trail for a quick bike run. Good for all bike types. I started in Salem at Cycles Etc. The trail starts there as hard packed gravel for about 8/10 of a mile then the rest is paved. It connects up with the Derry RT for a total of more

lane app

   October, 2014 by rvillars

When I want to actually ride the trail, I will be happy to join, connectconnectcontribute. I just wat to see the route, and now you've annoyed me so much that I WILL NEVER use.contribute. read more