Withlacoochee Bay Trail

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The Withlacoochee Bay Trail extends from the Gulf, north of Crystal River and south of Inglis, nearly 5 miles east to just beyond North Suncoast Boulevard. The trail provides access to a 758-acre equestrian area, picnic pavilions and a canoe launch.

There are plenty of birding opportunities as well as observation decks along the barge canal, which the trails follows. There are several side trails, including some through Felburn Park.

Be sure to also visit the nearby Withlacoochee State Trail.

Parking and Trail Access

The Withlacoochee Bay Trail is located at US 19/98 at the old Cross Florida Barge Canal, approximately 12 miles north of Crystal River and 0.5 mile south of Inglis. Turn west at the south end of the bridge and proceed west along the trail. The Felburn Park section is east of the US 19/98 bridge and can be reached by a connecting road past the State Marine Police Station.



   November, 2014 by donna.m.minish

Getting on the trail I took the right on to the trail, it is approximately 1.25 miles where it dead ends into the woods. Came back the 1.25 miles and road out to the Gulf of Mexico 5 miles out. There is very little elevation to deal with and there are ...read more

Trail extended to 6 miles total

   March, 2014 by sprinkhaan_1

An extra 1.2 miles (paved) was added east of the main trailhead in 2012, making a one-way total of 6 miles. read more

Nice short trail with a great view of the bay

   November, 2013 by SoFlaKettwiesel

A nice trail for a short ride and scenic views. A marked turn EAST (from US19/US98) about 1/2 mile south of the canal to parking and restrooms. read more