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Black Creek Trail Facts

States: Florida
Counties: Clay
Length: 8 miles
Trail end points: Orange Park (Holly Point Rd & Park Ave) and Green Cove Springs (Black Creek Park)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt, Concrete
Trail category: Greenway/Non-RT
ID: 6032592

Black Creek Trail Description

The Black Creek Trail parallels U.S. Highway 17, from Orange Park south to Black Creek Park near Lakeside, FL, just south of Jacksonville. Passing through scenic forest and wetlands, the trail traverses Fleming Island, though it's not a true island, flanked on the east by the St. Johns River and Doctor's Lake, a river inlet, on the west.

The trail passes by Moccasin Slough Park, a 255-acre wildlife preserve and nature park, home to alligators, bald eagles, and numerous waterfowl species. The recently developed park includes picnic areas, gazebo, playground and a structure for environmental education programs, all along Raggedy Point Road. There are also upland trails and wetland boardwalks with observation decks and a kayak launch.

Use extreme caution when crossing the several intersections along the trail. Be especially cautious when crossing the intersections at Pace Island and CR 220 at Eagle Harbor. Vehicles turning right don't always respect the "walk" signals, and the walk signal timing is very short.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at Black Creek Park, FL, just south of Jacksonville on US 17/CR 15 at 7890 US Highway 17. The park also has a covered pavilion and restrooms. 

See TrailLink Map for detailed directions.

Black Creek Trail Reviews

Black Creek Trail Bridge

Rode the trail this morning hoping to get in a good ride unfortunately the Trail Bridge is still out. No signs stating when it may be repaired!

October 23 - Looks Like the Bridge is out

Traveling US 17 to the trailhead at Black Creek Park the bridge was coned off and caution taped with a sign saying trail close. About midway the bridge was collapsed in one short section. We went to the trailhead and walked south to the water and then north to the next intersection so Yoo-Hoo could stretch her legs. The trail wasnt that appealing as it paralleled US 17 with a lot of side street and commercial driveway crossings to contend with. The traffic noise was also a factor. Its probably more of a good neighborhood trail but not one to do for an enjoyable recreational ride.

the bridge is repaired and open.

Took awhile but it is done.

WARNING:Northern Bridge has been closed due to damage

WARNING:Northern Bridge is closed due to damage with no signage at beginning of the trail. This means the only way to traverse the trail is to walk along the US HWY 17, a very high volume road leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Asphalt needs repairs on trail and road noise level is high.


Serious Maintenace Needed

Asphalt needs repair in many places. Vegetation needs to be trimmed along route. The northern end meds serious landscaping attention. The northern wood bridge needs much repair work. The best part of this trail is 220 to Black Creek.

Mostly nice!

This trial is mostly nice for biking, but the one negative is the 1 mile section of wooden bridge. The slats are quite worn, noisy and hard on a road bike with thin tires. A mountain bike, however, would handle it well. You definitely wouldn’t want children to get ahead of you on trail as the crosswalks can be busy and dangerous.

Better options

Like most other reviews of this trail, I agree its just too noisy being right next to traffic and too many crosswalks. It starts out nice and wooded but doesn't last near long enough before the first crosswalk intersects. Just too much going on with this trail.

many options

The main trail is cool, but I especially like the many different wooded trail options at the beginning. They’re a lot more fun and rustic, plus they’re all shaded. Beautiful views, they give estimates on how long most of the trails are which are accurate. I noticed there are benches spaced throughout, and arrows marking the many different trail paths.

Decent Trail

Not a bad trail for an easy run

Not much of a trail

Very disappointed on this trail.
Nice little parking lot and a shady beginning of the trail. That lasted for about 5 minutes. Then it was just a paved trail along Hwy 17.
Some of it was separated by trees but mostly right next to a busy road and lots of intersections you have to cross. I would not recommend this trail.

OK trail

This trail is right down Hwy 17, so you have the auto noise constant. The path has alot of root growth so its not smooth, and the condos and subdivisions along the trail use the trail to walk there dogs on the trail, the smell on the southern part of was very strong. Not my favor-it trail.

exercise trail

I use it often for biking as I live nearby. Southern end is tree covered mostly until one crosses CR220. Also the county extended a trail south from Black Creek Park bridge along US17 to Green Cove Springs another approx 3.5 miles. The asphalt trail parallels the highway and is mainly out in the open so is not very scenic but great for exercise.

Honest opinion

Love how it begins in the park but thereafter way too many intersections off of a major state road. Nearly hit three times by drivers not paying attention. Super noisy. Just not enjoyable.


The walk was pleasant. At first not to noisy but after about half a mile the path was closer to US17 highway. I was walking at about 9am when traffic was not so bad. After awhile the traffic did not really bother me more like white noise in the background. The trail was nice to walk on mostly asphalt but there was a couple places about 3 miles in there was lots of wet leaves. The mile markers marked at every quarter mile was more incentive to walk. Someone had skidded several times over mile marker 2.5 removing some of the number. It was not a problem walking pass several of the crossings for me although I could see if you had to stop and start with a bike it could be annoying.

Only For The Neighborhood

Not a clean trail.
Too Many Intersections.
Unkept Boardwalk caused a flat with my partner.
👎 Don't Waist You Time.

Almost got hit by a car - be careful

This trail is rather beautiful and has great potential, but it is simply way too dangerous! There are several busy intersection with multiple lanes. The light turned as I was crossing one of them. The outer drivers saw me and remained stopped but not the middle driver who was just pulling up. He floored his gas pedal as soon as he saw green nearly killing me. Thank God I was going slowly and was able to hit my brakes as he zoomed by. I felt I was taking a huge risk too many times. If you head out, go very early in the morning, when traffic will be lightest. Be extra careful and consider walking your bike across those crazy intersections.

Too much vehicle traffic

I like to ride these trails because it's quieter than riding on the roads and I get some good exercise out of it. I got neither of them while riding this trail. I had to stop more times than I care to count for every little driveway on the trail, not to mention the major intersections, to keep an eye on cars that may or may not be paying attention to a biker on the path. It is also VERY noisy, with constant traffic from an extremely busy roadway that is close by. I have ridden several other trails that parallel a highway, but none are as busy and congested as US 17. Will not be going back.


Good paved trail. I can handle the traffic noise...just can't handle the constant stops. Probably won't do again. (For women biking alone, didn't feel comfortable parking in trail parking I found another parking lot where there was a lot more cars/people.)

Black Creek Trail- too much traffic

Just rode this trail last week and wanted to like it. Found 3 significant factors working against this trail:
1. Trail parallels Hwy. 17 which is a major thoroughfare of 6 lanes with LOTS of traffic- including many trucks. You cannot escape considerable traffic noise as the trail is usually just 50 feet away from the highway.
2. There are 7 intersections with lights- some of them very busy with several lanes turning all ways. That is 7 major intersections in 8 miles!-plus several driveways to commercial establishments I did not count. Just about the time you are falling into a nice pedaling cadence you have to stop and start again. Your rhythm is interrupted time and again.
3. There is a long wooden bridge at the north end of the trail. The 2x4 wood cross pieces are in terrible shape with many loose and almost all having lot of splinters peeling off. I fully expected to be pulling a splinter out and changing a tube.

The Black Creek Trail is a good alternative if you live in the area and want to bike somewhere as it intersects many major roads with shopping centers. The southern 3 miles is nice but commercial interference increases as you head north. In my opinion, it is not a destination trail. There are too many other delightful trails to ride in NE Florida.

Black Creek Trail

Most of the trail was well paved, however there are many busy crossover intersections. Available parking is only at the end of the trail, so you have to drive 8 miles to park.

Black Creek

I run this trail frequently. The first half mile from the trailhead is shady and pretty nice. Beyond that, you are in and out of canopy running (riding or walking) along Highway 17. Depending on the time of day, the traffic can be heavy. The major downer on this trail is the number of street crossings, which includes a few major roads. The trail goes up and over Doctor's inlest, which is nice. Not a bad little trail.

Noise Pollution!

While the ride starts off really nice from Black Creek it soon turns into a ride of just noise... the trucks, vehicles along US 17 deters from the pleasant ride to include crossing CR220 can be hazardous... Won't be visiting this trail anytime soon!

Pretty beginning - be careful of intersections later on!

This trail was enjoyable, however, the address listed was a bit off (make sure you GPS Black Creek Park) & use the map to determine where the trail is. The actual numbers did not take us to the trail head. The trail has nice pavement, but realize that you will be right next to the road so there is not a lot of scenery. Also realize that you cross 10 or so intersections so be careful if you have children with you or people who are not comfortable crossing the road. The trail will get a bit sunny, so I would't recommend for a hot, sunny day. You don't really know when the trail ends - we went about a mile past the bridge, but I would recommend the bridge as a good stopping point (maybe an extra challenge to go up and back)?

Suburban Sprawl

We started in Black Creek where the park is very nice. However, the further north we rode, the more subdivisions, strip malls and churches we passed. The trail itself is very good, but I would recommend the Jacksonville - Baldwin trail for a sense of nature

Great walking trail for the whole family

We took our 2 boys to this trail today. It was really nice. There are places where you cross the street but if you are aware of this and plan for it this is a great trail. I can't wait to go back and run it.

Nicely maintained trail!

"Having just moved here from Atlanta, we love this trail which winds through beautiful woods on both sides of trail at times and over scenic marshland. We love it. Be careful crossing at many intersections however."

Not my favorite trail

"This trail has way too many street crossings for my liking. The automobile drivers tend to not care if you are crossing the path. To them, it's their road and the path is just a path.

Stop & Go

"This is the most poorly signed trail I have ever been on. Most of the intersections have both a stop sign and a walk/don't walk sign. The crossing at Eagle Harbor Parkway has a small stop sign about a foot off the ground in front of a crosswalk that the cars don't respect. Then the walk/don't walk sign is on an island in the middle of the intersection.

The other major problem is that the landscapers that take care of the large negiborhoods that this trail borders use the path as a road. Watch out for golf carts, mowers and utility trucks."

Nice but many street crossings

"This is a nicely paved and well maintained trail that runs along the west side of State Highway 17 between Orange Park and Green Cove Springs, FL.

The smooth trail surface is ideally suited for in-line skating, bicycling, walking, and/or jogging.

The trail surface is primarily asphalt and/or concrete, however there are a few elevated sections (constructed over marshlands) where the surface is wooden decking.

Because the combined highway and trail right-of-way abuts several residential and commercial neighborhoods, food and liquid refreshments are at several spots along the route.

The convenience of nearby services comes with a hefty price though, and that price is the multitude of very busy street and private driveway crossings along the 8-mile long trail route.

The best time to travel along this trail is towards the end of the day, as there are tall trees that will provide shade when the sun is in the west.

Parking is available at Black Creek Park, just north of Green Cove Springs on Highway 17. This park has ample secure parking and clean public rest rooms."

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