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Chester Valley Trail Facts

States: Pennsylvania
Counties: Chester, Montgomery
Length: 18.6 miles
Trail end points: Schuylkill River Trail by Trail Junction Center (75 E Lafayette St, Norristown) and 0.3 mile west of Indian Run St & Commerce Dr (Exton)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6122878

Chester Valley Trail Description

Closure Notice: Due to sewer line work, there is a detour in place in Bridgeport around at Fallsview Drive. See posted signage for directions. Keep up to date on this closure via. the Montgomery County page.

The Chester Valley Trail provides opportunities for recreation and alternative transportation in the congested commercial center at the northern edge of Greater Philadelphia. The paved rail-trail rolls for just under 19 miles between King of Prussia and Exton, encouraging a variety of users, such as stroller-pushing parents, colleagues on a walking meeting, or cyclists seeking a quick 40-miler.

The trail uses the corridor of the Chester Valley Branch of the Reading Railroad, which was completed between Bridgeport and Downingtown in the 1850s; the line hauled freight into the late 20th century (passenger traffic ended in 1935). Work by Chester and Montgomery Counties began in 2009 to convert the railbed into a trail. Plans call for extending it westward to Downingtown.

A 3.8-mile eastward extension to Norristown opened in March 2023 and connects the trail to the Schuylkill River Trail, which creates access to Valley Forge National Historical Park to the north and Philadelphia to the south. The extension project also included building three new pedestrian bridges (South Gulph Road, Henderson Road, and Boro Line Road) and updating two bridges for pedestrian/bike use. The Chester Valley Trail is also part of the Circuit Trails, a developing 800-mile urban network of trails in Greater Philadelphia, of which about 350 miles are complete.

The 10- to 12-foot-wide asphalt path, which is open daily, 8 am–sunset, has a slight uphill grade from King of Prussia to Exton. A couple of mild, short hills face travelers in Malvern and just past PA 29. The trail parallels US 202, which you’ll barely notice as you travel through a wooded corridor that opens up to farmland approaching Exton.

At its eastern end, the rail-trail connects to the Schuylkill River Trail in Norristown. Crossing the river via a protected pedestrian/bike lane on the Norristown Dam Bridge, the Chester Valley Trail winds through Bridgeport and passes an old inn named for Frederick the Great. Leaving Bridgeport, the route curves south and then west as it meanders through King of Prussia, a community named for a local Colonial-era inn built in 1719. The renovated and relocated inn, which contains offices for the local chamber of commerce, stands 0.3 mile from the trail.

The rail-trail immediately crosses I-76 on a pedestrian bridge and heads west past retail centers and office parks along US 202. The route is a straight shot across the landscape, except for turns to accommodate busy road crossings. In the less congested western end, the trail utilizes short tunnels to cross US 202 and Swedesford Road.

There’s no lack of fast food and restaurants in the retail centers along the eastern segment. You’ll pass several small parks with picnic tables: D’Ambrosia Park at 4 miles, Cedar Hollow Park at 6.6 miles, and Ecology Park at 10.1 miles. The landscape opens up beyond here, with more farms and less congestion.

While Valley Forge is located north of the trail, other historic locations of the Revolutionary War are closer by. One of those is Battle of the Clouds Park, located 1 mile past Ecology Park, where the trail crosses Phoenixville Pike. The park commemorates a Revolutionary War attack in 1777 that was foiled by a horrific thunderstorm that drenched the soldiers’ gunpowder.

Another 1.3 miles ahead is Exton Park, which covers 727 acres and features a pond, picnic sites, and trails. There is a 0.8-mile spur trail that splits from the main route by the intersection of Commerce Drive and S Pottstown Pike/Main Street. The spur connects to the Exton SEPTA/Amtrack Station. The rail-trail ends in another 2.4 miles after passing through the community of Exton. 

Parking and Trail Access

Parking is available at a number of locations along the trail. Visit the TrailLink map for all options and detailed directions.

Chester Valley Trail Reviews

It is connectivity

This is a local trail for me. I used it twice a week when working in West Goshen, Chester County. The trail is in very good shape and Chester County is to be commended for the trail. Today I use the trail to go deep into the hills of Chester County on my roadbike and get back to where I live not far from Valley Forge.

The good: It provides non-car connectivity! The surface is very good and provides the ability to get in and out of the area without cars. The canopy of trees as you get towards Montgomery County is great on hot days.

The not so good: There are a significant number of road crossings. The trail also parallels US 202 and is noisy in many spots.

I can't wait until the trail is extended further into beautiful Chester County. It is a shame it doesn't connect directly to Malvern, Paoli or Downingtown Boros.

Long time rider, 3/5 is adequate

When I lived in Malvern I was on this trail every day. Four years - every day, no exaggeration. Rain, 30 degree weather, 100 degree weather, hot sun, complete darkness (with all the bugs and knats of various sizes illuminated by my bike lights lol) and it was fine. Some reviewers on here complain about the fact that cyclists have to exercise caution at intersections and might need to stop if there is traffic. Yes, that can be annoying but it’s part of the trail. Other reviewers mention the fact that it is noisy towards KOP because it runs adjacent to 202. I can’t imagine being bothered by something like that enough to stop using this trail and I believe that the extension from KOP to Norristown has finally been completed, so I think that adds another few miles each way (awesome!)

If you can’t already tell, the CVT is like a friend to me. I was extremely lucky and grateful to live in a place where I could throw my bike onto the rack and drive to the Exton entrance in 5 minutes; I took advantage of this fact as much as possible!! In addition to the outdoor recreation it provides, there are certain stretches of this trail that are absolutely beautiful. My phone is full of pictures from my rides, which I’ll include with this review :)

It is also very well maintained. As I said, I ride in all weather (except snow) and leaves, debris, twigs and branches after a storm… anything that could pose a threat to safety was always promptly cleaned up. Always. If I have one complaint regarding safety it would be that the lights inside the two tunnels were rarely ever turned on after dark. I’m not sure why that was.

The reason for the 3 star review is for things beyond anyone’s control, but they’re enough to seriously affect someone’s ride, and since these are daily ongoing occurrences they should be mentioned. One is that all the people that live near this trail and walk their dogs on it pick up their dog’s poop and put it in the little biodegradable green bags that are provided all along the trail. This is great, but then they don’t take it to the trash cans to dispose of it - they leave those bags, tied up, all along the sides of the trail. 😅😅😅 Everyone does this. It’s amusing until it’s not, and now that I’ve moved out of the area (which is great, don’t get me wrong) and have found a new trail in my new state, I don’t ever see anything like this. It’s nice.

The other reason for the 3 stars is that these same people like to mess with cyclists by acting confused when you call out “on your left” , which it is advised to do. They either spilt up (if there are two people) and go on either side forcing you to ride between them (somewhat awkwardly sometimes) or they jump in front of you. I was never able to really determine if this is done on purpose or if they legitimately get that deer in the headlights panic that actually causes them to confuse which way they should move with the way they actually do move, but this is something else I haven’t experienced outside on other trails, which, again, is very nice. Kind of a relief, actually.

All that said, if you like outdoor recreation, this is an amazing trail, and you can do it twice or three times on the days when once isn’t enough. It’s a fun and free way to stay fit!

Extension to Schuylkill River Trail Completed

The Chester Valley Trail now extends 5 miles east in King of Prussia to Norristown where it connects to the Schuylkill River Trail.

fun outing!

We’ve ridden short distances on this trail toward King of Prussia ( ride to K of P Town Center and eat outside at one of the many restaurants) but last week was Our first excursion towards Exton. There are lots of road crossings, and road noise from Route 202, but it was so pretty! We’ll maintained, plenty of benches to sit and have a drink. I thought it was a great ride. Other riders were friendly and there were walkers too. I highly recommend it!



First time users of the CVT. We found it well maintained, paved and wide. It's a fine trail if you like to walk or run. However, the trail is not very bike friendly as it has far too many crossroads that require stopping to wait for traffic and/or traffic signals. It runs too close to major highways making it quite noisy in spots.

On the plus side, if you take your shopping cart with you, it passes by Wegmans, Target, Walmart and every other big box store along its way, with convenient access to all their parking lots.

Our first ride on the CVT was our last. We will be sticking to the tried and true, bike friendly, Schuylkill River Trail.

Chester Valley Trail Extension

I can't wait for winter 2022 for extension to Sckuylkill river trail in Norristown

Nice Labor Day Ride

Fun outing overall. Smooth asphalt trail and well maintained with lots of shaded areas. Agree some parts were not scenic and were near busy roadways but crossings were safe and clearly marked. Lots of bikers, walkers and families on this trail but majority were friendly as you passed. Even saw a group walking with a large American flag…a great bonus to our Labor Day ride!

Easy, long ride, but kind of boring

The trail is great. Very well-kept and nicely made. Very shady for hot days. It’s just a little boring. Only about 500 ft of total elevation after doing a down and back. Lots of stops to cross traffic.

Beautiful, but is it safe

I cannot claim to be a frequent trail user. I have used the Struble Trail near my home mostly, and have a little experience with several other rail trail systems in SE PA.

Today being especially beautiful and the weather cool I chose to ride on the Chester Valley Trail. It was understandably busy.

This is a well built trail that travels down Pennsylvania's Great Valley. Though the trail is incomplete (the goal is to tie in with the Schuylkill River Trail) it runs through established neighborhoods as well as farm land along an old right of way that is more greenway than suburban. It is a favorite destination for walkers, runners, families, and bikers since it is convenient to a large population.

I found it unsafe since many of the bike riders do not observe the 15mph speed limit that is clearly marked on the pavement and is appropriate for a multi-use trail. It is a wide trail and safe for two way 'traffic'. However, when bikers traveling over 20mph on the trail choose to pass in the middle of the trail, where there is east and west bound congestion, the risk they create for collision is a serious threat to everyone. I found the use of audible signals or vocal warnings by those passing is also infrequent.

I ride on the trail too, but I don't understand why bikers choose to break the speed limit rule on a trail that is so frequently used by runners and walkers - especially when it is crowded. If the CVT was designed for such high speeds there would be mandatory lanes for bike riders.

great trail can’t wait for the expansion north!

Nice trail in great condition. Noise from 202 was blocked mostly by a wall. Looking forward to more rides!

so so….smooth clean trail

Nice clean trail. Very smooth if you are on a road bike. If your looking for a relaxing ride this trail isn’t for you. Runs too close to busy highways and past shopping centers. Also a lot of stops because of those roads. Now on that note it is a fun smooth ride. Clean trail and a decent amount of tree coverage at most points for those hot sunny days.

Too much city close to busy streets, breaks at street intersections

Starting from the King of Prussia trailhead I found the trail too close to busy streets for me. It was not tranquil especially during rush hour. The trail is broken up by numerous street crossings. For a newbie, these crossings were sometimes confusing.
The trail is well kept and access to many restaurants if you like that. If you are looking for a quiet bike ride in a beautiful setting, I would not suggest it.

little loud

Started at the North Gulf road. Nice trail. Little loud since your close to the interstate. My recommendation would be to drive further down (3-4 miles in the trail, around Penn medicine) and it’s getting quieter. Overall nice trail to bike and be out of the house.

Great trail in great shape

Flat and paved is always a welcome reprieve from crushed stone or otherwise. The drawbacks (frequent road crossings and occasional visual proximity to rte 202) are easily outweighed by the quality of the trail. Signage makes the trail easy to follow, and the quarter mile markers are an improvement over the usual half mile markers. The crossings are well designed to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.

Nice trail with smooth asphalt for inline skating. Pretty flat. A few road crossings but they are not too busy and safe. Some covered sections provide shade.

Nice trail with smooth asphalt for inline skating. Pretty flat. A few road crossings but they are not too busy and safe. Some covered sections provide shade.

Siblings on the trail

My brother and I rode this asphalt trail. I have an Electra Loft. He has a mountain bike. We were both very comfortable. It's an easy 30mi (end-to-end and back again). Yes, there are road crossings. They're pretty easily managed. We had a blast singing thru the tunnels and got a kick out of having our own bridges over traffic (what is the point otherwise).

The trail is well-maintained. On our way out we encountered an injured raccoon in the middle of the trail that had been cleaned up on the way back. We saw a park ranger marking trees for maintenance on our way, too. There were a couple of maintenance stations along the way. Park benches were pretty common, too.

This trail does track w/ R-202 along KoP which can get pretty noisy but for the most part its pretty quiet, hence the 4 stars, not 5. There's construction at the main intersection in Exton at the moment about a mile-ish from the trail end. We walked our bikes across the 3 intersections around the work since we were determined to get to the end of the trail. All in all, this is a great trail and I'll be doing this again.

Too many car encounters

As compared to the Perkiomen or Schuylkill trails, CVT is like city riding. There are about a dozen road crossings, a couple across major highways. More than 1/3 of the distance is directly adjacent to 202 and the road noise is very loud. The remote sections are nice and trail well maintained but would choose a different trail next time.

Lovely summer ride!

We rode the entire length out and back on a 95 deg day. This trail is wide and very well maintained. Most is shaded and the cars were very good about stopping when the trail crossed a road. There I are just enough small hills to make it interesting but not too steep.There is a clean restroom and water fountain at approximately 11 miles.

Pros and Cons

Smooth surface the entire length of the trail and the shade from the trees in the hot days of July was a plus. The down side of this trail is the deafening noise from the traffic on 202 and that there’s not much in the way of scenery. Also, many traffic intersections... Note: we started at the King of Prussia end and rode to Exton, but the last mile or so of the trail was closed.



Fully-paved, manageable # of road crossings, but ugly ends

Because of all of the rain this, have ridden this & other paved trails more than I would like. Park at either Exton Park or the trailhead off of S. Warner Rd, and you can get a 28 mile ride; the former has a restroom, while the later has a port-a-john.

Lots of shade & nice suburban neighborhoods to ride through. Ironton Trail near Coplay PA & the southern Henry Hudson Trail near Freehold NJ are also paved & shady, but they are no where near as long.

Doubt that I'll do all 28 miles in the future: a) Riding west, the rt. 100 intersection is not worth crossing --> 3 crossings, plus the trail west of it is both short & ugly (1 mile round trip). Riding east, there is 2 miles round trip east of the trailhead off of S. Warner Rd; as w. the western end of the trail, it's ugly but at least more interesting.

The # of road crossings will bother some more than others, but they don't compare to the Barnegat Branch trail & northern section of the Henry Hudson trail near the NJ shore. (NJ drivers are less likely to stop than PA drivers.) Crossing rt. 29 near Wegmans is not as obnoxious as the rt. 100 crossing, but you need to be alert.

Generally Average

I'm basing my rating on comparison to other trails I've ridden. Some sections of CVRT are quite lovely; passing by parks and wooded areas.

Otherwise, the proximity to 202 and the numerous road crossings makes the trail feel choppy and you never really feel disconnected from suburbia. There are two intersections in particular that I found quite dangerous.

First, in Exton, the crossing at Rt. 100 is chaotic! You need to cross roads three times to reach the other side of 100. On top of that, truck traffic is extremely heavy and frequently blocks the intersection.

The other dangerous intersection is at Foundry Way in Malvern. Incoming traffic has the right of way and does not stop. The intersection is large, so by the time you're in the middle of it, traffic is inbound and they barely slow down! Be careful here.

Overall, I think CVRT is more a commuter trail than recreational trail.

King of Prussia- Exton and back

I am only giving this trail three stars, not because the trail is a poor experience, but it is a short trail for me, and there are numerous road crossings. The trail is asphalt all the way, and virtually level. Yes, some slight slopes, but nothing serious. There are mileage markers almost every half mile, and also some signs for points of interest. I started at the King of Prussia park and ride, and biked to Exton and returned. Initially, the trail goes along some very congested real estate, but the sound barriers do muffle the traffic noise so in portions it is very nice, heavily wooded on both sides, and in some places refreshingly cool. In other areas, homes and office parks are along the way. This gives rise to multiple road crossings, and many are signal controlled, especially at major crossings. Around the 8 mile point, the scenery is more open, with farms along the trail. Once one reaches Exton Park Trailhead, where water, restroom and tables are available, unless one wants to go into Exton, there is little reason to travel further. But going further has major road crossings, and one enters into a major commercial area, and about a mile or so past that, the trail simply stops. At the Exton Park, there is a detailed trail sign and also indications of future trails, including the proposed route to link with the Schuylkill River Trail from King of Prussia.

Good for some miles

4.5 is a more appropriate rating.
A nice, flat, paved and well marked trail.
Ran to the left after parking.
A nice little bridge as well as a nice little tunnel, nice scenary along the way.
The only drawback is crossing several roads which could be a challenge at busy times, and could be a negative for bikers.
So in conclusion, if in the area and want to get a few miles in, give this a try.
You'll be pleased.

Superb trail as far as smooth and maintained, but the road noise from Rt 202 made parts of the trail unbearable. If you are looking for a great trail to hear mother nature. this is not it!

Superb trail as far as smooth and maintained, but the road noise from Rt 202 made parts of the trail unbearable. If you are looking for a great trail to hear mother nature. this is not it!

I only walked a small section, about 3 miles but it was clean and perfect

I only walked a small section, about 3 miles but it was clean and perfect

Beautiful, well-kept trail

This is my new favorite trail. It is flat, shady and immaculately maintained. Not one rough spot in the paving, not one piece of trash on the entire 14 mile length. There is lots of green space on both sides of the trail so that most of the time you don't realize that you are in the middle of quite a built-up area. We've started at both the Exton end and the King of Prussia end (2 different days) and in both cases rode about 7 miles to Media, where we had lunch, and then did the return trip. The Exton end is very flat while the King of Prussia end has a few not-too-difficult hills. There are a few road crossings but they are well controlled by lights and the drivers in this area seem to be familiar with the trail crossings and often stop before you get to push the button for the traffic signal. The only crossing that is a real pain is going over Route 100 if you want to ride past Main Street at Exton. We won't bother with that again. The trail is well used by walkers and bikers on weekdays but there was not so much traffic to make it feel crowded. (Not sure how busy it is one weekends.) We love this trail!

Great starter trail

Liked the fix it stations. This should be on all trails.

Tree lined trail - shady and flat!

Went for a bike ride on this trail with my boys and it was fantastic! Not too difficult and the trail is shady so for an August day it wasn't too hot. Lots of benches to stop and take a break. There are several street crossings but they have pedestrian blinking lights and the crossings are well marked so I felt safe crossing with my boys. Drivers always slowed down for us to cross. Overall a great trail! Definitely recommend for a family bike ride.

Nice and flat, lots of access..lots of road crossings

A popular well kept asphalt trail of 14 miles. Many points of access as the mostly tree-line trail runs besides neighborhoods, corporate parks, and shopping centers. There are many well marked road crossings with gates and audible crossing signals. If you're riding the entire trial, all the crossing can become a bit burdensome.

I look forward to learning how to connect, on the east end, to the Schuylkill River Trail that goes all the way to Center City (PHL). That would be nice to include on the trail information page.

Great July 4th Ride

Trail is perfect--not even a crack. Wide and clean, this trail is well suited for recreational riders. This is not for riders looking for speed, because as mentioned in other reviews, the trail is shared with walkers, runners, strollers, skaters and training wheels. Having said that, on the 4th of July it was easy to maintain 15 mph--we were never in a bunch-up that required us to slow down. Loved having retail on both ends for drinks/snacks. Will definitely ride it on our next trip to PA.

What a great trail!

This trails brings me such joy! It's harder going then coming back, but the street crossings are minimal and non invasive, the other riders/walkers are considerate and upbeat. I saw a lot of different types of bikes, recumbents, rollerblades, runners! The grounds are immaculate! You will really enjoy this one!

Great, flat path for a Floridian in PA

I just moved up to PA from FL a few months ago and while I've been an avid runner for some time, frankly the Florida topography, at least on the East coast, doesn't do much by way of hill conditioning. I've definitely struggled a bit with the acclimation to some of the 'hillier' trails in PA/DA. So the Chester Valley Trail was a site for sore (hamstrings) eyes! A great 14 mile trail that you can make longer or shorter to suit your needs. It's a pretty run, homes to look at, woods, hills... parts are shaded, parts are not. As a woman who typically runs alone, it's worth noting that I felt quite safe here (I'm not particularly paranoid but in today's times safety is a consideration now). Would recommend to families, runners, walkers alike!

I love this trail

First of all, we had a late winter snow storm and this trail was cleared quite quickly and very well. Second, I love the quarter mile markers. I use those for track type running workouts. Third, very nice long trail. Fourth very nice bathroom and parking area at Exton Park on Church Farm Road.

Awesome Trail

This trail is wide and paved. There are several stores to stop at for a break. At some point during your activities on this trail, you will come across dear. They are rarely on the trail and more so in the nearby woods. I love this trail. It's not congested like the Schuylkill River Trail. I have visited this trail more than any other trail in PA, NJ, DE, and MD.

Highly recommended.

Beware of the many road crossings, too many, and some of them are 4-lane roads- a little dangerous especially if your riding with little ones. Fairly flat, and blacktop from start to finish, an easy ride even for beginners.
If you're starting from Exton, I'd recommend NOT parking near Walmart but in Raymour & Flanigan's parking lot to avoid crossing Rt 100, which is very busy!
Highly recommended!!

Nice relaxed ride

I rode the entire 13.5 mile trail from King of Prussia to Exton. I recommend starting at KoP to make the return trip slightly downhill. I know other reviews have mentioned the lack of signage and I think this has improved. I have a pretty poor sense of direction and never once had an issue finding the trail, just look for the green trail signs at road intersections. There are a fair amount of road crossing with two being busy four lane highways but they all either have signals or stop signs. For a few miles you are riding next to I-76 so you will hear traffic but it is not deafening. Overall I look forward to riding the trail again when the next expansion phase is completed.

Great trail for locals

This trail is perfect for local residents. It meanders through the neighborhoods behind houses and businesses. a wide variety of athletes will find it very accommodating. Non athletes or Weekend Warriors will also find this Trail to be very good. Help is close by if you have any type of accident or need help. it is best to start this trail from the King of Prussia side and ride to the end point in Exton. This way you can have a nice picnic waiting for you in Exton Park. According to Trail markings, bicycle speed is limited to 15 miles per hour. I highly recommend biking 14 miles one way but do not make the return trip. It might get a little boring. if you don't mind backpacking, there are great green areas to stop along the way and have a snack.

Nice, but...

Just rode this trail for the first time today - 4/2/16 - started in Exton - FIRST, the "BAD" - my complaints - I followed the directions posted here, but, when I got there, I had NO IDEA WHERE the trail WAS. Luckily, I saw a gentleman and his daughter unloading bikes and asked - well, it was STILL not the easiest to find! So... MORE SIGNS and BETTER MARKING is a MUST! Next time I'll know, but the first time was not easy. Second complaint - I rode east to around Mile 5.0, then turned around. TWICE, on the way back, I LITERALLY got LOST! I quite literally DID NOT KNOW WHERE the trail was! So... AGAIN... MARKINGS!!! SURE, it's EASY for someone who knows it already, which obviously includes those who designed it and put it together, and don't realize where the "fails" in the markings are, and NEXT time, and there WILL BE next TIMES, I'll know, but, again, there are places where it needs to be better marked. I think "they" should bring in a group of "test," first-time-on-the-trail riders, and, individually, have them see if they run into the same problems I did. MAYBE it's me? I don't know? But I WAS FRUSTRATED! :( OK... so NOW the GOOD! It IS a really nice trail! All blacktop! I have a Mountain bike, but this trail is good for road bikes as well. It's mostly flat, though, heading back West was a BIT more difficult than the ride East. (Though part of that was a headwind.) Yeah, there's a few road crossings, a couple of which are across 4-lanes, but, I'm not used to that, and it's one of those things that I can accept. I'm anxioust to ride end-to-end. Overall, again, a NICE TRAIL! Just needs to be MARKED better at several places! I WILL be back, probably many times. :)

Excellent Rail-to-Trails Ride

Starting from King of Prussia (South Gulph Road Parking Area) and riding out to West Whiteland Township Trailhead (Main Street at Exton), the ride is relatively flat with a slow and constant elevation gain. Just need to be attentive around mile 7.5 when the trail seems to end -- it doesn't just need to go left at the PNC Bank. Beautiful views and even have several mile of tree cover as well. Worth the travel from Maryland. Can't wait for the expansions to be completed in the coming years and ride from Downingtown to Philadelphia.

very long with the good and the bad

It is a nice long trail with things to see and do easily accessible from the trail. The only real problem is the many many crossings. Some are ok and easy, some are a lot more difficult. Currently part of the trail is under repair so there is a clearly marked detour but that added 2 more crossings on a busy road. So there ends up being lots more stop and go along the path. But once you get some distance from 202 it is a downright nice ride. This was our longest ride since starting back to riding and we were wooped at the end. Definitely more downhill slope going towards King of Prussia. And don't get your hopes up when you see the 0.5 mile sign, there is still another mile or so to go. We will go back after a few more trails to see if we still think the same.

Great Bike & Running Trail

This is a great trail for those that want to get in a good workout either running or biking without battling the hills of Chester County. Very well maintained with good shade. The trail section near Exton out to CFS has a lot of points where you cross traffic so be careful. Section from Wegmans out to Chesterbrook is pretty open and from Chesterbrook to end is also uninterrupted for the most part with crossing roads.

Love it if could connect to VF park trail, but overall a great trail whether biking, running or taking the dog for a walk

Excellent Suburban Trail for Active Family

I completely agree that the trail has many crossings, which can be difficult to navigate (not for markings, but for motorists who are not really attentive). Additionally, 202 can be a bit noisy. That said, my husband and I have greatly enjoyed biking from Paoli to Exton with our 3 year old. We take a break while he plays on the playground and then off we go, back towards home. On hot days, we can detour to Wegmans and grab a cold snack. Bike shops in Exton also make for easy service.
In all, we walk the dog, go for runs, ride our bikes, play on playgrounds and can even stop for a beer...all while using one trail.
Thank you to all those who backed this trail and work to maintain it. I find it to be a valuable addition to our time as a family.

Nice trail with tree canopy BUT many road crossings

My friend and I parked at the Exton Park Trailhead which offers many amenities; such as full service bathrooms, playground area, and a tremendous parking lot. We biked northeastward to the end of the trail along King of Prussia Blvd and returned to the Exton Trailhead and continued to the southwest end of the trail.

The trail surface was all asphalt and was in superb condition; no buckling, smooth as glass. But, there are a lot of BUSY road crossings on this trail; most with road crossing signals.

Much of the trail has a nice canopy of trees. You are riding through an urban area and along some highways.

The trail descends much of the way from Exton Trailhead to the northeast end - King of Prussia Blvd. So, if you are riding this trail roundtrip and want to be riding downhill on the return trip, then I suggest that you park at the King of Prussia Trailhead.

The trail has a slight downhill grade from the Exton Trailhead to its southwest end (Between Rt 100 and S.Whitford Rd) and is about 2 miles one way.

The Road crossing at Rt 100 is rather bizarre. Instead of taking one directly across Rt 100, one is forced to divert 90 degrees away from the trail (heading northbound) to cross over Commerce Dr and then cross over Rt 100 (paralleling the trail), and then cross the opposite direction on Commerce Dr (Southward) to return to the trail on the west side of Rt 100. PennDot really needs to put in a crosswalk for the trail and walkers on the south side of Commerce Dr.

As previously stated, the trail surface is smooth and well maintained. It is also a very wide trail with plenty of passing room.

But due to the many road crossings and that some of the trail is along major highways and that one is funneled to road crossings requiring sharp turns , I am giving this trail a 3 star rating.

Nice trail for recreation and basic transportation

We started in King of Prussia and before long were at Wegman's in Malvern. After some lunch - off to Exton where we reached the (dead) end of the trail!(the back.) The CVT gets a bit dense with crossings, cars and highway noise at either end. In the middle, where it follows the Chester Valley Railroad bed, it is at its best. The railroad roadcut - dating from the mid-1800s - was a cool oasis of green walls.

This is an very good suburban rail trail that passes by a variety of businesses and residential areas. I can see it used for recreation and basic transportation. The road noise, mostly from 202, and the several crossings (Rt 100 could really benefit from a bridge) stop me from giving it 5 stars.

Fabulous Job Maintining the Trail!

Thanks you to the Parks & Recreation Guys who have taken care of the trail and kept it plowed, ice free and safe this winter! Great Job!!

A very satisfying trail

I biked this trail for the first time a week ago, end to end - just short of 15 miles each way. It's mostly flat and straight, but there are some short hills on the few on-street segments. The scenery varies greatly, from woodsy tree tunnels to office parks and residential.

There are several road crossings that require (and have) crossing controls. On other crossings you just have to look carefully both ways. I rode on a Sunday, so all these roads in and out of the shopping centers and office parks in the busy Rt 202 corridor were relatively empty. But I would not want to bike this route on a weekday. Also be aware that you get a lot of noise from the traffic on nearby Rt 202 - it was noticeable and sometimes unpleasant, even without my hearing aids.

In Exton, the crossing at Rt 100 is a mean 3-way dog-leg. For all practical purposes you have to cross three roads, each with a long wait for the light and crossing signal. Took several minutes (and several again on the way back). Another time I wouldn't go further west than Rt 100 until the trail is extended further toward Downingtown, which, apparently, is to happen soon. When is soon?

I'm more interested in the planned extension eastward to Norristown to connect to the Schuylkill River trail, on which I frequently bike.

All in all the CVT is a nice trail, one that I would like to do every year.

How will it get to Downingtown??

Does anyone have firm facts about the path that the existing Chester Valley Trail is going to use to get to Downingtown?

To get from Clover Mill Road to Boot Road, and then down 322 to where the existing trail begins, there is a massive hilly area. I'm wondering what the thoughts are.

Alternately, Downingtown also has the Streubel Trail, on the other side of town. Is the plan to connect to that??

Anyone who knows, I would appreciate it.

How will they connect to Downingtown?

Does anyone know for sure how exactly they're going to connect where the trail currently ends (at Walmart basically, in Exton), to the existing Downingtown Trail that runs along 322?

I can see how they might run a paved path along Clover Mill Road. But that takes you to Boot Road. And there is a massive hill between that area, and where the Downingtown Trail is along 322.

I'm just curious what the plan is, if anyone knows.

Great trail for area

We have ridden most of trail nice pavement easy road crossings very easy ride for family we park behind Swedesford shopping center plenty of parking

Fantastic trail!

I love running on this trail! I like having access to it at different points. Nice shaded parts of trail make it easier to run during summer months.

Suburban multi-use paved trail, many crossings

Picked up the trail for an evening ride at Church Farm Lane which is the border between Exton Park and Valley Creek Corporate Center. Parking lot is large and new. Trail will be extended west to Rt. 100 in the next phase and eventually all the way to Downingtown so you cannot yet gain access at Ship Rd. despite what the map may indicate. The eastern most section was recently added which extends the trail to Montgomery county. The good news for bicyclists is that the trail is flat, wide, smooth, and fairly scenic as it winds past parks, forested land, and streams. The bad is that you will need to keep a close eye out for the many walkers, runners, strollers, and families. There are also many cross streets which will slow your time considerably, even though most of them are secondary roads. To cross Rt. 29 you need to zig and zag and wait for the traffic light and as you continue east the trail goes through the Target/Wegman's parking lot. When the missing link is completed in Montgomery County it will connect to the Schuylkill Valley Trail.


I did this trail back in 2011 and was not thrilled. But on this trap I had a great ride from
the Malvern trail head. I went to the East end and then to Rt 100. It was a weekday so I did not have any problems with traffic. Highlight was on the east end there is a Wegmans Super Store just off the trail. I almost never give out 5 stars and never give out a single star so a three is not bad in my book. If you are going to do this trail you really need to read a few reviews. when this trail is complete it will be one of the better trails in the Delaware Valley

part of this trail is nice

Hard to find due to confusing signage. Paving is nice. Trail is crowded with multiple users- bikes, jiggers, skateboarders, etc. lacks trail etiquette And mostly I hated the busy road crossings from Malvern on

Great running trail

Used it for the first time last week. Found it to be much easier to run on than the Valley Forge Freedom Trail since there were far less cyclists riding at high speeds. It is primarily shady and completely flat which makes it perfect for long training runs. I did not cross Rt 29 (not necessary if only doing a 10 can run a little more near the parking lot in Exon to supplement the small shortage), but all other street crossings were simple and very well marked. It also seemed to be a very good trail for families and I noticed many out for a group bike ride. I will definitely be back.

Love the trail - lacks parking

I really love the trail and live close to Wayne. Does anyone know where I can park close to the trail around Wayne without the risk of getting towed?

will be even better when completed

First time on the trail today and loved it. Started in the car park at the western end and rode all the way to KoP. Fabulous ride not at all marred by the multiple road crossings. All motorists very considerate. Only major crossing is at rte 29 by Wegmans but even there it's ok - wait for the crossing light. Will definitely be back. Looking forward to the extension towards Exton which looks. Lose to opening.

Beginning rider mature adult.

The entrance into the park near Church Farm School is not marked and the parking lot is not complete. This morning it was overflowing. The trail is suppose to be 12 wide and it is in places but at most crossings it is a maze to get through especially when the traffic is heavy and a wide range of people from novices to experienced road bikers who are impatient with the rest of us. I think between the western park and County line Rd it runs about 12 miles and that is like 100 miles and novice seniors like myself. The trail is very enjoyable. I am looking forward to the completion!

Mostly shaded trail accessible from Chester or Montgomery counties

I was pleasantly surprised the first time I road this trail. Its shaded much of the way and successfully hides the fact that it runs very close to the 202 expressway. I like this trail for early season rides or when riding with a group of mixed ability. The road crossings provide natural stopping points to re-group. However, the multiple stops can get annoying if you are used to riding trails with long uninterrupted stretches. Also, its heavily used on the weekends making for a crowded ride. There is a short section on the northern part of the trail which is more exposed to sun and Rte 202 traffic noise. There are multiple places to park and access the trail, but they can be difficult to find initially. There is a parking lot off S. Warner Rd. at the more northern end of the trail.

Easy Access Mainline Trail

It is great to have a trail so close to the Mainline. You can see a lot of time and money has been put into this trail since it crosses over a number of roads. It is relatively flat but still a good workout. The access at Exton Park is great with parking and restroom.

how do you get to this trail??

I spent an hour trying to get to it off of ship road and route 30. Is it still there?

Beautiful trail with hazards!

Have ridden this trail several times. Well maintained, paved, with plenty of shade. Hazards include dangerous road crossings and high speed road bikers.

Chester Valley Trail Impressions

So I visited the trail for the first time today. I parked at the lot off of Route 30 by the soccer fields. I then headed out on my run going East (I think) for 3.1 miles. This took me out to the parking lot by Wegman's.

Pros - Relatively flat and straight. Good track to work on your speed. It was raining, but still plenty of people out and about. I imagine some of this has to do with the newness of the trail. This can also be viewed as a negative as I was passing people and getting passed by cyclists. Constantly looking over my shoulder for cyclists. I can't imagine they like the trail that much as there was a lot of sand/dirt/brush washed up on the trail from the recent rains.

Cons - The scenery is less than ideal. Primarily residential on one side and highway (202?) on the other side. In the 3.1 miles out, I crossed 4 roads. Two of them had pedestrian yields that at least meant I could cross. One was in a development and had no traffic. The third required me to navigate a high traffic intersection. I essentially had to stop running for several minutes while I waited for the light to change.

All in all, I would say that the portion of the trail that I saw was very nice. I will definitely be back for speed work and I will probably use it for my longer runs (10+ miles). All other runs probably don't make sense here as I can get the same workout by going out my front door.

Open - Though Not Officially

We will have to wait for the politicians to get some good weather to pat themselves on the back about what a great job they did before the trail is officially open, but in the meantime...except for the extreme eastern edge east of Old Eagle School Road and the extreme western edge, west of the Church Farm School, the path is open and clear of snow and ice. Good for casual riding. Speedy road bikers may not like the many road crossings over a 12 mile stretch, but a great addition to the trail system. Enjoy.

Estimated completion November 2013

Flat trail,asphalt paved from Exton,Pa to rte 29
in Frazer.
estimated completion in November 2013 from Paoli,cedar hollow road to Valley Forge Park.
the work area is estimated at 85% complete

Gonna be GREAT!

This trail is such a tease, because once it is fully finished it will be a great ride. I rode the King of Prussia portion yesterday and I can't wait for it to be completed.

Heads up tho! If you are travelling a bit to get here and ride this trail you may want to hold off until it's finished because the KOP section is only a little over a mile.

Can't rate this trail until its finished but have high hopes for it.

Chester Valley Trail is expanding in 2012/2013

The 6.4 mile of the Chester Valley Trail is expanding in both directions with construction starting this month. As mentioned in the other reviews this trail will become a significant part of the overall Philadelphia/SE PA region trail network in the future but the immediate "phase 2" expansion begins in April 2012 and will result in 15 miles paved from Exton to King of Prussia by 2013. Separately, King of Prussia has committed to complete their 2 mile connector section by 2013 which will connect the Chester Valley Trail to the 50+ mile Schuykill River Trail system. The result will be an amazing trail system for uninterrupted long trail rides. You can get to Valley Forge National Park either via The Schuylkill River Trail or via the trail system in Chesterbrook (being formerly developed as part of the Patriot's Path to Valley Forge). The Schuylkill River Trail stretches from Philadelphia to beyond Reading with many connecting trails which will result in an uninterrupted trail system easily exceeding 100 miles (after connectors are completed-check back in 2013 for that ride).

These trails are flat and family friendly and often have a shoulder for running or stepping off the trail. There are many township parks and Valley Forge National Park along the trail or that connect to the trail. There is also parking at businesses and small shopping centers including Worthington which includes Wegmans and Target at Route 29 (Morehall Road). Our cub scout troop rode the 6 mile section and added part of the unpaved "phase 2" section, parts of which requires hybrid tires until it is paved. Friends of the Chester Valley Trail has a Facebook page for current information, photos and quick responses to questions. Enjoy!

Emerging major trail

First envisioned in 1991, the numerous disjointed segments of the Chester Valley Trail are finally starting to come together.

As of late 2011, three major segments of the trail, which is being constructed along an abandoned rail line that once connected Downingtown to Norristown and allowed freight trains to bypass Philadelphia, have been built in Chester and Montgomery counties.

The westernmost segment runs for 0.8 miles in the vicinity of the Main Street at Exton shopping center. The bulk of this section parallels Commerce Drive from Iron Lake Blvd. west to the Exton Wal-Mart. It then continues for an additional 1500 feet before abruptly dead-ending at a clump of bushes. Despite helping to provide a pedestrian link between the area's many malls, shopping centers and office buildings, this segment appears to be underused. This will likely change once future segments are finished.

The middle segment, currently the longest, runs almost 4 miles from Ship Road east to Route 29. The westernmost portion, through the still largely undeveloped Exton Park, has an uneven, gravel and stone surface, which gives way to smooth asphalt next to the Valley Corporate Center and continues east to Route 29. Completed in 2010, this segment is already very popular with cyclists, in-line skaters, hikers, joggers, dogwalkers and parents pushing young children in strollers. Several new bridges have been constructed to carry the trail over local roads, while a few underpasses and culverts left over from the railroad, have been refurbished.

The easternmost segment, in Montgomery County, extends from Warner Road east across the Schuylkill Expressway to South Gulph Road, and was built during a major highway reconstruction project. Despite its current, short length, this trail allows residents from communities south of the Schuylkill Expressway and Route 202 to walk or bike to the King of Prussia Mall.

Save for the small, unpaved section between Ship Road and the Valley Creek Corporate Center, each completed segment is user-friendly. However, the fact that several major segments remain unbuilt, necessitating lengthy detours on busy roads, give the trail a low overall rating. Fortunately, this will likely change in the next few years, as major sections between Route 29 and Warner Road, and King of Prussia and Norristown, will close two of these gaps and create an unbroken trail from Ship Road to the Schuylkill River Trail. Construction of segments that will close the gap from Ship Road to Iron Lake Blvd. and continue the trail from the Exton Wal-Mart west to Downingtown are still in the planning stages. Once completed, the Chester Valley Trail will form a prominent link in southeast Pennsylvania's emerging greenway network, with connections to the Uwchlan and Struble trails, several local parks and Valley Forge via Patriot's Path, another multi-use trail currently in development.

Longer-term plans anticipate extending the trail even further west, to Atglen, where it will join the new Enola-Low Grade Trail. Once this occurs, the Chester Valley Trail will form part of the Schuylkill-Susquehanna Passage, a long-distance greenway that will connect Harrisburg and Philadelphia.


I did this trail about a month ago, I have no idea how they come up with 12 miles. I drove up from Wilmington De and it was close to a waste of time and effort. The trail is paved from Morehall rd to N Ship rd except for about a mile. I did find my way to where the trail starts up again at Commerce Dr. Getting across Rt 100 is a challenge. This trail dose have some potential, I have no idea how is managing it.

Great for Kids - mostly flat

The section that I have ridden stretches from Valley Creek Rd near the Church Farm School eastward to Rt 29 near the new Wegman's - approx 4.5 miles. The trail is paved the entire way and crosses several busy roads, but each intersection is clearly marked and passable. Several of the crossings are by bridge or tunnel and some are on the street. West of Church Farm School towards Exton the trail is unpaved and becomes packed gravel then old train bed with large rocks and weeds. I have ridden the paved portion many times with my seven year old daughter and she has no problems making a round trip. She really enjoys going through the tunnels and over the bridges and pressing the stop traffic button at Swedesford Rd.

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