Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park


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Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park Facts

States: Michigan
Counties: Kent, Mecosta, Montcalm, Osceola, Wexford
Length: 92.6 miles
Trail end points: N Park St NE at Mill Creek Ave NE (Walker) and S Lake St at W Chapin St (Cadillac)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt, Ballast, Crushed Stone, Gravel
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6016362

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park Description

Closure Notice: A 21-mile section of the trail is closed from Howard City to Big Rapids as part of a federal relief funding package from Gov. Whitmer. The closure is expected to last until November. See Michigan DNR for more current information.

The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park connects a bustling Grand Rapids community to the forests, farmlands, and friendly towns of Northern Lower Michigan. At nearly 93 miles, it is the state’s second longest rail-trail. More than a dozen towns that tended to trains running between Grand Rapids and Cadillac now cater to hikers and bikers by offering food, lodging, or camping.

Asphalt covers much of the trail and long-range plans call for paving its full length as funds become available. The trail is paved from Comstock Park north to Howard City and from Big Rapids north to Cadillac. Currently, the 22 miles between Big Rapids and Howard City remain unpaved.

Horses are prohibited from the trail, but snowmobiles are allowed from Russell Road (north of downtown Rockford) to the trail’s north endpoint in Cadillac. The trail isn’t groomed for cross-country skiing, although it is an approved use.

Officially opened in 1995, the trail follows the rail bed of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad that laid the first tracks from Grand Rapids to Cedar Springs in 1867. By 1873, the railroad ran from Cincinnati to Little Traverse Bay. Its prime business of hauling lumber out of Michigan’s old-growth forests dwindled at the end of the century, replaced by a brisk tourism trade to northern fishing camps and resorts. Subsequent owners include the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1918 and the state in 1975. Operations ceased between Grand Rapids and Cadillac in 1984.

Beginning near the stadium for the West Michigan Whitecaps Minor League Baseball team just north of Grand Rapids, you’ll head north 28 miles through mostly rural terrain. The first of several historical railroad trestles crosses the Rogue River as you enter Rockford about 8.2 miles from the trail’s start. Rockford has many opportunities for dining; you can also enjoy a picnic at the scenic overlook of the Rogue River Dam. After passing through Cedar Springs, Sand Lake, Pierson, and Howard City, the pavement ends about 19 miles past Rockford.

In Howard City, you’ll find groceries and cafés available. Morley, in 7 miles, has an ice-cream shop, and Stanwood, in 6 miles, has a convenience store and café. You’ll enter the Muskegon River Valley and reach Big Rapids in 9 miles. You can connect to the Big Rapids Riverwalk to head into town to grab a bite or take a rest stop. Leaving town, a 319-foot bridge provides a scenic Muskegon River crossing.

Six miles north is Paris, where the trail runs through Paris Park, featuring camp-in cabins, a canoe launch, and a fishing concession along the banks of the Muskegon River. Continuing 6.4 miles to Reed City, trail users can catch a view of the Yoplait Yogurt factory and cross the junction with the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail before taking a covered bridge over the Hersey River.  The trails intersect at the Depot, a reconstructed replica of Reed City's historic downtown railroad depot. 

The trail continues for 12 miles to the outskirts of Le Roy, and in another 5 miles you’ll arrive in Tustin, which has railroad memorabilia at the Pine River Museum. Heading north another 11.2 miles takes you to the trail’s end in Cadillac on Lake Cadillac, where you can enjoy swimming beaches and an outdoor amphitheater for concerts.

Parking and Trail Access

Parking and access to the trail are provided at each community along the trail. Camping is available in Belmont, Cedar Springs, Howard City, Morley, Paris, Reed City, and Cadillac, and Hersey and Evart (both on the Pere Marquette State Trail). 

See TrailLink map for all options and detailed directions.

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park Reviews

Great Trail

I decided to take my road bike for a trip from Cadillac down to Big Rapids where the trail is closed for paving and back to Cadillac. I agree with Cecelia's review from Sep, 23 in that the asphalt paving is old and bumpy between Reed City and Big Rapids. Also the trail was closed between Hibma Rd south to Cleveland Rd in Tustin. The detour is gravel roads that are loose sand and very difficult to navigate with 32mm or thinner tires!

With the exception of the portion of trail north of Reed City that runs along Hwy 131 the the scenery is awesome running through rivers, hills, valleys, farms and small towns.

I am wondering if there's anyone assigned to blow the trail clean from leaves, twigs and branches? There were quite a bit of that along the way. In comparison to the Macomb/Orchard trail for example which is very well maintained all year round it seemed a bit unkempt.

Overall it is an awesome trail that I hope is better maintained than what I experienced on my recent trip and look forward to returning next year when the whole trail will be paved.

Love the WPT!

Do you know how much I love the white pine trail? So much! Particularly, between Cadillac and Reed City. Such beautiful woods, marshes, streams, farms, wide open spaces, snakes, turtles, frogs, birds, eagles, hawks, cows, horses, pileated woodpeckers, indigo buntings, and so many other friends. I am a cyclist, runner, and hiker. I've had some of my best runs, hikes, and bike rides on this trail. Chi miigwech ~ thank you!

Also, horses are not allowed but I have seen horse poop between Tustin and LeRoy. I supposed the Amish community use the trail but they can also use the roads. I hope this gets better enforced. As the signs note along the trail equestrian, snowmobile, and motorized vehicles are prohibited. You may see a DNR vehicle from time to time.

I agree with drwelldog's review from July 2022. The WPT from Cadillac to Reed City is heaven on earth! However, from Reed City to Big Rapids it is paved but bumpy, worn, rough, and there are some potholes. I usually ride between 13-15 mph so I had to slow down to not hit bump after bump. I know a section south is being paved but looks like this section could use an update. The bushes also need to be trimmed back so you can better see through the foliage. We want the woods to be as they are but also safety is key, especially for solo riders.

Trail partially closed

This trail is closed from Howard City to Big Rapids Michigan. According to the local people it will take until November of this year to finish paving. It is a 21 mile stretch of the trail. We had to turn around.

A nice ride!

Riverside Park to Belding a little bumpy with debri on trail. Belding to Rockford very bumpy with cracks and root lifts and many dogs and walkers that didn’t respect biker space or passing. Rockford to Sand Lake smooth and few dogs or people so was a great ride!! North of Sand Lake same, could really cruise! Enjoyed distance!


Sand Lake to Howard City--newly paved

Beautifully paved now the 8 miles from Sand Lake to Howard City. A few scuff marks in the middle from snowmobiles this past winter, but very smooth. Some very gradual ups and downs. Lovely ride today.

Comstock Park to Rockford

Hi i I am partially disabled and have to use a electric assist bike to be able to ride. The past few weeks ive been able to go to Rockford and bake While there was some maintenance being done along trail, it was a awesome ride and some beautiful areas to see along the way As you get closer to Rockford is used more by both walkers and bikers Thankful for this trail

Nice ride. Well maintained asphalt trail. Fish hatchery in Paris is worth a visit.

Nice ride. Well maintained asphalt trail. Fish hatchery in Paris is worth a visit.

A treasure of a trail!

I've now ridden from Cadillac through Tustin, LeRoy, and Ashton to Reed City. Such a delightful trail for road bikes! I especially liked the portions north of Ashton as they were away from the road and more undeveloped (woods, hills, valleys, cool swamps, neat farms) and interesting. The condition of the pavement is very good except for two locations 1) a very short section north of Tustin where some roots are starting to undermine the asphalt, and 2) immediately north of Reed City where there are some cracks across the pavement. Enjoy this treasure of a trail!

Wonderful Trail / State park

I recently moved to the Cadillac area and have had this trail in my crosshairs for quite some time. So yesterday ( 7-23-22 ) , I set out from Cadillac at 0900 and rode the trail in its entirety, arriving in Grand Rapids just before 5pm. The scenery along with small town Americana was very enjoyable.
I had visited this site several times prior to my adventure to learn of what I may have to look forward to. I would like to add a few thoughts…
First of all, I’m a mountain biker. This trail is very easy, but riding with a M.B. surely has advantages. The unpacked portion was ( for me anyway ) more to my liking. I can’t speak for others, especially you skinny tire riders, but it was my favorite section ( south of Big Rapids to Sand lake roughly ) . I passed a small group on this section but that was it and saw nobody until I picked back up with the paved section at Sand lake. The riding was easy, being hard packed gravel and dirt. I’ve rode trails all over the U.S. and there’s one thing they all have in common- the paved trails usually show signs of degrading and that makes the ride tougher on those that expect a smooth surface. It is what it is. Hence the reason I enjoy natural non paved. And like I eluded, I noticed more users on the paved portions north and south than I did on the natural mid section.
There’s always someone that feels the need to litter. I don’t know how many Cliff bar wrappers I picked up, at least 6. There’s no need for it.
Those that point out every detail or flaw of this trail- y’all need to get outside more!😂. As I said earlier, skinny tire folks won’t care for the mid section probably. But the entire trail is so easy and well maintained, it’s even better than riding the local roads .
Bring your own food and water, yet there are many places to get off and replenish supplies if need be.
Overall, this was truly a great experience. My hats off to the volunteers and DNR for maintaining such a wonderful resource . I will be doing this ride again in the upcoming fall for sure.
For those that wonder, I had a ride waiting for me in GR. My girlfriend had planned it so that she would be downstate and picked me up for the trip back up north. 90 miles on a bike is enough for one day,😂
Everyone enjoy this trail and others in this great state!

Rockford to Big Rapids

The trail from Grand Rapids to just north of Cedar Springs is paved but after that it's a terrible trail and poorly maintained, if at all! Branches & fallen trees across the trail, parts not mowed, rutted paths and lots of very loose sand make this a terrible trail for biking past Cedar Springs! There are obvious signs of horses using the trail as well.

north from Comstock Park to Big Rapids

The trail is paved from Comstock to Sand Lake. From Sand Lake to Big Rapids the trail is a combination of gravel, grass and dirt. Biking in general can kick up dirt but my mountain bike was constantly kicking up rocks and debris; it was a rough, messy, slow, 50 miles north (11.5-12 mph) once the trail changed to dirt. I enjoyed the challenge but prefer pavement. I will not likely ride this trail again unless the rumors of paving it become a reality.

Well worth the time and effort!

I ride the trail from Cadillac to Big Rapids 3-4 times per week. The section from Cadillac to Reed City is in very good condition (newer). The section between Reed City and Big Rapids is in good condition but getting a little rough in places. The scenery along the way

Loved this trail!

Only did the section from Grand Rapids to Rockford but absolutely loved it! A little busy but it was a holiday weekend and all were courteous. Would do this again in a heartbeat - especially since Rockford offered eateries, shopping and bucolic scenery by the river. We’ll be back!!

Cycled 6/11/22 Trail is deteriorating. This section is bumpy and has lots of loose gravel. Still a delightful ride with great scenery. Good lunch cafe in Reed City.

Cycled 6/11/22 Trail is deteriorating. This section is bumpy and has lots of loose gravel. Still a delightful ride with great scenery. Good lunch cafe in Reed City.

Fall 2020 trail was smooth. 6/11/2022 trail has deteriorated significantly. Sadly lots of cracks, bumps, worn asphalt and loose gravel.Still amazing ride with beautiful scenery and pleasantly uncrowded.

Fall 2020 trail was smooth. 6/11/2022 trail has deteriorated significantly. Sadly lots of cracks, bumps, worn asphalt and loose gravel.Still amazing ride with beautiful scenery and pleasantly uncrowded.

Avoidable Accident

The ride from Comstock Park to Rockford and back again last Thursday was positively delightful, including an outstanding lunch, until about the final 500 yards when one of our six-person party collided with a green cement post meant to keep the automated vehicles off the bike path. The post won. Short of publicizing her gruesome photo a day after the accident, the facts are that she suffered a gouge in her forehead (yes, she was wearing a helmet!), two black eyes, scraped upper lip, a torn fingernail and a wrenched knee. After spending a couple of hours waiting in urgent care, she was told she needed to go to the actual ER in order to have x-rays on her head, as is protocol for those with potential concussions on patients over 65. About eight hours later she finally came home.

This all might have been avoided had the posts been painted the usual vibrant yellow or orange color as the green blended into the background of the landscape.

Our group plans to use that same bike path again, but will caution people as we navigate through those posts. Pay attention to the ride and not to the scenery!


I ride this trail from the ball park to Sand Lake frequently, but no more. When passing thru Rockford, the geese poo makes this beautiful trail unpleasant to ride. And it's not just a little amount. It gets all over your bike and all over you. I'll switch to another trail even if I have to travel to get to it.

Reed City to Leroy

Biked this section of the WP trail a couple days ago.
The section (.4 mile) of unpaved trail near Ashton, was being surveyed.
One of them said the culvert under the trail is due to be improved and the rest of the trail the near future.
Already some heavy equipment parked nearby.


I rode the entirety of the trail today - which at 93 miles was a plenty. The scenery is beautiful, plenty of black squirrels (don’t have those in my neck of the woods), rabbits, and best of all - peace and quiet. Plenty of amenities along the way and you end at the lake - which is beautiful!

Grand Rapids to Rockford

Rode from Riverside Park to Rockford and back. Beautiful trail! Plenty of varied scenery along the way to keep from getting bored. First five miles or so follows alongside the Grand River. Rockford has a perfect setting for refreshments (food, ice cream, beverages) along with a very nice riverside park. Trail was paved the entire way and in reasonable shape, just minor bumps. Definitely worth a repeat visit -- I'll try to go further next time.

Very nice trail

My favorite is the non paved section between Sand Lake and Big Rapids. Very unpopular section for most cyclist and families. That’s why it is very quiet. Don’t have to deal with walkers or bikers taking over the trail walking or biking multiple people across. I ride it few times a week.

Getting really dangerous

Moved to Rockford because I wanted access to the White Pine Trail system. The trail is incredibly rough, especially for road bikes. The sections just north of Rockford after clearing the newly paved area are dangerous. I recently hit one bumpy series of ridges, and it instantly blew my front tire and I crashed. Additionally, the trail looks like a war zone with all the trees that have been uprooted and fallen across it from Rockford pretty much all the way up to Sand Lake. The windy conditions are not just a night time occurrence and it is just a matter of time before a tree falls and causes injury or worse to people during daytime hours when so many of us are on the trail. There needs to be a robust clearing of those trees that get uprooted so easily right on the trail. Finally, the ability to see at some of the road crossings is really limited and cyclists nearly have to get out into the roads before being able to see if cars are coming, and cars likely can't see the cyclists either because there is very little trimming of the heavy growth of vegetation. It's disappointing that a trail system that gets so much use, and that is one of the highlights that Rockford business people use as a selling point to attract residents, has not been maintained at a better level. I understand there are different townships the trail passes through, but the Rockford area (both north and south) is getting too rough and needs a great deal of work. There are rough spots all the way from 5/3 Stadium to Sand Lake that also need attention. What could be an outstanding trail has fallen into a state of disrepair in multiple places. Thank you.

Needs upgrading..

I rode this very nice trail starting in Comstock Park going north. From there to Sand Lake, the trail is a very nice one to ride: gently uphill, some small towns, smooth asphalt, and spots to rest. However, north of Sand Lake, the trail turns from asphalt to a gravel two-track, and sometimes just a one-track. It is a rough ride that a road-biker would not enjoy. It's a shame that this part hasn't been improved since it is a Michigan State Park. That's why I only give it 3 stars.

Pretty and bumpy ride

Rode 20 miles roundtrip north from Big Rapids. Much of the trail is very rough and bumpy. I rode this section two years ago and it has clearly gotten worse. It is apparent that snowmobiles are causing damage as the worst of the pavement is found in open areas that get more sun. It is a very pretty section of trail with views of the river and a lot of deer in the fields. I hope DNR decides to invest in this trail's maintenance before it becomes unrideable for road bikes.

Okay Trail

Biked this trail from Belmont entrance all the way past downtown Rockford, its just a straight away trail with no loops or anything. There was a lot of green scenery & neighborhoods to look at.

Pretty awesome trail for a long ride

Rode this trail on 5/1/20 starting in Riverside park heading north. The trail itself is all paved and really smooth until it turns to grass/gravel right around Sand Lake. Even this part was not terrible but I turned around after 6-8 miles to head back towards the pavement.

The views through Rockford were quite amazing. The trail was also very busy upon return to GR and Rockford.

Highly recommend this trail for biking, walking, blading.

Great Trail-September 2019 Ride

We parked at the Trailhead just South of Cadillac. Biked 2 miles into the city of Cadillac for lunch. There's also some great little shops in Cadillac.
Biked from Cadillac to LeRoy and back, approx 35 miles round trip.
Trail is very nicely paved asphalt through open areas and wooded areas.
Great ride on the Northern section of the trail.
Between Cadillac and LeRoy you will pass through Tustin which has a few small stores if you need anything.
Along the trail there are wooded sections of huge white pine trees.

Good for all bikes except road for entire length

Planned and completed the entire trail starting from Grand Rapids Comstock Park to downtown Cadillac and back, last weekend. Was riding a gravel bike and can say that the gravel sections including the paved were so much fun to ride on. That being said, there are some deeper gravel and sand sections, mainly in the smaller cities at the crosswalks, so beware. Not bad, but you’d want to keep your eyes out for it. A fair amount of restroom stops, if you plan them. Highly recommend stopping in Rockford for a brew. Abundant campgrounds in Cadillac. Very much a friend and family group area though, so a little clustered. Stayed the second night at the Young’s Lake Campground and I could not recommend more! Very friendly owners greet you at the front and it’s not too big. It has its own little beach right in front of a lake. Some winding roads to get there, but super worth it. The stars were amazing. Great trail throughout, but when they do get to paving the entire trail, I’m sure it’d make the distance a lot easier and more accessible (although I personally liked the silence with no one else around but nature) FYI saw some Blue Racer snakes on the trail near Cadillac. Nonpoisonous, but you’ll be surprised. Recommend for more details along the trail.

Why the gap

Rode from Reed City to Leroy. Nice trail except for the third of a mile south of Sylvan Rd. For some inexplicable reason this section is still unpaved and is loose gravel. Not only is it dangerous for road bikes the sharp stones caused my wife to get a flat tire. Tried to do a little research on why but came up empty. Would recommend walking this section for safety.

Big Rapids to Reed City

We like to trail ride at a leisurely pace, targeting 20-30 miles. We have previously ridden From Comstock Park to Sand Lake, and found the trail enjoyable and well maintained.

This trip we started in Big Rapids, parking on the south end of the Big Rapids Riverwalk trail. This trail follows and crosses Muskegon River and connect in 3 places to the White Pines trail.
The ride north was nice following the river part of the way. The grade to the north is predominately up. Between a wind from the north and the grade, north was a bit of a work out, but the return trip saw our average speed double.

Would recommend riding south to north on this section if you are planning a round trip.

What happened?

Biked the trail today from Reed City to Leroy and back.
New asphalt and smooth!!
Would be perfect...except for the half mile south of Sylvan Rd.
They did not improve that section and it is loose gravel.
If riding with road's treacherous. If it was packed in, it would be easier to ride through.

whitepine comstock to Rockford

Parked behind the Wendy’s just past fifth third ball park, rode to downtown Rockford! Gradual uphill most of the way, so it was hard on this very humid day!! Little town of Rockford is nice and lots of little shops and places to eat. The dam and the rogue river are right on the trail. We had a round trip of 17 miles, next time we will start in Rockford and go to cedar springs

New asphalt north of Reed City

Starting from M-10 intersection north for about 3 miles, the trail has been paved with asphalt. As of yesterday (8/5/2018) it is still closed, but it's certainly ride-able, so I would think it will be open soon.

Nice trail, but needs improvement

I rode my Recumbent Terra Trike from the parking lot in Belmont to Sand Lake, round trip just under 35 miles. I have rheumatoid arthritis, so biking is a thing of the past. Parts of the trail are in desperate need of repair, as the tree roots are making some of the trail not so pleasant. I also like to inline skate, and many portions of this trail are making inline skating less of an option.

Paving is happening?

Trail is being graded and worked on north of Reed City.
I sure hope they are planning on paving it.

Meanwhile, the parking at Paris Park is no longer free for trail users.
Pulled in today and the Ranger stated the fee is $6 minimum for using the trail....the lot had no cars in it.
Ranger suggested another parking spot just north of Paris 1/4 mile.
Small lot...would work but the entry to the trail was gated and locked.

Trail with a Split Personality

We bikepacked the trail in August 2017 with our dog Yoo-Hoo in the trailer. The trail is awesome on the paved sections and challenging on the unpaved portions. We started in Comstock Park and rode north to the Mecosta County Park in Paris. A wonderful little park! There is a great little pizza shop on the trail there. If you plan ahead you can reserve one of the little cabins in the park and forego a tent. That day we had to grind out a 29 mile stretch of gravel, sand, single track, grass and other rough conditions. There are amish buggies using the trail so watch out for them.
It starts at MM21 in Sand Lake and pavement picks up on the south side of Grand Rapids. We took almost 4 hours to do that stretch with our loaded bikes, a dog trailer and stopping for lunch. The next day we rode from Paris to Cadillac and back to our campsite. There is 10 miles of gravel from the north side of Reed City (MM64) to 3 miles south of Leroy (MM74). From Leroy to Cadillac it is beautifully paved with some very pleasant scenery which you can actually enjoy since you arent focused on the trail. If the museum in Tustin is open its worth a stop. its an old potato warehouse and the folks there were so friendly. There is an unbelievable amount of stuff in the museum. We stopped for lunch in downtown Cadillac that had sidewalk seating since we had Yoo-Hoo. We heard from some other riders that the Depot restaurant was also very nice . The third day it was back to our truck in Grand Rapids.

We had mixed feelings. We drove 5 hours to ride this trail not paying close enough attention to the description and thinking unpaved as in crushed stone. We like to ride long trails to make it worth the drive and the 93 miles was part of the attraction. We are glad we rode it but probably wont do it again unless its better surfaced. Im not sure I would recommend it to friends to drive that far. We were hoping since its a State Park it would have been a little better shape. So the beginning, middle and end of the trail is very nice but the two unpaved sections are tedious, tiring and just not a lot of fun.

Needs improvement 4/5 stars...

I have enjoyed the bike ride from Big Rapids to Reed City and over to Evert for 10 years . South of BR however has loose gravel, rounded stone that does not pack well and makes peddling a tour bike impossible and a mountain bike very unplesant. The old flat RR bedding ( ballast I think) provided a firm base.
The Rockford to Comstock Park is really nice. Fun way to go to White Caps games !
We are missing huge commercial potential by not paving the entire trail and leaving it just short of 100 miles. Events like Century BIKE rides offer real challenges, 1/2 Century rides, etc.

go slow at the bridge

As Badh mentioned below..the 2X4 that was used to repair the small bridge just north of Cedar Springs, is a killer. Heading north, the leading edge of the bridge is the flat edge of said board. Anything over 10 mph, figure on damage to your bike rim.
And then, a few miles further, it's 2 track with Amish horse and buggy trail.

Rockford to Cadillac

We rode from Rockford to Cadillac this past weekend. Beautiful weather and it's great on the paved portions but the unpaved is brutal. Would never do it again without the whole trail being paved.

Big bump at mile 17.8

Lovely trail. My wife and I bike it at least twice a week when we are home.
It would be very nice if someone could sand down/fix the awful 2" bump on the small wood bridge at mile 17.8 going north between Cedar Springs and Sand Lake.

new surface?

Biked this trail from Howard City south to Cedar Springs today. Workers were finishing up with new bridges on both sides of Howard City. I wonder if it's in the plans to asphalt this section??

Fun & Beautiful Trail!

My husband and I rode a portion of the White Pine trail from Grand Rapids to 3 miles past Rockford. It was a great ride. Love that it is paved and that you can stop along the way in various places to see things, have lunch and just enjoy the time outside. Would recommend it to those who like paved trails. We hope to go the entire length eventually.

Tustin to Cadillac

Parked S of the Pine River Museum in Tustin (worth a look if you're interested in area history) and rode to Cadillac and back. Path is great and scenery makes for a really enjoyable ride.

Belmont to Morley

Rode from Belmont to Morley today, a round trip of about 60 miles. The first 3.9 miles to Rockford are excellent. Fast both ways, and great scenery. Please not as of July 2016 that a section of this trail may be closed for repairs. I rode on a Saturday and was able to get through, but may be closed on weekdays, im not 100% sure. Rockford is probably the nicest town I have visited, with eateries and ice cream right off the trail. Also was unable to locate the public restrooms in Rockford, but I know they are somewhere. After Rockford, the next 7.4 miles to Cedar Springs aren't as great. Right out of Rockford, it is very windy and lots of bumps that can really wreck havoc on road bikes with skinny tires (luckily I ride a Trek hybrid). A few factories along this stretch have a putrid smell, but it passes after 30 seconds of riding past. Cedar Springs has a nice staging area with main street just a street down. The 5.4 mile ride to Sand Lake is nice, flat and well paved. Sand Lake is a quaint little town. Gas station and cafe just off the trail. North of Sand Lake the asphalt ends. the 7 miles to Howard City are manageable. Most of it is two track gravel. A half mile paved section through Howard City is a welcome relief. North of Howard City is difficult at times. Sandy spots on this section will have your tires flailing and you threatening to ride the adjacent road. My advice on these sandy parts would be to ride on the far right of the trail. The sandy parts use an excess amount of energy for long rides. Also yes, horses sometimes can be found on this stretch illegally, saw evidence with tracks and poop. Morley is a welcome sight after a long ride from Howard City. A nice pavilion is available, and I even was able to shoot a couple baskets on a hoop near the trail as a break from riding (a ball was left out, not sure if this is all the time or if I just was lucky.) Everyone on the trail was nice, and understood biking courtesy. Great trail for all riders.

Full trail is easily doable.

I rode the entire trail July 26, 2016 from Cadillac to Belmont, getting off for the night, and continuing the next day to Comstock Park to connect with the Musketawa Trail. The unpaved sections were definitely slower going and I could see that the section from Big Rapids to Howard City could be tough slugging during a rainy time, as mentioned by the May 2016 reviewer. However, I found only minor challenges, such as loose gravel before and after road crossings, but never bad enough to force me off my bike. I would recommend something with a little bigger than the standard 700x23mm road bike tires for the unpaved portions. I have 700 x 40mm tires, a 12x32 cassette with triple chain rings and was carrying full panniers loaded with tent, sleeping bag, food, clothes, etc. It was a relatively easy ride for this 72 year old.

Reed City to Leroy

Parked at the depot in Reed City and went north on a sunny warm morning today. The trail was firm and in good condition for almost the whole trip. Lots of wildlife along the way..deer, rabbits, and squirrels were everywheres. Turning around in Leroy where the asphalt starts and headed back, it seemed to be almost downhill from there. The only negative thing was it seemed that the trail had been used more by motor vehicles than bikes recently. I'm guessing it was about 20 miles for the roundtrip..about 2 hours total. The only other biker or walker that I saw on the entire trip was in downtown Reed City...unreal!!

Excellent trail!

I've ridden this from the end in Grand Rapids to north of Big Rapids more than my share of times. It's a great trail that is smooth and shaded for most of the ride. It gets a little busy in the Rockford area, but after that its smooth sailing.

Great trail but needs finishing

We started in Cadillac and rode to Grand Rapids over a two day period. The paved sections of the trail were great, the unimproved sections between Lee Roy and Reed City and between Howard City and Peirson were passable with a 26 x 2 wheel on a hybrid bike. The unimproved section between Big Rapids and Howard City can best be described as mud, muck, moss and sand. We tried to slug our way down this section of trail but finally gave up and traveled the road that is parallel to the trail, and kept looking at the conditions so get back on. This section could best be described as pitiful. All and All we made the entire journey and enjoyed our selves stopping in the little towns and exploring, eating and just having a blast. The wild life was plentiful, we saw turkey, deer, a beaver, hundreds of birds and even a bald eagle. The terrain was amazing to watch change from Up North to down in Mid-Michigan. We are great-full for the trail and will do it again if some how the the trail can be finished.

Cadillac end is awesome!

Great trail with gorgeous scenery. Cadillac is a great little town to end. Peaceful lake and nice downtown area to relax in.

Great trail, but needs some upkeep

I really like this trail, especially because of the numerous sites to start/stop.
The problem is that around Rockford and north, the surface is so rough with tree roots that have pushed up, that it can almost throw a biker off the path...or damage the bike.
What about the stretch from Sand Lake north to Big Rapids? Any plans to pave this? Would be great if so.

5-Star Trail!

Though this trail is 90+ miles in length, we were only about to hit 20 miles of it, making our trip a total of 40 miles. (Out 20, back 20)

We parked in Grand Rapids at Riverside Park, which we found by mistake. But it was a good thing.

Go through Riverside Park and then on the bike lanes of the main road (a few blocks) and pick up the White Pine Trail.

The trail is wide and paved from Riverside Park to Sand Lake.

Near Grand Rapids you will see more business' but then the more North you go, it's wooded and quiet.

Seems uphill from Grand Rapids, but the return trip was very fast and downhill.

In Rockford there are eateries and shops.

In Cedar Springs there are eateries and shops as well. We were thirsty and stopped at a bakery in Cedar Springs for soft drinks and she gave us cups of water too. And let us use the rest rooms.

Just an all around nice trail through some great areas.

On our return trip, we took a turn off the trail and actually came right up to the Fifth Third Stadium and there was a game that evening. We came back via Comstock Park, which we tried to find in the first place. Passed the parking area in Comstock Park.

Would like to ride on more of this trail in the future.

Visit the White Pine website for maps and additional information.

big rapids to cadillac

The paved sections were awesome.The unpaved section was firm and smooth. Paris park (north side of Paris) was a real jewel. Best bathrooms I have ever seen. It has an abandoned fish hatchery that is perfectly maintained. Bring quarters for trout food. Those fish are hungry. The ponds extend to the river and have shaded tables near an Eiffel tower. The towns of Le Roy and Tustin have museums on the trail. Cadillac and Big Rapids have brewpubs. Reed City has a brewery opening soon. Reed city has good bathrooms near the intersection of two trails. Pay attention to the signs to avoid getting on a different trail.

Wheel bender ride to Comstock Park

Myself and 3 friends rode this trail end of July 2015. We rode South from Gordon Park, 20 miles North of Comstock Park for a round trip of 40 miles. I have previously rode the entire length of this trail and have always enjoyed the ever changing scenery. After riding to the Southern end I may need to have my wheels reshaped. The asphalt is in terrible shape especially near Rockford and Comstock Park. There are so many large heaving areas that it is difficult to ride. There are also many holes in the asphalt marked with fading pink paint. There was one particular hole in the asphalt, that is right after careening down a fairly good sized hill, that could cause a disaster for you if you don't see it to avoid it in time. I'm glad to have rode this section but I won't be back until I hear that it has been resurfaced. Also, it is quite difficult to find a restroom in Rockford as it is fairly hidden off the trail. If you don't ask a local you won't find it.

93.8 Mile Overnight Run

Ran the trail from South to North at the beginning of our family vacation this July.

I would strongly recommend running this route as there are some great views along the way. About half of the communities on the map have the trail going through the middle of town and the other half are adjacent where you might have to run into town for resupply or a short break.

Some quick notes to consider:

1) Come up with a good water resupply plan. There are some water resources on the trail but not an abundance of it. I have a memory of running though Big Rapids in the middle of the night trying to scavenge water. I felt like John Belushi in animal house when they were sneaking into the deans office.

2) Bug management. I spent the majority of this run with several flies in my hair. Gross, right? There is swampy water on either side of the trail along major portions of the trail. My bug repellent wipes were non functional. Yelling and swatting like a madman was much more effective.

3) Bring a second pair of shoes. Humidity was up and at night a nice fog settled in covering everything with a nice layer of moisture. eventually my shoes were saturated and slowed down. Changed shoes and took off!

If I was ever turned around at a junction or from coming off of a break, I just had to find the North Star to make sure that I was headed in the right direction.

Have a good run!

Short Family fun

We parked in Belmont where there is plenty of parking with easy access to the trail. With 2 children (age 6 and 8) we wanted to test their legs with a short ride to Rockford (4 mi.). The trail was easy and scenic. We were there on a great sunny Sunday afternoon and there were many other riders and walkers out. The rules of the trail kept the many riders and walkers flow smoothly. The trail is high above the Rouge river and provides great scenery. Rockford is a great destination for a fun afternoon with great restaurants, brewery and shops.
The trail provided us exactly what we were looking for on our family ride.

Grand Rapids to Sand Lake

Took my questionable and aging mountain bike from my house in NE Grand Rapids to the start of the trail near 5/3 Ballpark in Comstock Park. Then proceeded to Sand Lake and back on Sunday April 19, 2015, a touch over 50 mi round trip. Sun present throughout, and I believe the temperature reached the low 70s I'm not a hardcore rider and really just ride for fun, so I rode at a moderate pace (perhaps somewhere in the neighborhood of 9-13 mph).

Most significant cracks and impurities in the pavement have been indicated by spray paint. I honestly don't think there were that many given the length of this trail. It is slightly inclined the majority of the distance I travelled. It's not too noticeable until the turn around.

The ride from Comstock Park to Rockford is outstanding. Skirting a high embankment while overlooking the Rouge River near Belmont is a highlight. This section traverses swampland and significant forest portions. Many families, walkers, and runners abound near Rockford. As many have stated, Rockford has many amenities worth checking out (including a brewery ON the trail!). I highly suggest stopping somewhere here just for the quaintness of the town if you have never visited.

Travelling north from here is admittedly a touch more boring. The forest gradually transitions into farmland especially north of Rockford. The trail was less populated here also. Cedar Springs offers all the big box fast food joints and gas stations perhaps a half mile west of the trail. The town may have some local places but I did not venture here. The forest gradually transitions into farmland especially north of Cedar Springs.

I found myself almost completely alone from Cedar Springs to Sand Lake. I believe I passed only two people that ventured out this way. The trail continuous through more tree and farmland areas. Only an ice cream stand west of the trail and a Wesco gas station were open at 3PM on a Sunday here. I was going to grab something to eat here but everything other than the aforementioned two locations were closed or out of business.

Overall a great trail! I'm incredibly impressed with the variety of scenery. It is a very easy trail and I have no complaints.

Comstock Park to Belmont

I thought the trail from Comstock park north was great especially re-routing some of under US-131 along West River dive. The railbed went though the service road now used by fifth-third ballpark. As well as the new large arch bridge over West River road was great and all paved to Belmont. But after 2 hours of walking I find the bathroom at the Belmont recreational trail park was closed and locked. If people are using the trail it should always remain open. I was lucky to find a church that was open that day for a mass. To the maintenance people who do the restrooms along the trail. KEEP THEM OPEN!!! At least till 10 p.m. when most people go home. Dan.

Going Down

I rode from Grand Rapids to Sand Lake today. This use to be one of my favorite rides but it has gone downhill fast in the last couple of years. It is now a very rough, tough, dirty and even stinky ride up to Russel Road where the pavement is better but I hit a rut so hard today up near Cedar Springs that I even blew a tire and damaged my rim and bike. It's disheartening that our trails are not maintained or kept very clean. It takes a little more than just cutting the grass a couple of times and sweeping the trail once in the spring. This trail use to be a 9 on a 10 scale and now its about a 3 in my book. I don't expect to ever ride it again until it is resurfaced or some major repairs are done because it is getting bad. It's a shame that so many Michigan trails are neglected once they are built.

Going Down

I rode from Grand Rapids to Sand Lake today. This use to be one of my favorite rides but it has gone downhill fast in the last couple of years. It is now a very rough, tough, dirty and even stinky ride up to Russel Road where the pavement is better but I hit a rut so hard today up near Cedar Springs that I even blew a tire and damaged my rim and bike. It's disheartening that our trails are not maintained or kept very clean. It takes a little more than just cutting the grass a couple of times and sweeping the trail once in the spring. This trail use to be a 9 on a 10 scale and now its about a 3 in my book. I don't expect to ever ride it again until it resurfaced or some major repairs done because it is really getting bad. It's a shame that so many Michigan trails are neglected once they are built.

Comstock Park to Rockford

This trail is paved and easy to ride on. I love to ride my bike there. Tunnels of trees, creek water flowing sounds. Small animals like rabbits, turtles sunning themselves on rocks. Saw deer getting a drink of water. Lots of alternating sun and shady trees. Peaceful. I rode for two hours. Wish I could do that everyday. It's free! We are so lucky to have such a great trail in our community!

Rode the paved sections from Big Rapids to Reed City and LeRoy to Cadillac this past weekend. Some shade, some sun. Clean. Quiet. Some looonngg grades, but very doable. Nice ice cream shop in Tustin, just off trail.
Facilities available in Paris, Reed City, LeRoy, Tustin and of course in Cadillac.

Best Trail Ever

I rode 18 miles on a trail had only one problem there was a group of 20 deer hade to take a mile detour down a muddy dirt rode

Rockford heading North

Had hoped to start in Comstock and ride north. Due to tire issues, we drove to Rockford to visit the bike store.

Once we got settled, we went North until the paved path ended and the rough ride began.
That was not fun, but we traveled it for about six miles then gave up and returned to town.

Rockford is great little town with friendly people, helpful residents, good restaurants and some unique shopping.

What Rockford does not have is a hotel or B&B.

I would hope to return to Grand Rapids and ride this trail in completion!

Lucky are the folks who live close by.

My favorite overall Michigan Trail---just plain gorgeous

My one regret is that I only saw a small portion of this beautiful woodland lover's dream due to the heat. It was 100 F with some quite hilly areas, which otherwise would have posed no difficulty for me; however, I decided I had better slow the pace and "act my age". I believe I clocked about 32 miles one day and 25m the following, each being equally hot and sunny. Fortunately, there are ample shade and resting points along the trail, and I bring 1-2 qts of ice water along. I rode from the Pere Marquette section north to Cadillac. What a beautiful, casual ride around Lake Cadillac, and I made friends with some gray squirrels who were all too eager to help me part with some of my energy peanuts. After the welcome rest on a bench with the gentle breeze cooling my face, it seemed such torture to go back. I spied a pair of rosy evening grosbeaks in a shrub, who proudly posed without fear. It was growing late, and I continued on my way against the threat of sunset approaching. I saw many kingfishers in the trees all along the pathway, which lives up to its name, as it is paved with white pines, as well as birch and many wildflowers, which in turn were a huge draw for butterflies, painting the landscape a splendid hue of green, canopied by a brilliant blue sky, and spattered with yellow, white, and orange blooms. It was so quiet going through the forest that I felt truly at peace, alone with God and creation. It is not easy to find that kind of solitude anywhere anymore, and I truly value these types of trails the most for that reason. The trail is well maintained, but has only port a pots for most of the stops, but this is far superior than nothing at all. I keep a cooler in my truck for water and ice/food refills, as this may be stretched in some areas of this wonderful trail. I hope I can return someday. It will be great if they continue work along the unimproved surfaces to extend this trail. I find the scenery and solitude much nicer than the Pere Marquette trail, which is well maintained, but has little variety and is not very scenic, plus too much road noise.


Does anyone know if there are places to camp along the trail at any point?

answer to hemrides - paved segments

From south to north, paved portions are 20.9 miles Comstock Park to Sand Lake, a short stretch in Howard City, 12.5 miles Big Rapids to Reed City, and 16.3 miles Leroy to Cadillac. Click on the link to Friends of White Pine website where they describe an alternate paved road route between Reed City and Leroy.

What Parts of trail are paved

Can someone tell me what parts of the White Pine trail are paved. I have a group of folks that would like to ride but some have street bikes.


great trip

belmont to rockford is a great trip even when its hot as you are in the shade most of the time, can't wait until fall for the colors

First Trip

We rode part of this for the first time today. Drove up from Holland and parked in the MDOT park and ride across the street from 5/3 ball park in Comstock. We made a 15-mile loop to Rockford and back. I believe there is a slight uphill grade most of the way to Rockford, which made a really nice downhill on the return trip. There were just a couple of bad spots in the paved trail, but for the most part very wide, smooth...beautiful. It was in the 90s today, much hotter than we'd planned, but still a beautiful ride. Looking forward to going back when it won't be so hot.

Condition of Trail Between Sand Lake and Big Rapids

We just returned from riding the White Pine Trail from Cedar Springs to Reed City. The unpaved section between Sand Lake and Big Rapids is in poor condition. It is littered with horse manure and the trail surface is badly torn up by horses. We actual met an Amish horse and wagon on the trail. It is obvious they are using the trail as they personal road and destroying it in the process.

A nice ride to Rockford

A small group of us on trikes rode the trail on April 28 from Comstock to Rockford
Had a great time will ride it again

White Pine is a great trail!

First, I've got to say that I have logged over 800 miles on the southern half of the White Pine Trail. It is a very scenic and rider-friendly trail, with gentle slopes, a nice downhill run between Russell Road and Rockford, many places to stop and view the wildlife. It is a well-travelled route, with everything from families walking with their toddlers to serious bicycle enthusiasts speeding along in their racing bikes.

I wanted to comment on the directions to the southern trailhead. The reference to Belmont is to a trail spot, but certainly not a trailhead in the strict sense of the word. To get there, take exit 95 from US131.Turn left (east) on Post Road from the exit ramp, following it to Belmont Road. Take Belmont Road about a quarter of a mile to Rouge River Park. The trail passes right by the Park.

There is a branch of the trail at 5th3rd Ballpark. The west branch goes through Comstock Park and all of its restaurants and shopping. There is plenty of parking all along the trail in town. To get there, take exit 91 from US-131 and turn right. That will take you right into town. The trail is all along the road on the right. According to one article I read (West Michigan Trails Magazine) Comstock Park is the official starting point for the White Pine Trail.

The other branch goes to the Butterworth Trail, heading south into Grand Rapids.

Overall, I think Michigan is doing an excellant job of providing trails for everyone to enjoy no matter where you live in the state. I just hope the support continues, not just from the legislature, but the people who use it!

Directions not accurate

The directions to the southern part of the trail do not seem to be accurate. Perhaps they are merely out-of-date. I could not find the trail head in Belmont and ended up parking at an abandoned business and getting on the trail, which was just a few yards away. The first time I did this, I headed north past Rockford. The second time I wanted to see where the trail really started so headed south and went past 53rd Ball Park. I had done the first half of my regular 10 mile ride, so turned around and went back to my car. But the trail seemed to go on much further past my stopping point, which was about a mile past the ball park.

I ride a Sun trike and found the trail worked well for that rig. It's not the fastest trike but people had no problem passing me. There is an ice cream shop right by the trail on the Comstock Park spur and you can ride right up to the window and order a cone.


Theirs a place west of lake cadillac on the old M-55 road west and just north of the Campground . Its a bit out of the way but well worth it. The restaurant is called the Da doghouse best coneydogs out of town. And their is a small side pathway on M-115 just before campground. The White pine trails are great.


I only ride the paved section of this trail (Comstock Park to Sand Lake), but it's beautiful. It also links to a trail that extends the path further south to Riverside Park (Ann St.) so the entire paved section is 23 miles one way. Other than short sections that run alongside roads, the trail goes through woods and along the river. It's quiet, picturesque, and in good shape. It's also wide, so you don't feel like you're riding through a tunnel like you do on some trails. I ride a Terratrike and prefer to ride the trails rather than roads, since I'm riding low. I highly recommend visiting this trail.

Trail update

The Trail from Cadillac to reed city has a ongoing paving operation right know to improve it and eventually all of it will be paved.

Some section OK

July 24 2010

From Reed City to Little Rapid,trail is blacktop. south toward Howard City surface is rough with loose stones and tall grass. From Sand Lake to Comstock paved trail,Going thru Rockford a beautiful litte town.
North from Reed City to Cadillac trail is lousy.
Pere Marquette Trail is a joke,grass so tall you can't see marker

incorrect directions to Comstock Park trail head

The written directions to the Comstock Park trail head were wrong. We followed the written directions from your description area of the trail and ended up at the Belmont trail head rather than Comstock Park. If you look carefully at the written directions, you will see that they are the same as the directions to Belmont. However, when viewing the map you can find the correct directions. Our internet was down at the time, thus we were unable to look at the map when we left.

June 2009

I rode south 11 miles from Paris. Paved section to Big Rapids is wonderful. Even the unpaved section south of Big Rapids is well packed and smooth. Some nice views of the river. I saw deer on my evening ride.

I also rode from Reed City to Cadillac (and back). This trail is two track. It is a little rough but the tracks are well worn and the plants don't grow very tall. Leroy and Tustin have port-a-johns along the trail. I had a great BLT at the Blue Heron in Cadillac and had a great breakfast at Mr. Pibs just north of Leroy. Nice views of wetlands, north woods and meadows.

Nice, but...

We rode from Cadillac to Sand Lake in the summer of 2008. Parts of the trail were lovely. Other parts were clearly seldom used, with grass growing tall between the tracks. North of Morley, the trail had peculiar wheel tracks and horse hoof marks. According to locals, these were made by Amish buggies using the trail illegally. Since we didn't encounter one, we couldn't verify it, but that's certainly what the tracks looked like.

Roller Skating: best GR area trail in Rockford, ruined in Big Rapids

I distance skate on quad speed skates. Roller skates require a smooth paved surface, any other surface is impossible.

I work in Big Rapids, live in Howard City, and play in Grand Rapids. The variation of surface conditions of the trail along its length through these cities is pretty remarkable. The only long paved portions of the trail North of Grand Rapids are the Comstock Park- Sand Lake section and the section that goes Big Rapids to Reed City.

Snowmobiles are allowed N. of Russell Road which is just north of Rockford. Everything south of Russell Road makes for a BEAUTIFUL skate (except when weather/tree debris is rough). Smooth, not too hilly, challenging, etc.

The trail in Big Rapids has been completely destroyed by snowmobiles; the surface entirely chewed and rough. I can skate on it, but it's very unpleasant and I can never really work up any speed. The amount of vibration that comes up through my skates makes my feet numb. I often drive the 20 miles down to Rockford just to get a good cardio skate in, and I hate wasting gas just to get some exercise.

I think the managers of the White Pine Trail should seriously reconsider their snowmobile policy.

November ride

We lucked out with a beautiful November day to ride the trail between Big Rapids and Reed City. This stretch is the northern, paved section of the trail. While we routinely ride unpaved, cinder/crushed limestone trails with our tandem, the unpaved sections of the White Pine (about ½ mile south of Big Rapids and just north of Reed City at US10) were just too rough for us.

We started at the trailhead in Big Rapids that had ample parking and an unheated bathroom. There is a BP gas station with Subway shop a little to the west for sandwiches/drinks. The trail is pretty much a nice mix of farm fields, woods and some adjacent river scenery. Paris might be busy during the summer as you pass close to the camp ground / fishery. The Reed City trailhead has a nice, new structure with heated bathrooms. R.C. also has a couple of restaurants and shops for food/snacks.

The Pere Marquette Trail intersects at Reed City, too. It’s only paved about ¼ mile to the west of Reed City and turns into a pretty rough, unpaved section from there. We road east on a nice paved section of the P-M for about 3 miles, but turned around due to time not knowing how far east the paved section extends.

Overall a very nice stretch of rail-trail.

Two trails to enjoy

We just completed our tour of this trail, along with a detour on the Pere Marquette Rail-Trail.
We stayed mainly on the paved portions, though we did try heading north out of Reed City.
But with road bikes the trail was just too rough, and so we turned around at Ashton.
We also made the trip eastward to Evart, which is also a very nice section of trail.
The next day we enjoyed the southern paved portion of this trail, between 57 and Comstock Park.
The trail through Rockford is gorgeous, but busy.
The wildflowers were in full bloom, the new Reed City depot is a beautiful resting place, and the lookouts over the river made for several scenic breaks.
My one wish-list item would be for water pumps on the trail; the 2nd day we made sure to pack extra water.

Best in the area

Hands down my favorite trail. Lots of shade, places to stop and get water, and good shelter from the wind. The trail is very, very well maintained. I'm not sure what they did when they paved it, but the ruts and weeds are few and far between. When they do pop up, they seem to be fixed a lot quicker than the other trails in the area.

I look forward to when they complete the pavement all the way to Cadalliac.

lets remember trail courtesy

We walked on the trail today from downtown Rockford, headed north...just out to enjoy the beautiful Friday.....YIKES!!! Bikers...PLEASE use proper protocol when coming up behind walkers,etc...DING those bells,etc...some of the bikers were o.k...but seems our brains have become frozen over winter...remember to always signal when coming up behind someone...I'm not putting blame to the bikers, as we also bike, but today was for walking......lets remember safety on the trails as the summer unfolds...

One of my favorite trails.

Since this trail is close to home, I have spent many wonderfull hours riding from Riverside Park to the end of the paved trail just north of Sand lake.
Hopefully this trail will keep me young. Can't wait until it is totally paved to Caddilac.

"August 17, 2007"

"We thought the trail was beautiful and well maintained, but we were disappointed to find the trail closed for repairs about 5 miles north of Rockford. It would seem that such information should definately be posted on the web-site."

Nice Ride

"Today I was on the trail for the first time. I rode from Riverside Park in GR to Russell Road near Cedar Springs. (The end of the paved section)

This is a perfect case of going ""up north."" The trail seems to be inclined as you go north. Nothing too difficult, though, and it makes for a great ride back to GR. Trail very smooth compared to others I have been on lately. Rockford is a great resting place... nice little village square. Great scenery along both rivers, especially the Rogue.

I can't wait until they pave the rest of the trail."

Rough Spots Repaired

"The section of the trail from Belmont to Rockford was quite rough, but was repaird in May 2005. They did a great job and it is great for in-line skating again!"

A Great Ride (the whole trail)!

"My wife and I rode the entire length of the White Pine State Park Trail this summer on our BikeE ATs. We did it in sections.

1)Riverside Park in Grand Rapids to Pierson
2)Pierson to Morley
3)Morley to Big Rapids
4)Big Rapids to Ashton
5)Ashton to Cadillac

The trail was entirely passable, although there were sections between Pierson and Morley were we had to lift our BikeEs over three downed trees, we had recently had a severe thunderstorm and they were blown down by that storm. Some sections between Russell Road (where the pavement ends north of Rockford) and Big Rapids had rough ballast and fairly large stone gravel that made the riding slow. But we were able to maintain between 6 and 9 mph the entire way. The section between Pierson and Morley also seems to be used by some of the local Amish as a buggy trail, dispite the fact that horses are not allowed on the trail. Someone had pulled out all of the state signs along the trail that stated that ATVs and horses were not allowed on the trail. Given the state's economic problems trail rules are not being effectively enforced.

The paved section between Big Rapids and Reed City does show some wear from the studded tracks of snowmobiles, but that doesn't bother bikers unless they are riding purely for speed. In-line skaters may find it a little rough for their tastes in some spots, but the pavement allowed us to ride easily with an average speed of 10 to 14 mph both ways.

The county park in Paris at the site of the old state fish hatchery is worth the stop to walk along the fish ponds and feed the big trout in the ponds. Besure to visit the ""Effle Tower"" in the park.

When you reach Reed City you will come on the # where the Pere Marquette Rail-trail cosses the White pine. After going through the covered bridge and crossing US 10 the trail returns to being unimproved ballast. The ride to Ashton is relatively easy and the trail has some interesting views. DON'T TRY TO SAVE TIME BY RIDING THE OLD HIGHWAY BACK TO REED CITY FROM ASHTON, like we did, AS THERE ARE THREE STEEP DECENTS AND ASSENTS.

From Ashton to Cadilac is also unimproved but as the ballast used was crushed stone it is smoother. There is a tunnel under a road south of Leroy and an area just south of Leroy were water seems to collect. It was still damp and we rode on the higher ground in the center of the trail. That was the poorest section of the trail and it was only 50 yards or so long.

After Leroy the trail is crushed stone and relatively smooth. There is a spectacular view from the trail north of Tustin after the trail passes under the US 131 freeway.

When you reach Cadillac the trail is paved and quickly takes you to Lake Cadillac.

This trail is unimproved much of its 92 miles but is can be ridden by a good road or communter bike. You do not need a mountain bike to enjoy this trail and as it is a rail bed I doubt that mountain bikers would find it much of a challange.

If you are a biker and are in Western Michigan looking for a good ride try this trail."

Not so good

The trail near Reed City south allows snowmobiles or at least they don't enforce it. That's why the trail is in bad shape and it is also very dirty.

Fair Trail

I recently rode out of Reed City south toward Paris. This trail was dirty and is being destroyed by snowmobilers. The surface is quite rough and bumpy for the most part. Reed City to Hersey was just as bad although I think the trail builders probobly had good intentions. On a 1 to 10 scale this trail is a 6 at best for the parts I have seen.

Cadillac to Tustin

The Cadillac to Tustin portion of the trail is not bad. It is hard packed dirt with little stones. It is not at all difficult to ride.

Rough in spots but scenic

"I rode the entire trail on June 19, 2004, with a cross-bike. I left Cadillac at 6:00 a.m. and arrived in Comstock Park just after 3:00 p.m.

Cadillac to Reed City is a mixture of gravel and ballast. It's packed down in some spots and loose in others. It's fairly rough, but this portion of the trail has great scenery. Reed City to Big Rapids is paved and parallels the Muskegon River for a couple miles before crossing it just north of Big Rapids.

South of Big Rapids the surface is back to gravel and quite rough. It smoothes out south of Stanwood and is fairly decent to Howard City. South of Howard City it's rough again and overgrown with grass for several miles. It then smoothes out again near Cedar Springs. South of Cedar Springs the trail is paved the rest of the way.

I recommend that wherever you start, head south. Over the 92 mile length, the trail elevation drops about 600-feet from Cadillac to Comstock Park. For scenery, the best is between Cadillac and Big Rapids. Food and water is not a problem, as the towns on the trail are only 5-10 miles apart. There's plenty of party stores and restaurants. Good luck, and don't forget a camera!"

Big Rapids to Reed City

"I rode the trail from Big Rapids to Reed City. The trail itself was very well maintained, and there wasn't that much traffic. I was a little disappointed though that there were not more rest areas/bathrooms along this stretch."

The Whole Enchilada!

"We did the whole trail and at its worst it was still O.K. while at its best the trail was excellent. The paved parts are obviously great, while there's some loose stuff to deal with on some parts of the unpaved part of trail.

Bottom line: White Pine Trail State Park exhibits the finest part of what defines a trail. The Michigan DNR has removed its funding of the White Pine so maintenance will be dependent upon the townships and municipalities it passes through. Hey, everyone's budgets are hurting so its just the day and age we live in.

Be prepared for some over growth of weeds, grass, fauna and flora onto the trail. When in Cadillac stay at Mitchell State Park if you're camping. This is a great state park -- it's simply the best!

Rockford has shops within feet of the paved portion of the trail. Don't miss Belmont Grocery for stocking up -- it's right next to trail. There's a great little motel with a restaurant next door in Howard City. This is also right next to trail.

We found lots of places that had their one gallon containers of spring water in the refrigerators along with the other cold drinks. What a wonderful concept!

All in all this was a very enjoyable ride, but if you're going to do the entire trail you should ride a hybrid or mountain bike. If you must have your rail-trails paved then start in Grand Rapids and go to Rockford and then get yourself sagged to Big Rapids for the next paved section.

All you ride warriors just stay on the trail! Michiganders are really nice folks! YeeHaw!"


"Between Russell Rd and 12 Mile are some badly filled potholes marked with yellow paint. Not too bad for bikers, but rollerblading is dangerous in those areas. It'll be great when the trail is paved farther north!"

"Scenic, smooth, enjoyable ride."

"My 12-year-old daughter and I biked this trail from Russel Road (7.4 miles north of Rockford) south to the end at Monroe Park (approximately 11 miles). It is a well maintained, asphalt trail and an easy ride (especially for a novice bike rider).

We highly recommend this rail-to-trail. "

Paved in the middle

"Big Rapids to Reed City: Paved and beautiful. Most scenic trail I have had the pleasure of cycling.

Paris park is a comfortable and clean little park. Piza place just south of the enterence is excellent. Stay in a cabin if you like for $30 (clean, good deal).

Photos and detailed reviews can be seen on our club web site:

Look under photos, 2002 and 2003, White Pine.


Nice trail

The section of trail from West River Road to four miles north of Rockford was very enjoyable.

White Pine Trail

"We watched the bridge go up over West River Drive, and today (April 14, 2002) my childern and I decided to take a ride over the bridge. We started in Comstock Park at 5/3 ball park. This first part of the trail was gravel and at first I thought that this was going to be a little rough for my daughter (who is 8) but she had no problem riding on it. There were a couple of soft spots, but they weren't a problem. Once we reached the bridge (that is where the asphalt starts) my childern had a very easy time. The ride was very easy with the smooth surface and no hills. We made it to Belmont (about 4 miles from Comstock) and the kids said let's keep going, so we did. The view was great, including the river. People we passed were friendly. The overall apperance of the trail was clean. We had no problems with our ride, there was a couple of rough spot on the asphalt but those were well marked with bright orange marking to warn people to watch that area.

We plan to start in Rockford and go north. If anyone has information on what the trail is like north of Rockford please let me know. Thanks, Cliff."

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