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Mount Vernon Trail Facts

States: Virginia
Counties: Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax
Length: 18 miles
Trail end points: US 29 & Lynn St at the NW corner of Gateway Park (Rosslyn) and Mount Vernon at George Washington Memorial Pkwy (Mount Vernon)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt, Boardwalk, Brick, Concrete
Trail category: Greenway/Non-RT
ID: 6032473

Mount Vernon Trail Description


Hugging Arlington’s Potomac River waterfront, the Mount Vernon Trail links Gateway Park in Rosslyn with George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate in Northern Virginia. Just across the river from central Washington D.C., the trail weaves past park sites, yacht clubs, wetlands, the airport, neighborhoods, towns, and wooded acres, making this trail one of the D.C. metropolitan area’s most popular. 

About the Route 

The Mount Vernon Trail’s northern endpoint is at US-29 & Lynn St at the NW corner of Gateway Park in Rosslyn. Heading south, the trail crosses over the George Washington Memorial Parkway, which it parallels for almost all of the route. As the trail makes its way down the Potomac riverbank, views of the Kennedy Center and the Washington and Lincoln Memorials are readily available on the other side. 


2 miles south of Rosslyn is Gravelly Point, an open recreational park space with stunning views of aircraft taking off and landing a short distance away at Reagan National Airport. South of Gravelly Point, the trail skirts the western edge of the airport. With bike racks and bike-share facilities, trail users can actually catch a flight from DCA on foot or by bike. South of the airport, the trail finds the riverbank again before passing through Daingerfield Island. An island in name only, this forested public space is home to a sailing marina. 

Continuing south, the trail comes to Old Town Alexandria, the midpoint of the Mount Vernon Trail. The trail follows Union St. south through Old Town’s dense streets where several dining, shopping and entertainment options can be found. The off-road trail resumes at Jones Point Park, where it crosses I-495. After crossing underneath, the path runs adjacent to the highway for 1,000 feet, until it turns to head south again, adjacent to S. Washington St.  

Proceeding south, the trail quickly re-finds the riverbank, where forested stretches offer shade through Belle Haven Park and Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve. In Fort Hunt, the trail weaves through several miles of residential areas until it comes to Fort Hunt Park, offering expansive public spaces and historic war batteries once part of Mt. Vernon. Here, the trail curves westward along the riverbank, still following the George Washington Parkway. After crossing a small stone bridge, the trail begins a steep incline to enter the Mount Vernon estate. The Mount Vernon Trail comes to its southern endpoint at the entrance to George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the historic home of the first American president.  


At the northern endpoint, the trail connects to the Custis Trail.  At the southern end of Reagan National Airport, the trail connects with the Four Mile Run Trail and the Potomac Yard Trail. South of Old Town Alexandria, at Jones Point Park the trail connects to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail. 

The Mount Vernon Trail along with the Custis Trail, the Four Mile Run Trail, and the W&OD Trail make up the Arlington Loop

The Mount Vernon Trail is part of the Capital Trails Coalition, a series of interconnected trails in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. Region. 

Trail History 

The Mount Vernon Trail was created in a collaboration between the National Park Service and local volunteers eager for a dedicated path along the George Washington Parkway. Prior to 1972, bicyclists were given one lane of the parkway on Sundays, which felt insufficient to local biking enthusiasts like Ellen Pickering and Barbara Lynch. The two met with the National Park Service and the two parties made a deal. To help the agency advance the idea but keep costs within budget, the pair would organize volunteers. These volunteers would spend every Saturday in the winter of 1971-72 spreading gravel along the right of way the NPS offered, creating 4.5 miles of a 6-foot wide gravel bike trail.  

The new trail found quick popularity, and with the case being made, government funding for expansion soon followed. The trail was paved, and progressively expanded in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, as a major artery in the D.C. trail network, it attracts and estimated 1 million users yearly. 

Parking and Trail Access

Parking and Trail Access 

The Mount Vernon Trail runs between US-29 & Lynn St at the NW corner of Gateway Park in Rosslyn and George Washington’s Mount Vernon, in Mount Vernon, Virginia. Parking is available in Mount Vernon. 

The region’s Metro and commuter rail provides convenient transit access to the trail. If taking your bike aboard a train, please observe the transit agency’s rules. Several train stops are close to the trail:

  • Rosslyn (Orange, Silver, and Blue Lines)
  • Arlington Cemetery (Blue Line)
  • Crystal City (VRE)
  • Crystal City (Yellow and Blue Lines)

Parking is also available: 

  • Gravelly Point (Arlington)
  • Belle Haven Park (Alexandria)
  • George Washington Memorial Pkwy and River Farm Dr (Fort Hunt) 

There are numerous parking options along this route, see TrailLink Map for all parking options and detailed directions. 

Mount Vernon Trail Reviews

Trail needs better maintenance south of Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Rode the trail from Jones Point Park to Mount Vernon last week. Most all of the wooden bridges are newer and add to the ambience, but don't provide a good riding surface for my MTB with Schwalbe Silento 26x1.75 tires. As others have noted, the pushed up roots have been ground down somewhat, but not smooth, until about a 1/2 mile from Mount Vernon where the pushed up roots are simply marked and the trail becomes unrideable. On the return, I rode on the George Washington Parkway to get past the badly pushed up roots section. Then, I rode as far as I could on lightly travelled neighborhood streets running parallel to the trail, which were substantially smoother. Then proceeded back on the trail to Jones Point Park. Overall, it wasn't a very enjoyable ride and likely won't seek to do it again.

Root Cracks Ground Down

With the exception of the mile just north of Mt Vernon, all the root cracks have been ground down to nearly smooth. Would probably be acceptable on a road bike, but more comfortable on hybrid or gravel bike.

Scenic, bad condition

Wonderfully scenic but woefully in need of maintenance. Congress cuts National Park Service funding so rich people don’t have to pay taxes.

Mt Vernon Trail

Rode from Mt Vernon toward DC , 16 miles out and back with temps in high 40s in mid December, midweek. Love this trail! Beautiful views of Potomac; nice variety of flat and hilly terrain through urban and forested areas. Impressed by “bike patrol” checking in on my stop. 4 star review due to tree root bumps (mostly marked), and close proximity to Memorial High ( constant humming of cars passing).


This is a good trail with the satisfying distance. Beware, there are quite a few bumps in the pavement that could use some repair work.

This is a good trail with the satisfying distance. Beware, there are quite a few bumps in the pavement that could use some repair work.

Too many tree roots making the trail very bumpy. My wheels are not true anymore...

Too many tree roots making the trail very bumpy. My wheels are not true anymore...

great scenic trail along the Potomac River

This trail is mostly paved with some boardwalks. It travels mostly along the Potomac River. It is well marked except for a few spots where it joins the road in Alexandria. There are several spots to park along the trail and several parks along the trail. You can ride any type of bike on this trail , but due to some bumps and routes, I think a road bike would be uncomfortable. Walking or running in the trail should be very easy.

Autumn view is beautiful

But the road is not ideal for road bike


This trail is the worst trail I’ve ever ridden! Tree root exposed, pot holes, misdirected signage and not to mention an uphill climb for 5 miles 1800 feet elevation! My bike had to be taken to the shop for maintenance after riding due to the trail quality. I do not recommend this trail to anyone!!!

beautiful views!

Yes, it's narrow, curvey and bumpy. No, you can't speed like a bat out of Hades around the strollers and seniors and kid in pink bike helmets. But shady trees, views of the sparkling Potomac, the creeks and wetlands, more than make up for it. Watch for those tree root bumps and take the time to enjoy this lovely trail.

One and done!!

Was not really impressed with this trail, in need of a lot of repairs. Asphalt raised up causing large bumps messing up your bike, old boardwalks with loose boards and splintered wood. Sadly I have to compare it to a “ Park” anywhere! Only able to see the Washington monument from a distance

One of America's most beautiful and worst-maintained trails

I live only blocks from this trail and I've been riding it sporadically for over 30 years. But each year, I ride it less often (maybe twice a summer?) and I get more and more frustrated by it. Only yards from the wide Potomac River most of the way, with inspiring views of the DC monuments, a string of lovely parks, and winding wooden boardwalks through the marshes, it really is stunning. The large number of pedestrians, joggers and other bikers on it at any given time is testament to its popularity. But therein lies the danger for bikers, especially: between tourists and others who have no idea of trail courtesy or safety, most rides include lots of screeching halts, unheeded calls of "ON YOUR LEFT!" and frightening encounters around blind turns. Then there are the untold number of root heaves that rattle bike and bones. These are the worst I've seen on any trail in America and make for white-knuckled and jarring rides. This 15-mile trail is so popular and pretty, it should have been widened and repaved by the National Park Service a decade ago. Bikers and walkers alike should be sadly wary of this national treasure.

Nice Views

As you ride out to Mount Vernon, you feel like you are far away from NoVA/DC. Beautiful views across the river. Just be aware of the many roots that are cracking through the trail - not a smooth ride, but a great trail location.

Scenic trail with courteous users

I stayed in Crystal City for a week of training. I found this trail mid-week and spent the next two evenings riding it. I followed the sign directing me to DC and ended up at the Lincoln Memorial. I encountered so many friendly walkers, runner and bikers. I found that if you let walkers/runners know you’re “on the left” to pass many actually thanked me for that. And, the trail crosses roads several times even the drivers were courteous enough to stop to let me cross. Also, there is a park near the airport where people bring food and chairs to watch planes takeoff and land. They’re really so close above you that it makes for an interesting point among the trail.


Busy with bikers and walkers. Lots of roots creating a bumping ride in some places but overall a nice ride. Parking at Belle Haven Park is a perfect location for riding into DC. I would recommend this trail.

Inline Skating

I would not recommend inline skating on this trail further South than Alexandria, other than to advanced skaters, because the trail is better suited for bicycles or pedestrians. The first 5 miles going North from Mount Vernon are hilly with a few sharp curves and tend to have wet areas with leaves on the trail. There are several wooden bridges that would be slippery if wet and parts of the trail have tree root damage or rough patches. The trail merges onto the street in old town Alexandria that can be busy with traffic, other trail users, and visitors crossing the street. The trail is scenic for the Washington, DC area and has lots of other uses on the weekends.

Worth the Ride

I struck out to embrace the self-challenge of riding the Mt. Vernon Trail. With the expectations of being challenging, while beautiful, I was not disappointed. As I began to ride from Gravelly Point to Mt. Vernon, I encountered riders and walkers of various ages, so much of the trail is easy to moderate. With a few hills and declines, it offers a great environment to take in scenic views of the Potomac River and get the heart rate up. There are a few places along the route to stop and rest, get a drink of water or sit at a picnic table. As I ventured closer to Mt. Vernon, the ascensions became more steep, so I had to encourage myself to push through.

Historical and beautiful but can be bouncy

Super nice trail with lots of history in the nation’s capital. The trail connects the two original British colonial ports in the area - Georgetown and Alexandria - and then on up to GW’s estate. Glides along the Potomac with lots of twists and turns. Gravelly Point is good if you like airplane watching. One thing to be careful about is the series of bumps on the trail near the bridges caused by the roots from the trees next to the path.

Airport to the Key Bridge

I've biked this trail a few times, mainly as a starting point to bike either the W&OD or the C&O Canal. It's paved and smooth, relatively flat. I've biked the section between the airport, where the Mt. Vernon meets the Four Mile Trail to the F. S. Key Bridge. The trail does get busy with walkers, runners and other bikers and caution is needed when crossing streets and intersections.

Mt. Vernon Trail Ride

I recently biked from the marina to Mt. Vernon. The trail follows the Potomac River and is scenic. There are several parks and a wooden plank trail area that offers views of the marsh. Towards Mt. Vernon you get some slight hills to climb and descend and there are picnic tables, a water fountain and parking at Mt. Vernon.


Ran trail in October on a wonderful fall day.Started at park at north end of airport runway and headed north.Views of DC were fantastic.Trail crowded as usual.Lived in DC in 1970s and ran this trail often.Enjoyed my recent run after not running trail for about 15 years.

History and natural beauty

This was the first "designated" recreational trail I ever rode, back in the mid-eighties, after I bought my Peugeot (now 6 bikes ago)in the bike shop on Wash. St that is now Williams Sonoma. I spent many hours riding up to Mt. Vernon and circling Ft. Hunt Park.
This trail is great year round but particularly in the autumn. Great view across the Potomac of Ft. Washington, and lunch at Mt. Vernon is a treat for your turn around point. As the review says, VERY CROWDED on weekend in the summer, be very careful, I have seen some bad bike/pedestrian crashes.

Mt Vernon Trail

A very beautiful backdrop for a trail! Riding from Georgetown to Mt. Vernon was gorgeous seeing all of the monuments, airplanes taking off at Reagan airport, national harbor across the Potomac, and finishing at George Washington's Mt. Vernon was spectacular! The reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the quality of the actual trail. On multiple occasions I thought I was going to get a flat tire due to potholes and large bumps on the trail. It's also worth noting the brush is growing in on the trail at points narrowing the trail. Overall a fun 36 mile ride minus the bumpy ride

Lovely trail, great hills

I was visiting Alexandria and DC last weekend, and read the reviews here before renting a bike and heading to Mt. Vernon. The reviews were spot-on about the crowds and kamikaze bikers, so you do need to ride defensively. But the trail was worth it. I live in the flatlands, and I loved riding the winding, twisting, rolling reminded me of where I grew up in WV (no, the hills weren't that high). But it was truly an escape into the woods with lovely river views.

I was riding a comfort bike and wasn't sure I would make it to Mt. Vernon in the time I had--but I did! I had plenty of time to enjoy vanilla cherry ice cream at Mr. Washington's home before heading back to Old Town. I was happy to see you could rent a bike lock at Mt. Vernon and spend the day, if you wished.

I did find the trail area around Washington St. in Old Town (OT) Alexandria to be confusing--I failed to turn left heading out from OT, but was re-directed back to the trail by a fellow biker. Heading back to OT from Mt. Vernon, I was again unsure about which way to go, so I rode the streets of OT to return my bike. Biking time was about 2 hours round trip.

Wonderful day--I can't wait to go back.

A mini vacation in a few hours

We started at Roosevelt Island and went south to Alexandria Va. The smooth asphalt, shade, views of the Potomac River and Washington Monument across it, gentle rolling hills, and varying landscapes made this a magical ride. Stopping to watch the airplanes fly over head at Reagan National Airport and getting a quick drink in the cafe at the Washington Sailing Boat Marina where a few highlights. We started our trip about 5:00 PM which put us in Alexandria (approximately 6 miles away) at dinner time on a Saturday night. After a quick bite to eat we headed back north with a detour across the river to see the Lincoln Memorial and arrived back at the car at 8:30. Perfect evening ride with lots of stops and interesting sights.

Mt. Vernon Trail at the summer solstice

I started this trail at the Rosslyn, VA end, which is off the corner of N. Lynn Street and Lee HWY. The trail is mostly flat asphalt and some brick boardwalk, as advertised; however, there are three bridge crossings that will take you on some moderate slopes. Near the last five miles towards Mt. Vernon are a series of slopes; they're not really sever, but they do come at you one after the other. The course is about 65%-70% heavy woods with parts of the course bordered by wetland, so make sure you have a good coat of your favorite insect repellant.

The course is well marked from Rosslyn to Alexandria and from the 8.0 mile mark to Mt.Vernon. I ran the route through Union Street last year, and through Old Town Alexandria (Washington St.) this year, and saw very few signs distinguishing the Mt. Vernon Trail.

I got an early start on a Sunday morning around dawn and finished about 8:30 a.m. There were a few cyclists in singles and in small groups, however they all gave courtesy bell rings and/or verbal warnings.

There are great views across the Potomac for the Washington and Jefferson Monuments, as well as Reagan National Airport. There are restroom and port-a-john services at some of the parks on the course, though you may have to depart the trail to find them.

For out-of-towners, there is Metro service from Arlington to Rosslyn (about 5 min.) When you finish the course at Mt Vernon, there is very inexpensive bus service (Fairfax Connector) at the Mt Vernon Orientation Center, that can take you to the Huntington Metro Station.

The Mt. Vernon is an excellent course, especially if you're a marathoner in training. Just make sure you pay close attention to the signing along the route.

Widely used, lovely and dangerous

I use the Mt. Vernon trail between DCA and downtown on a regular basis to commute to and from work and to train for marathon races. I love this trail, it is NOT a bike path, it is a multi-use trail. There are hundreds of people on this span during peak use hours/seasons. Cyclists and pedestrians, long-time users and newbies alike need to be respectful of one another. I was struck by a bicyclist from behind two weeks ago during peak evening hours. The rider was not considerate. The rider was wearing headphones and holding a phone. I was not walking on or close to the center line. Many riders passed me that afternoon traveling at speeds to cause me concern and to feel the swish as they passed. Some states are policing their trail systems with speed guns and fining riders. I don't want to see this when simple respect is all that is needed. Please, people.

Appropriate for Bikers

This trail has a good surface for bike riders. It also has historic relevance and a long history. It is popular with families and groups that make it a weekend choice.

Scenic but overcrowded in spots

I commute from Alexandria to DC on a bike using this trail. In the early morning it's a wonderful ride. As the day progresses it gets busy between DC and Alexandria. Too many pathletes, and zombie walkers with total disregard for trail etiquette. The pathletes, or Lance wannabes if you will, give cyclists a bad rep. Shame.

Often too, you'll see families that don't seem aware of all the traffic around them. Sweet oblivion.

All that being said it's a fantastic ride provided you're careful.

Not really for cyclists

The trail was indeed beautiful as many have said. We decided to give it a try over the weekend.

Although it was a weekend, it was not particularly crowded. However, the 40 or 50 pedestrians/cyclists we did encounter showed an absolute disregard for etiquette. Not one other cyclist actually stopped for any of the stop signs that we saw. EVERY stop sign has a sign above or below it instructing cyclists to dismount or walk their bikes across the road. Few of the cyclists were actually obeying the posted 15 mph speed limit. Additionally, the pedestrians felt it was okay to stop and congregate on the trail in the tight curves.

In the five mile stretch we road: were were nearly in 2 head on collisions, almost run over at 4 stop signs by cyclists, flipped off by a pedestrian for daring to announce we were passing, and the list goes on.

The trail itself is too narrow to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians. It is also in enough disrepair to be dangerous to road bikes. One of the wooden bridges appeared to have rotting wood as the surface, and the asphalt had numerous potholes, cracks, and missing chunks in the twisty-windy down hill curves (REALLY dangerous if you are moving faster than 10 mph).

We will not be riding this trail again until they widen it, repair the surface, and put some park rangers or police out there to actually enforce the laws. (Note: I do not agree with the "walk your bike" signs at every intersection, but if they are posted, they should be adhered to)

one of my favorite trails

I run on this trail but it is paved so I always see lots of bikers.
Two of my favorite places to run to are:
1. Teddy Roosevelt Island and
2. right near the airports, I think it's called Gravelly point, you can watch the airplanes taking off and landing
Teddy Roosevelt Island has parking and bike racks (no bikes allowed on the island) but has a 1.5 mile looped dirt trail that is great. There are also several water fountains and a set of restrooms about a half mile to the right after you've crossed the bridge onto the island.

National Harbor to DC

We left National Harbor around 8am in the cool of the morning this summer day in August. It was a great ride but as everyone has said, there are some hills and curves to challenge, especially on and off the Wilson Bridge. We had a hard time finding the trail when we came to the end of the bridge but with some help from a fellow bicycler we found it. When you get to the end of the bridge, if you are going into DC, take the Fort Footpark path. There were some on the street routes, I think we missed some of the less traveled streets but found them on our return. That part of the trail is a little tricky to find. All in all the trail is wonderful, covered trees at times, places to stop and enjoy the views and Potomac as well as National Airport.

I've seen DC many times but always on foot. Seeing the sights via bike is the way to go when there isn't a crowd in DC (during the week). The sidewalks and pathways are wide in order to facilitate both walkers and riders. You can ride all the way to the Capitol by traversing the mall grass area.



one of my favorites. You can bike from Mt. Vernon all the way up to Teddy Roosevelt Island. Parking at Roosevelt Island and walking across will yeild a wonderful surprise and break during the ride. The potomac views of the monuments and city are picture perfect. Plenty of places to rest, watch air planes take off and land (Reagan National Airport)and have a wonderful picnic lunch at waterfront bench or an Old Town restaurant. This trail has it all.

*Some locations do proceed very close to vehicle traffic on the GW Pkwy so parents beware if having small children on bikes. Most locations however are fine for the kids, just plan ahead.


I did this trail round trip on 9/30/12 and it was a great ride on a great early fall day. From the Washington DC. end down to Alexandria this trail is a very busy place, but the crowd thins out at about ten miles from the DC. end. This is not a Rails to Trail it is a Greenway so it dose have some hills, twists and turns to it. I rode my older Mt Bike with a Town and Country tire and it worked for me and I did need the extra gears a couple of times. I saw just about every type of bike on my ride so if it has wheels it will work. This trail is an older trail and is a little narrow some of the time. From Alexandria south it has a great canopy and I would say the whole tail is family friendly. It has Restrooms, Water fountains, Park Benches, Picnic Areas, Historical Markers and it runs along the Potomac River so you have a great view the whole ride. If you do this trail make sure that you leave you self enough time to do the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail as it is the best two or so miles that you will ever ride. If you live in the DC. area this trail is a great one and I would highly suggest that you have a mirror as it gets very busy.

Trail from 495 to Mt Vernon review

This was my 1st time (7/22/2012) riding the trail and I did not know what to expect. I started at the National Harbor and traveled to Mount Vernon (23 miles round trip). This particular day I went out at around 1pm, which is not typical for me; I usually ride no later than 7-7:30 am or earlier to avoid all the traffic. So to avoid large traffic volume, I suggest you go in the mornings; evenings are typically worse because that tends to be family time. The trail is narrow but marked for 2-way traffic and can have lots of foot (including kids and animals) and bike traffic on certain days, but mostly at certain time of the day; it travels along the Potomac River, through the woods, marsh area and some residential neighborhoods and has some rest areas along the way. The trail offers some nice hills, curves and bends if you are up for the challenge, but what I did not know about is the last hill leading up to Mt Vernon, so be warned to drop to a low gear when traversing the sort of curving steep hill. Some areas on the trail can be pretty slick if it’s damp, especially when there are wet leaves on the trail. Also, be aware that the wooden bridges are very, very slick, so cross them with caution; I saw the one leading to the steep hill take out a rider. I could not do too much viewing because I was on my road bike, but the mountain bikers (MTB) may find more opportunity to look at the scenery. Basically what I am saying is you need to be extra careful while on a road bike because the margin of error is much thinner than on a MTB (i.e. all terrain bike is what I call them) on this trail, however; I plan to take my MTB down that trail so that I can take in more of the scenery. Oh, I did encounter some fools that would overtake walkers around blind curves and in one incident almost hit walkers in my lane, including me on my bike; idiots are everyone. Overall it is a fun trail. I will head the opposite direction at some point and write a review on it.

Mt. Vernon Trail, August '11

I rode this trail with my girlfriend on a Friday evening starting from around the intersection of routes 1 and 120, in Alexandria, VA and it was wonderful. Here is the link to my ride stats and map generated by my Garmin Edge 500 computer:

I think because it was Friday and in the evening, there were fewer people on the trail compared to weekends and the more northern section closer to D.C. (which generally has lots of varied traffic - walkers, kids, pets, super fast bike racers, and so on). The last two miles heading into Mt. Vernon are mostly uphill and some areas like the last few hundred yards reached about a 7% grade, so drop to your lowest easy gears and keep peddling! The 0-mile marker is located as you enter into parking area slightly obscured by trees from the visitor center where you can buy refreshments and use the rest room (highly recommended). Along the trail you will find several other "sanitary" facilities for mother nature's call, but the two we visited (one traveling south, the other on our way north) were a bit stenchy in the hot summer weather.

We loved the steep hilly inclines of the last three miles because you can pick up good speed to the point that it makes getting up the next hill a lot easier if you can keep your momentum up. Personally, I found it easier to climb the hills by keeping my cadence closer to 100 so that the bike did more work than my body. It takes a lot of shifting, but it pays off. The varied surfaces combine greatly different scenery as you ride along the picturesque Potomac, over boardwalks in swampy sections into densely wooded areas, and through upscale neighborhoods. Old Town is quaint and very pleasant - just watch for peds and cars!

I'd also suggest you eat a high protein diet several hours before riding this one - you'll need the energy. Bring as much water as you can and stay hydrated. A protein bar at the end is a great way to re-fuel for the ride back. When leaving Mt. Vernon, heading north, you'll enjoy the downhill portions immensely as they offer more recuperation time needed to make it the rest of the way...

Two Thumbs Up for this trail!

nice yet busy

Rode out and back on a nice but cool fall day. The Washington end was very crowded with joggers bikers and walkers. as we progressed eastward the crowd thinned out to a more acceptable level. Most people were courteous with the exception of the wannabe Lance's who past on turns and with oncoming bikes and pedestrians giving the rest a bad name. With this trail this was unacceptable due to the crowd. Most joggers seemed to be totally absorbed with their ear plugs shoved deep into their ears to the point of not hearing you but they were at least to the sides so passing was not an issue.

Great Trail, Horrible People On It

This trail is a marvel of engineering. It has variety, goes through dense wooded areas, along the Potomac, around the National Airport, through Old Town Alexandria, across from the National Mall, and has breathtaking views all along the way, from Rosslyn to Mt. Vernon. The trail is well paved, clearly marked and beautifully maintained. There are several rest stations with water (when they are working) every few miles. But, be warned, on weekends it is crowded with weekend athletes, pedestrians, kids, and worst of all, wannabe Lance Armstrongs in their obnoxious spandex outfits, racing along the trail, making it an often dangerous and tricky place to ride. These men and women have little regard for others, display a complete lack of trail etiquette, and speed much faster than they have any business to on such a popular path. I live in Alexandria and make a point of staying away on weekends. But mornings on weekdays are wonderful.


This trail is a very nice ride. It has terriffic views of the Potomac River. There are a number of picture stops. It is a mild challenge, a little hilly. Visiting Mount Vernon makes the ride worth it. I would recommend the trail, just not on a weekend. On Saturdays and Sundays the trail is busy with walkers, joggers and families, some with pets along. This sharing should not present a challenge to riders just sightseeing. However, the Lance wannabes make the ride or walk dangerous. The overall etiquette of the DC area riders is poor to non-existent. Only one in ten would announce their presence when overtaking you. A near head-on collision really increased the heart rate. While allowing for some walkers to pass each other before my wife and I could safely pass them, (single file) a rider came around a bend and out of a tree lined protion of the trail speeding directly at all of us. The walkers scattered, leaving me to face him head-on. I went left, he swerved onto the grassy area. The walkers converged to him, telling him that he was travelling too fast.
There were numerous brush-bys from other speeding riders that made the overall experience a little uncomfortable.

mt. vernon trail

I recently rode the trail from washington to mt. vernon and back. The first few miles out of washington were ok. The spot at the end of the runway by the airport was pretty neat. When I got to Alexandria, I found the trail confusing and poorly marked. I rode through town and picked up the trail south of town. From there on I found the trail not your average rail trail level. There was an especially steep hill at the end of trail up to Mt.Vernon. Also you have to be paying attention, the trail is narrow and there were plenty of Lance wannabes

Beautiful Trail - but has some challenges!

We spent two days riding the Mount Vernon trail. We were staying in Alexandria and rode the northern part the first day. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. The views along the river are beautiful. Unfortunately, I am a recreational rider and I was in fear for my life for most of the northern portion of this trail. There are many twists and turns which would have been fun except the trail was very crowded and the Lance Armstrong wanna-be's were weaving in and out so quickly you had to be on guard at all times. It was hard to enjoy the trail and views because you had to constantly be concerned about meeting someone head on or someone passing you. We saw a pretty serious accident with someone being taken away on a body board with neck brace and bloody face. The second day started out much better with fewer people on the southern end of the trail. Again the views were beautiful along the Potomac River and the trail was very well marked and well kept. The problem I had on the southern end was there are several serious hills to climb! We had already purchased tickets for Mount Vernon and I really wanted to be there for the 4th of July. If not, I probably would have turned around and not finished the trail to Mount Vernon. The last mile is all up hill. But that's ok - when the hill gets too steep, get off and walk that bike for a while. There is no shame in that! The trip back to Alexandria was much easier and enjoyable. Even though the hills were tough on the southern end I enjoyed the ride more because the trail wasn't as crowded. Overall it was a great ride with beautiful scenery.

Really Beautiful views

I just started using this trail. It is a really good trail for a walk or even a bike ride. Just be aware if the more experienced bikers if you are just beginning they are really good at letting you know when they are passing you but they pass by usually kind of fast. It is really beautiful along the southern part of the trail as you are right there along the river, so take some time to just relax and take in the view.

Very nice trail but tricky for general riders 09/22/2008

Rode the trail on the first day of fall. Weather was great. Temperature about 70 degrees and the humidity was low. Started at the Mount Vernon end of the trail. Parking was free and easy to find. The trail starts at the north end of the east parking lot. An extension is in progress to bring the trail pretty much to the front entrance of Mount Vernon. The trail is mostly in the shade and pretty scenic. The portion through Alexandria is well marked along Union St. However,it has moderate to heavy vehicle traffic. Take a break to eat at Gadsby's Tavern. Located three blocks up from Union St. on Cameron St. at the corner of Cameron and Royal Sts. Washington did'nt sleep here but,he did eat here. Along with Thomas Jefferson and others. Another good site is Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary¿ at the corner of King St. and Faifax St.,two blocks up from Union St. The only negative on the trail were the Lance Armstrong wanna-be's. You know,the one's with a fancy bike and spandex outfits. On the weekends and holidays,these folks use the trail like it is a velodrome. It is bad enough riding a wide trail with these guys. But, on this trail with the narrowness,trees and curvy route it is deadly.

corrected version

We racked up our bikes in Connecticut and headed to the DC area and this trail for the Memorial Day Weekend. The Mount Vernon Trail was on our "to do" list for a while and it didn't disappoint! The weather was great, the trees were in bloom, and the sky was blue. We rode from Rosslyn to Alexandria and back and enjoyed the monument sites in DC from along the Potomac on the Virginia side. I suggest you walk your bike on the narrow highway overpass and the very narrow single lane highway underpass. You will find some hard chargers in both areas that insist on riding through and look at you disparagingly. Just stare them down, it’s a public bike path! On the flip side, we stopped twice to make some bike adjustments and tighten shoe laces. Both times more courteous riders called out to make sure we were OK and ask if we needed help! I love Southern hospitality! Just outside Alexandria and around the corner from a bike shop was a deli with great sandwiches. Of course, in Old Alexandria there are countless restaurants and bike racks if you want to stroll on the dock and shop. Riding on the docks is not allowed. The trail path is paved and can be a bit narrow, but it is very enjoyable. Set your own pace. There are riders of all levels, from tots on training wheels to Olympic wanna-be’s. We had a great ride.

Great Ride-John Memorial Day Weekend 2008

We racked up our bikes in Connecticut and headed to the DC area and this trail for the Memorial Day Weekend. The Mount Vernon Trail was on out "to do" list for a while and it didn't disappoint! The weather was great, the trees were in bloom, and the sky was blue. We rode from Rosslyn to Alexandria and back, enjoyed the monument sites in DC from along the Potomac on the Virginia side. I suggest you walk your the bike on the narrow highway overpass and the very narrow single lane highway underpass. You will find some hard chargers in both areas that insist on riding through and look at you disparagingly. Just stare them down, it’s a public bike path! On the flip side, we stopped twice to make some bike adjustments and tighten shoe laces. Both time more courteous riders called out to make sure we were OK and ask if we needed help! I love Southern hospitality! Just outside Alexandria and around the corner from a bike shop was a deli with great sandwiches. Of course, in Old Alexandria there are countless restaurants and bike racks if you want to stroll on the dock and shop. Riding on the docks is not allowed. The trail path is paved and can be a bit narrow, but it is very enjoyable. Set your own pace. There are riders of all levels, from tots on training wheels to Olympic wanna-be’s. We had a great ride.

Great Trail

"A very scenic trail.

Only tricky parts are the high traffic areas around Alexandria, you may encounter some pretty annoying bikers on busy days.

The detour through Old Town is a scenic but out of the way.

Overall a beautiful ride."


This was my first time riding the trail. I parked at Daingerfield Island and rode over to the Washington Monument. My next trip I want to go up to the Key Bridge. This is an awesome trail. I had a great time. Email me with any questions.

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