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Red Cedar State Trail Facts

States: Wisconsin
Counties: Dunn, Eau Claire
Length: 14.5 miles
Trail end points: WI 29 Trunk east of Hofland Road/County Road P at Riverside Park (Menomonie) and Chippewa River State Trail north of 50th Ave. and Weber Road (Peru)
Trail surfaces: Crushed Stone
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6017700

Red Cedar State Trail Description

One of Wisconsin’s earliest rail-trail conversions, the 14.5-mile Red Cedar State Trail is built on the former corridor of the Red Cedar Junction railway, which served Knapp, Stout & Co. in the 1880s—then the world’s largest timber producer. Since the late 1970s, the trail has offered a serene experience for trail users from Menomonie to Peru, where it meets with the southern end of the Chippewa River State Trail, just south of the Dunnville State Wildlife Area.

Start your journey at the old train depot turned visitor center at Riverside Park in Menomonie. Here, you can access ample parking and purchase a State Trail Pass, required for all bikers, snowmobilers, and cross-country skiers. (Note that hybrid bikes are recommended for an optimal experience on the crushed-limestone route.) You can also connect with the Stokke Trail, just across SR 29 Trunk/Hudson Road, which leads north to Lake Menomin.

Snowmobiles are permitted on the 2 miles of the trail between the Chippewa River State Trail and County Road Y. Hunting is also permitted along a 4-mile section through the Dunnville State Wildlife Area.

Heading south, the Red Cedar State Trail pulls you into a peaceful riverside corridor with scenic views of the water to your left and sandstone cliffs to your right. You’ll soon cross the first of several bridges built over the tributaries that feed the Red Cedar River. The crushed-sandstone trail remains level for the duration of your trip, and there are several benches along the way for rest and respite. Take some time to sit and watch the river flow by as you listen to the sounds of songbirds and small animals scurrying about in the surrounding woods.

The first 3 miles of trail to Irvington wind along the river in deciduous forest, which provides shade in the warmer months and a beautiful palette of birch, maple, elm, and aspen leaves in the fall. On the trail, you might spy some unexpected “trail users” enjoying the tranquility, including white-tailed deer, foxes, and raccoons.

As you travel 5 miles farther south to Downsville, the forest opens up to a view of surrounding farmland. Just before the Downsville trailhead, you’ll cross the 200-foot Red Cedar Trestle, which has well-maintained plank decking and an iconic rusty-but-solid steel frame.

Just north of Dunnville, you’ll pass a small waterfall, a reward for your journey from one of the state’s most beautiful trails. Nearing the southern endpoint, you’re sure to marvel at the sweeping views as you pass through the Dunnville State Wildlife Area and cross over a spectacular trestle on the Chippewa River.

NOTE: A State Trail Pass ($25 annually/$5 daily) is required for bicyclists, snowmobilers, and cross-country skiers ages 16 and older on the Red Cedar State Trail. Snowmobilers must display either Wisconsin registration or a snowmobile State Trail Pass, and hunters must have a license. For information, go to /topic/parks/trailpass.html.

Parking and Trail Access

To access the northern trailhead in Menomonie from I-94, take Exit 41 for SR 25 toward Menomonie and Barron. Head south on SR 25/N. Broadway St. for 2.3 miles, crossing Lake Menomin; then turn right onto 11th Ave. W. and continue west across the Red Cedar River—11th Ave. W. turns into Hudson Road. In 0.5 mile, turn left into Riverside Park. The trailhead is just west of the parking area.

Parking is unavailable at the southern endpoint, and there is no direct access to the trail from nearby 50th Ave. The closest trailhead is located in the Dunnville State Wildlife Area along the Chippewa River. From the intersection of SR 25/S. Broadway St. and 11th Ave. W. in Menomonie, take SR 25 south for 11.6 miles. Turn left onto County Road Y; go east 2 miles, crossing the Red Cedar River; and turn right onto Dunnville Road. Dunnville Road loosely parallels the trail for 1.8 miles (crossing the trail after about 1 mile) and then dead-ends just after the parking area and before a trestle bridge over the Chippewa River.


Red Cedar State Trail Reviews

Beautiful trail

Perfect for hybrid bikes! Runs along the Red Cedar River for most of the trail and enjoyable to see the kayaks and canoes. Very lightly used.

Beautiful trail

Perfect for hybrid bikes! Runs along the Red Cedar River for most of the trail and enjoyable to see the kayaks and canoes. Very lightly used.

Beautiful trail

Perfect for hybrid bikes! Runs along the Red Cedar River for most of the trail and enjoyable to see the kayaks and canoes. Very lightly used.


One of the best trails I been on. Super scenic, runs along the Red Cedar River and is mostly shaded and cool. Can treat yourself to a swim after if you end in Dunnville.


We cycled seven Rails to Trails in five days including the Red Cedar State Trail

Wisconsin Bike Trip Report - Cycle Seven Rails to Trails in Five Days: In August 2022, our group of 11 went on a self-guided partially supported bike ride covering seven Rails to Trails in Central Wisconsin near La Crosse, Sparta and Eau Claire. Turned out to be an amazing trip with great weather, except the last day during which it rained. Great variety of environments and trails, including some short bridges and long tunnels, shaded woodlands and bright prairie. Attached is a pdf detailing the logistics and planning we carried out to make the trip happen. has great description of each individual trail. Over five days of riding we covered:
1. Elroy-Sparta State Trail
2. Great River State Trail
3. La Crosse River State Trail
4. 400 State Trail
5. Red Cedar State Trail
6. Chippewa River State Trail
7. Old Abe Trail
For a 5 page pdf summary document of our trip with maps and logistics, see:

Scenic trail

We road from Menomonie to Downsville and back. Parking and restrooms at both places. Flat, shady, and scenic ride along the river. We only wish we had time for the whole trail.

Beauty along the Red Cedar river.

One of my fav trails!!! Follows the river, through a wildlife area, ends at a cool bridge with a connection to the Chippewa river trail. Total lack of human noise for most of this trail!!!!! It is in great shape Friday.

Still a nice trail

It’s been 3 years since we had ridden this trail. It’s still a nice trail. Recent rains left a few spots washed out but repairs are in progress. There were very few other people on the trail for a Saturday morning. We did encounter deer on the trail.

Reptile Sightings

Interesting trail — even possible to canoe down stream & bike back. However, not for you if snakes bother you! Many snakes on trail! Non-venomous, but a definite ick-factor for some.

We had a great hike twice on this trail between Menomonie and Downsville. its an easy hike on a well kept trail. it was a great opportunity to get outside and still social distance. we saw and passed a lot of people.

We had a great hike twice on this trail between Menomonie and Downsville. its an easy hike on a well kept trail. it was a great opportunity to get outside and still social distance. we saw and passed a lot of people.

Quick Day Trip on Bike

I started in Menomonie and cycled the entire trail to the end and it was a great trail. The views of the river from the trail were wonderful. The mosquitoes were out in force, but it wasn't problematic as long as I was moving on my bike. I was on the trail after a big rainstorm the night prior, and while there was light debris on the trail, I was still impressed that it wasn't too bad at all. The rest stop in Downsville was a nice rest stop and the picnic tables placed along the trails made for great places to rest. The bridge that crosses the Chippewa River at the end was amazing!

Memorable first ride

I echo all of the previous reviews. Absolutely breathtaking views on my fat bike of both the Red Cedar and Chippewa Rivers. Trail conditions were overall great however keep your eyes open for unexpected gopher holes. The path is fairly wide at all points. Some of the people on road bikes mentioned they had a bumpy ride. I started at Meridean on the CRST, biked up to Menomonie (nice trailhead welcoming center), back down the RCST, proceeded to Durand and then back to Meridean for a total of 51 miles. There were nice logical scenic spots to take a break along the way with clean restrooms, water and tire pumps. There were deer along several spots along the trail. While on my ride, a DNR worker with a polite disposition was busily performing maintenance on a culvert on the trail...good to see. BE SURE TO PACK BUG SPRAY if you plan on stopping for more than 10-15 seconds on the lower end of the trail. Definite 5* must ride, scenic and peaceful trail.

Bad bugs!!

Fabulous trail—beautiful and peaceful. But my wife and I suffered our second worst bug attack of our 50 years—mosquitos and and deer flies. Bring spray and be ready to ride quickly with no breaks.

Excellent trail

My husband and I rode this trail on June 21st, as part one of two for a long weekend ride. This was also the first ride we had taken on our new Trek bikes - his is a mountain bike, mine is a hybrid. Overall, we loved the Red Cedar trail; the path edges were sprayed back, and the trail surface was generally very smooth and solid (especially considering they had around 4-5 inches of rain a few days prior). A large portion of this trail was shaded making for a comfortable trip. The amenities along this trail were also very nice (water, flushing toilets, air pumps), and there were several mowed picnic areas with tables and/or benches along the route. Keep your eyes open for the historical site of the Dunnville Quarry roughly 3/4 of the way down the trail, and make sure you have your bug spray handy when stopping here. The trail follows the Red Cedar River very closely for a majority of the length, with several small bridges. There are two large bridges, one crosses the Red Cedar, and the other crosses the Chippewa River at the south end where it meets the Chippewa River Trail. Our trip involved parking at Riverside Park in Menomonie and travelling towards Durand, and back. The only thing I would change about this trip was the route; instead of travelling from Menomonie to Durand and back, it would have been easier to start in Durand. There is a slight downhill grade, which means our entire ride back north was slightly uphill. It's not a terribly steep grade, just enough to know you are working at it. Make sure to have your $5 for the trail pass; the self serve permit station was simple to use. We recommend this trail.

Red Cedar River Trail

My wife's family owns Kyle's Place, a beautiful high-end vacation home in Weber Valley, about 6 miles from Downsville, so I run on the trail every time we're back in WI to visit. This is truly one of the most pleasant places I've found anywhere. We've seen bald eagles, blue birds, and dozens of bird species along the trail. The development is minimal, mostly farm land and timber. I've also done canoe trips down the river from Menomonie to Durand, mainly an easy float trip for families. It takes a full two days with Downsville an easy day trip from Menomonie. We've also cross-country skied the trail in the winter, and with fresh snow it is very nice. This is one of Wisconsin's best-kept easy 90 minute drive from the Twin Cities and only 3 hours from Madison. And if you're looking for a luxurious place to stay nearby with a hot tub, dairy cows in the pasture, that iconic Wisconsin dairy farm look, check out Kyle's Place. This is a winning combination!


A very nice easy trail, surprisingly not very many people out as the weather was perfect. I did have to stop for directions at the visitor's center downtown to find the trail head. Enter 921 Brickyard Road into your gps and it will take you in sight of the trail head. It is worthwhile to stop for information there are adjacent trails to explore and a beautiful, historic downtown.

The trail is relatively flat and easy, following the Red Cedar river pretty much the entire trip to the Dunn County wildlife area which is about 14 miles. The trees are just turning, I can imagine how fantastic peak color must be. Lots of shade as well would make this a good summer trip as well.

Top Notch Trail!!

I have traveled many trails in and around Wisconsin; this by far is the most appealing to me and my wife. The shear beauty of the countryside and how close you travel next to the Red Cedar River is spectacular! I would highly recommend this trail for any age bike rider.

You will not be disappointed.

Pulaski Pedal Pushers Bike Club riding the RCT

Beautiful, scenic and very pristine. The trail surface was excellent and trail was well maintained. Fifteen of the riders from all club rode the trail and although it was a hot early Sept. day (over 90) the shady trail and river provided a cool, comfortable climate. We had experienced and beginner trail riders and all found the ride extremely enjoyable!

So Serene, So Pristine!

I rode the Red Cedar during the week (few users) in May in conjunction with the Chippewa River trail. The scenery is lovely and you get a very remote feeling, far away from traffic, noise, congestion. Since the trail is crushed rock (not paved) I recommend a hybrid bike as I used a road bike & got a flat returning to Downsville from Menomonie. Silly me, I forgot tubes & tire tools, so (since it was the front) I just rode on it for 6 miles; only the tube got wrecked. Even little rocks can work their way into smooth road tires. I'm replacing all my tubes with "thorn resistant" ones; and the tires with Kevlar belted. I hate flats!

After you cross the bridge at the southern end you can take a right & head towards Durand; which is a wonderfully smooth & wide trail. Durand lacks signs & you have to ride on either fairly busy roads or concrete sidewalks; nonetheless well worth it. There's some pretty good restaurants & lots of bars (this is Wisconsin afterall).

Red Cedar is a winner

2 thumbs up for the Red Cedar trail! Not crowded, well-kept and scenic.

Time with Dad

This trail has many memories for me and my family. I have pedaled countless miles with my Dad over the years on this trail. The Red Cedar trail heads south out of Menomonie and it used to end around Dunnville. But, over the past 5 years the trail has been connected to the Chippewa River trail and we can now make long trips all the way to Eau Claire and back. The trail surface is excellent for hybrids and mountain bikes. Road bikes will find the crushed limestone neatly packed and sufficiently hard in most sections. It's an excellent trail and it's great to spend time with Dad.

Dennis Adam

I rode this trail in October on a beautiful fall day on my Scorpion Fx trike. The temperature was a comfortable 65 degrees, and the Foliage was just beginning to change to red and gold.

This 14.5 mile trail is composed of crushed gravel with parking at either the old railroad depot in Menomonie, or at the Dunville Wildlife Area where the Red Cedar Trail meets the Chippewa River State Trail. The Menomonie railroad depot has restrooms and a gallery of historic photo's, and is located next to Riverside Park.

As you go south along the trail you'll cross eleven authentic railroad bridges. The trail parallels the Red Cedar River passing through wooded areas, marshland and open farmland. About 4 miles down the trail you'll come to an impressive weeping rock wall with trickles of water streaming down from the top across the face of the rock, just before you reach the small town of Irvington.

Another 4 miles down the trail you'll reach Downsville, and pass the old Downsville cut stone Quarry and interpretive center at mile 10. Another mile south of that is a riverside picnic area on a bend of the river where it's not uncommon to see heron feeding. There are benches for resting and enjoying the sights and sounds of the river every few miles. Once you reach the Dunville Wildlife Area be sure to cross the 860 foot
railroad trestle over the Chippewa River. The view is spectacular.

I found this trail very enjoyable to ride and peaceful, but it was a little slow with a trike because of the uneven surface.

This trail has a lot to offer with it's scenic beauty and wildlife viewing.

I rode this trail consecutively with the Chippewa River State Trail starting at Eau Claire, and working my way up to Menomonie and then back for a total of 78 miles.

I would highly recommend both of these trails to anyone that enjoys being among nature.

Shady and scenic

"This a highly scenic, easy-to-ride trail that sticks tightly to the Red Cedar River and features at its midpoint one of the best restaurants in the Midwest--the Creamery at Downsville. The trail connects to the Chippewa River trail, creating flexibility for overnight trips to several communities along that river."

Ours Too

This trail parallels the Red Cedar river. Numerous bluffs and rock outcroppings flank the trail. South terminus is a l-o-n-g bridge at the confluence with the Chippewa River. Great opportunity to combine biking with a fine canoe trip.

Our Favorite

"This trail is our favorite in Wisconsin so far. Excellent surface, outstanding scenery, peaceful and beautiful."

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