Western Maryland Rail Trail


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Western Maryland Rail Trail Facts

States: Maryland
Counties: Allegany, Washington
Length: 27.5 miles
Trail end points: Big Pool Rd/MD 56 near Fort Frederick State Park and C&O Canal Towpath (Little Orleans)
Trail surfaces: Asphalt
Trail category: Rail-Trail
ID: 6016073

Western Maryland Rail Trail Description

Hugging the picturesque Potomac River and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (C&O Canal Towpath), the Western Maryland Rail Trail (WMRT) rolls for nearly 28 miles through Maryland’s narrow panhandle wedged between Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The flat route through the remote, wooded river valley set in the Appalachian Mountains passes many historical sites, including the old river town of Hancock. Trail users can either use the campsites and facilities on the close-by C&O Canal Towpath—the popular 185-mile unpaved route between Washington, D.C., and Cumberland—or use the towpath as a return route on out-and-back treks.

The trail follows the corridor of the Western Maryland Railway, which ran from Baltimore into West Virginia coal country. Although construction on the railway started in the 1850s, the segment that later became the WMRT was completed in 1906 and was celebrated for achieving easy grades through challenging mountain terrain. The train was shut down by the 1980s, and the state acquired it in 1990. In Cumberland, the railway lives on as the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad tourist train.

The WMRT starts in the east at Big Pool, about a mile from Fort Frederick State Park, home of a reconstructed stone fort built in 1756 to protect the frontier during the French and Indian War. Heading west to-ward Hancock, you’re free to explore locks and aqueducts on the adjacent canal. Although it’s wooded, the trail is never far from I-70 traffic in this segment.

In 11 miles, you’ll find a bike shop right at the Hancock trailhead and cafés, museums, and antiques shops nearby. The town, named for a local ferry operator, saw a skirmish during the Civil War when several buildings were shelled by artillery.

A more scenic trail segment rolls west from town as you leave the I-70 traffic behind. There are better views of the Potomac River through the trees, and large rock outcroppings will catch your attention. Three miles from Hancock you’ll find the ruins of the Round Top Cement Mill, which dates to the 1830s and was the area’s largest employer during the Civil War.

Be on the lookout for deer, wild turkey, and even bears as you pass through the Woodmont Natural Resources Management Area and Side-ling Hill Creek Wildlife Management Area. About 14 miles past Hancock, you’ll take a 2.3-mile detour onto the dirt C&O Canal Towpath, which bypasses the Indigo Tunnel so as not to disturb the eight species of bats that hibernate there.

Back on the trail, you’ll find a grocery in Little Orleans. The trail ends about a mile later just before a dilapidated iron bridge into West Virginia.

Parking and Trail Access

Fort Frederick State Park trailhead: From Interstate 70, take Exit 12 to State Route 56 and head east toward Big Pool. The trail parking lot is across the street from the post office.

Hancock trailhead: From I-70, take Exit 3 and travel west on SR 144 for 1.4 miles. There is parking at Hancock Station, just off Main Street.

Sideling Hill Wildlife Management Area trailhead: From I-68, take Exit 77 and head south on Woodmont Road, which will intersect with the trail at Pearre Road. Parking is available.

Little Orleans trailhead: The trailhead is located at 12719 High Germany Road. Head East on I-68. Take exit 68 for Orleans Road. Turn right onto Orleans Road and drive for 5.5 miles to High Germany Road, where you will make a sharp left. The parking lot will be on your right. 

There are numerous other access points and parking areas along the entire route; refer to the map for more details.

Western Maryland Rail Trail Reviews

Great fall day ride

Because of the rainy weather before we arrived, we decided to do this trail instead of the muddy C and O Towpath. There were some tree roots riding from New Orleans to Hancock, but the vistas and beauty of the fall ride made up for it. We are leisurely cyclists with hybrid tires.

Tree Roots

Great trail, no complaints there, but the tree roots are indeed a real problem. Crushed limestone would be far safer. As an experienced long distance traveler with roughly 50 years of experience since my first 100 mile ride, I blithely dismissed reviews citing tree root issues. However, to my great surprise, the vertical 6" tree root bumps in the trail (and yes, I'm talking about passing through Hancock) are so severe that they will...
a) bump my wife completely out of her seat on a recumbent trike, and we kept slowing down further and further, to roughly 8 mph or less.
b) throw my monster battery off the bike despite it being locked down.
c) bend my 20" front rim on my recumbent 2 wheeler and cause a pinch flat with 3 holes in the tube about 1/4" in length, cut right into the tube.
And bear in mind that you CAN'T see them coming. Other riders remarked upon this, and I blithely dismissed that, too.
I could easily envision the unwary rider without a lot of experience, expecting a beautifully paved ride, getting injured.

nice enough, but really needs repaving.

This is a shady asphalt trail closely paralleling the adjacent gravel C&O canal path. I suppose the trail was paved as a road bike as a differentiator to the C&O path. But it needs repaving. There are not potholes at all, but the tree roots and rock movement have buckled and upheaved the paving in many places, making for some unpleasant surprises - de-chained my bike twice, I ended up with grease fingers from putting it back on. Hard to see the upheavals in the dappled sunlight, so it's quite distracting as you spend time a lot of slow time out of saddle to see and accommodate the crested bumps. The upheavals are not marked, btw. The trail is shady but the trees also conceal the views of the Potomac and mountains, so there is really only a couple of places with remarkable views. The best thing about the trail is its former Western Maryland railroad, so there is history. If it was paved at least it could be taken fast, but the buckled pavement requires a slower run, ok for casual biking but not for avid cyclist doing the length of the trail. The section from Hancock to Little Orleans is far better than Big Pool to Hancock, the latter basically features the loud sound of Interstate 70 which directly parallel. Fort Frederick by Big Pool is nice to visit though. Nearer Little Orleans, Indigo Tunnel on the trail is permanently closed as a bat haven and the reroute is on to the C&O. Which I found actually preferably more smooth than the WM Rail Trail, even on a road bike. All in all this could be a nicer trail, but the state of Maryland needs to invest in repaving and clearing some trees from the trail's shoulders to prevent more of same. Asphalt trails need more maintenance than cinders trails, pavement always degrades not necessarily just potholes, and this trail is an example of what happens when repaving or maintenance does not happen. It rates "ok" in my book, glad I did it but not one I would repeat on a road bike until they clean it up.

Poor Trail Surface

I've ridden the WMRT a few times, but in the last year or so root growth has undermined the asphalt paving on most of the 28 mile trail length. The trail is in poor condition at best and a unsuspecting biker could be thrown from their bike by hitting one of these raised asphalt root growth locations. The trail needs to have all of these bump areas ground flush or resurface the entire trail. I drove from Columbia, Md out to Hancock and was disappointed in the trail.


A Nice Alternative paralleling the C&O

I just returned from my third ride on the Western MD. I've ridden the entire trail and it's great to get in a half century ride. Starting from Little Orleans one can ride west a short distance to a gate at a high bridge over the Potomac River. West Virginia has not completed any of the proposed section to the west. Riding back east after a short distance you reach the blocked off Indigo Tunnel. The tunnel is blocked due to endangered bats. A zig-zag ramp leads down to the C&O Towpath. You ride the towpath about 2.5 miles and take a similar zig-zag ramp back up to the Western MD. Except for this detour the entire route is paved asphalt. There are areas of either frost or root heaves but not too bad. When the leaves are off there are nice views of the C&O Towpath, the canal and the Potomac. Most of the path is in the woods with a few fields here and there. At times the trail runs along a high, narrow path pretty high above the river. There are historical markers, some benches and a small shelter or two. The first, and only town on the trail is Hancock, MD. It is about half way between the endpoints. There are the regular amenities not far off trail such as a few fast food joints and a Sheetz. The top attraction for trail eats is Buddy Lou's right on the trail and at a cross-over to the C&O. Needless to say it gets busy in the summer. Buddy Lou's isn't open every day however so plan accordingly. There is also a bike shop in town right by the trail. After Hancock its a fairly straight run to the end at Big Pool. Some this section is close to I70 and some very close (less than 20 ft) so there can be a bit of traffic noise. This is my least favorite part and would probably rate the trail at 4.5 stars if I could. At Big Pool there is a parking area plus some benches, a restroom and a bike repair station. It's a nice place for a lunch break if you're doing a round trip. All together I can wholeheartedly recommend the Western MD. We have even used it as the half of a loop with the other half on the C&O.

western Maryland

This is a very good trail. It would be better if it went through the old tunnel and was extended over the Potomac with the existing bridge. Very remote from the little orleans side.

western Maryland trail

Great trail. Shaded for most of the route. Asphalt for all but two miles. The two miles goes around a spectacular tunnel that is closed for some reason. Very little cell service in little orleans which made it hard to find a he parking spot. The trail potentially could go over the Potomac to paw paw and connect to the cno. That has been scrapped for now. Most roots are Marked on the pavement which helps. You are on your own from Hancock to little orleans. Very remote.

western Maryland

All asphalt except for two miles that passes a tunnel that hopefully will be open some day. It would be nice if the abandoned bridges over the Latinos could be added someday and connect to the cno canal trail. Mostly shaded. Cool bars in Hancock md. You have to not to park in Hancock but no on the western end (little orleans). Zero cell device near there

Great Asphalt Trail

Great asphalt trail away from everything. Started in Hancock Maryland and headed west. It is Memorial Day weekend and was not crowded at all. There are a few bumps from roots, but overall trail is in great condition. Very easy to ride 20 miles today. We plan to start in Hancock and head east tomorrow.

Perfect Fall Day

We picked the rail trail as our first venture back into biking after 5-6 years away. We started in Hancock and went west. The scenery was STUNNING and the ride was easy for us unseasoned riders.

From riding along a corn field with a backdrop of rolling hills in dazzling fall colors, to passing a cow field dotted with burnt out houses, to heading along a sheer drop off and between a narrow cut out in the rock, this route was absolutely stunning. I can't wait to head back and tackle another stretch (Or even the same one again!)

Nice Trail!

My husband and I took this trail from Hancock, going west, for ~ 16 miles and then back again. We ride multi use bikes.
We thought this trail was great! It has convenient access points and plenty of parking w opportunities to “rest”.
The trail is flat so pedaling is required the entire time but it isn’t a difficult trail. We went in August, so there was plenty of shade from the full foliage.
The trail does have a couple rough spots where roots are pressing up on the pavement but they are not challenging or severe. It has lots of straight stretches, just as the railroad track it follows would’ve had. No surprise there. The bridges that merge the trail to the C & O canal tow path are in excellent condition! There are C &O points of interest to stop and check out and a campsite or two along the part we travelled. Saw a good bit of wildlife but nothing dangerous. While the full foliage blocks views of the Potomac most of the time, the trail is a feast for the other senses. Birdsong is plentiful and the smells of the river and mountain air are easily detected.
I’d recommend this trail to anyone looking for a bit of exercise ( really no coasting unless you’re on an e bike) and I suspect it is absolutely beautiful during the autumn too. No trail we’ve been on is absolutely perfect in every way, but we’ve never had to pay to go on one either, so doubt let the negative reviews of this one fool you.

We spent the day biking from Hancock west on the paved trail. Wonderfully maintained. Loved the scenery and although it was warm we had a terrific time.

We spent the day biking from Hancock west on the paved trail. Wonderfully maintained. Loved the scenery and although it was warm we had a terrific time.


This could be such a nice trail, but it has been neglected for years and the tree roots and pot holes have taken over. Expect to pop your bike chain more than once. Avoid like the plague!

Flat & Paved

One of my favorite places to bike. Pretty easy, flat path. A bike shop is conveniently located about half way (10mi marker) which came in handy when my husbands bike broke while riding. Looking forward to doing this again.

great trail

We love coming down and riding on this trail, sign the book at the bike shop....


I enjoyed this trail so much! I can say we road to the 12.5 mile marker and it was paved all the way through. There was slight elevation, but not enough to notice. There were signs all along the way talking about the Rail Line and also mile markers every mile. There are some decent bumps in the pavement from tree roots growing under the trail but not enough to deter riders but sure does hurt your bum if you're talking and not expecting it! All in all, a lovely paved trail and I would drive 2 hours all over again just to ride it! Fair warning, the bathrooms at the Big Pool trailhead are a little bit like walking into a gas station bathroom off the beaten path...but I survived!

western MD rail trail

Excellent. Rode from Little Orleans to Hancock. Small area of gravel but mostly asphalt.

great ride

It’s definitely a 5, but the mile marker is only up to 23. I enjoyed it very much. Especially viewing the mountains and going through them.

Phase IV Extension now open

This completes most of the Maryland portion with 27 miles. It ends at a long trestle crossing the C&O Canal & Potomac River into West Virginia. It seems WV has withdrawn from moving the project further. There is a 2 mile portion where you are detoured onto the canal towpath to avoid 2 tunnels which have endangered species. The State has done a great job with this new portion & this time of year (late May) the scent of Honeysuckle is phenomenal!!

Not a bad trail, but . . .

Lots of broken asphalt due to tree roots mostly from upper half of Hancock.
Mostly shaded which is a good thing. only a few spots where the sun will hit you.
A must stop is at Hancock by the trail is a Restaurant called: Buddy Lou's. Well worth going for a mid stop ride. Good prices, large outdoor deck.

The Western Extension to the WMRT is open and it is a very nice ride

The new western extension to the Western Maryland Rail Trail is now open (May of 2019). It is an excellent ride with scenic views of the C&O Canal and the Potomac River. Also, you get to see how the Western Maryland RR was built into the side of the Potomac River valley with steep cliffs above the trail and down to the C&O Canal. You can see the western end of the Indigo Tunnel and the trail ends at the High Bridge over the Potomac River. The connections to the C&O Canal towpath are very nicely done. Thank you State of Maryland.

22 miles, all Paved.

Flat and 100% paved makes for a nice, smooth bike ride. The WMRT parallels the C&O Canal from Big Pool, west through Hancock (about the half-way point), before ending at Sideling Hill Creek. Construction continues on the western end until the trail will eventually extend to Little Orleans.
There are a few areas where you can cross over onto the C&O canal.
Hancock offers a variety of services. I've ridden from Hancock, west on two separate rides, and will return.

Scenic But Bumpy

One of Maryland's top rail trails for scenery and the amenities in Hancock. However the asphalt surface is becoming a problem due to tree roots. The bumps are frequent and painful, especially on a road bike. Several riders on hybrids also complained. Trail managers need to get on top of this before bikers begin to abandon the trail. Even if repaving is not possible, a milling machine can help smooth out the bumps.

love this trail, West end closed

One of our favorites. About 3 miles on west end closed because of mud slides. Rest of trail good, but tree roots are starting to make some sections bumpy.

clean, paved trail with a little bit of history.

I rode from the trail head in Big Pool, MD to the fruit market about 8 miles away on Thursday, 4/26/18. It was a sunny day, 65°. I rode through a sparsely populated area and then paralleled the C&O canal for the rest of the way. The foliage is not in bloom yet so it is not so much a joyous experience as a healthy ride in cool weather. There was a road biker taking advantage of the paved asphalt surface riding at a fast clip. There were also a few other riders on comfort bikes enjoying the scenery like myself. I would recommend this trail to anyone who is tired of crushed gravel surface rail trails but still want that rail-trail feel. This trail parallels I-70 so it is a bit noisy. For this reason I give it only three stars.

One of my favorites

We love this trail and wouldn't mind riding it again someday. We had to travel to get to it so we stayed at a hotel in Hancock, MD so that we could ride the western half one day and the eastern half the next. I can't say I would recommend the America's Best Value Inn. We travel with a camper now, thank goodness. But the trail was just lovely and I recommend it.

Just far enough from the cities!

This wonderful trail is just far enough from the heavily populated Baltimore/Washington area that it is never crowded. Even on "busy" weekends you'll pass just a few other friendly folks who enjoy biking enough to make the trek to Hancock. For us "weird" recumbent trike riders there are a few teeth rattling tree roots pushing up the asphalt in places. Regular bikes with even modest suspension or fat tires will barely notice them. Enjoy this wonderful gem of a trail!

wonderful path but a little noisy

This is an excellent trail. Smooth pavement. Places to stop along the way for snacks or restaurants. Good scene scenery along the c&o canal. and can see the river in places. But the eastern end is next to highway 70 is is pretty noisy.

Western MD Rail Trail

Great smooth trail that is well kept and full of wonderful scenery. Highly recommended.

Great trail for Road bikes

This is a 22 mile smooth asphalt trail that is great for Road bikes, and gives a 44 mile roundtrip run. I managed over 500 miles on this trail during the month of June 2017 starting at Big Pond and riding the length of the trail each time. I averaged over 17 miles an hour so it is a great trail for just riding, it is pretty quiet especially during the week and is well shaded for summer use. Highly recommend and worth the drive to go an enjoy.

Perfect for her!

My wife has had two knee replacements. We needed a place to ride that she could maneuver. So after donning her yellow recumbent trike, my problem now is keeping up with her. We also like the extras here. From the cement mill, C&O nearby to the cool cave... we love it!

WMRT 04-30-17

Beautiful Day! Started about 10:30am and rode from the Hancock parking lot just East of Hancock. It was cloudy and 75 degrees. Rode to the end of the trail and back ~ 25 miles in under 2 hours. This trail is very flat. We met a trail monitor (CPA) and he gave us many good tips. Then we grabbed more food at our car and continued 9.5 miles or so to Mile 0. It was sunny by then and the only place to buy water is in Hancock. There is no water on the trail. Completed the 18.5 mile loop in about 90 minutes. Saw two emergency vehicles coming up the trail towards us with bikes on top - hope everyone is ok. The is a super flat and nice trail. They only thing I would recommend is to remove the larger sticks since there were some on the trail. Otherwise very friendly and nice people and great day. We also stopped at the way out at the Blue Goose (by car) for snacks. Pretty touristy.


This is a beautiful trail and a pleasant bike ride. I’ve ridden several bike trails and paths and this is by far my favorite. There are a few tree root bumps in a few spots that are in need of grinding down at this point, but nothing serious, just annoying. You’ll probably see an occasional rabbit, squirrel or deer along the way. The shade makes it a little more comfortable in the summer. Buddy Lou’s in Hancock is great stop for lunch, as are other restaurants there.
Bikers may encounter an occasional pedestrian (runner) that does not want to follow the rules. ALL users of the trail are supposed to stay to the right. DoNR says stay to the right. That’s true for every trail I’ve hiked on or ridden on, including the C&O. BUT, some runners feel that because pedestrians have the right of way they can run in any direction they want. It may be safer to run on the left facing traffic on the street but not so on the trail. Be courteous (and safe), stay to the right.

Definitely Worth the Drive

This trail is about 3 hours south of where we live, but the promise of 70 degree temperatures after 3 months of winter was just too much to pass up. So we packed up and hit the road early on a Saturday morning to drive down and check it out. We were not disappointed. The asphalt surface, shallow incline and mild temperature made for a very enjoyable ride and our many thanks go out to those responsible for the creation and maintenance of this trail. This is a very nice trail. Just a quick heads up regarding parking. We started on the east end of the trail and by the time we finished our ride the parking lot was completely full with vehicles overflowing onto the grass.

Wonderful RIde

Rode trail East to West and back with a stop in Hancock for a quick bite to eat. Wide trail with 1 - 1.4% grade. Beautiful view of the Potomac River. A very nice 44.7 mile ride,


We started at the beginning of the trail at Sideling Hill Wildlife Mgmt area. Quite a backwoods drive to find the trailhead but worth the trip. Trail was very well maintained. Could see Tow path trail running parallel and also old telegraph lines still standing. Road to Hancock, MD where there are many quaint shops and nice places to sit and relax and have a picnic or find a hometown restaurant to refuel.

great ride

Began the ride at the Big Pool trailhead and rode to the end. Found the trail to be suprisingly flat and straight. Some areas were almost 2 miles long without a curve. It was a cloudy cool early Oct. morning. Saw deer, lots of squirrels and a flock of turkeys. Lots of tree roots have raised the pavement, especially near mm.6-8, 17-18, and around mm.20. I had taken my hand off the left handlebar to flex it and was almost thrown when riding over one of them. So be careful, keep both hands on the handlebar. Some of the cracks have been painted to improve visibility, but not all. One other word of caution: watch the leaves especially if the trail is wet or even damp; there were many fallen leaves but they were dry on this particular day.

Beautiful ride

This is a great trail! So easy to do and not many people on it even on a beautiful day. Tried to do a bit of the C & O trail next to it, but I was not steady enough to stay in the small worn sections. We stayed at the Woy Bridge Campground in Everett, Pa which was less than an easy 30 minute ride to Hancock where there was ample parking. We spent most of a week at the quiet little campground and took day trips to various biking trails. Really enjoyed ourselves.

Hot morning ride, but great trail

Did a round trip of the WMRT starting in Hancock going east to mile 0 and then back out to mile 22 and return. With the heat today I started 20 minutes before sunrise, and saw quite a few deer, rabbits, squirrels and a turkey. Made the trip in 3:09 not to bad for an old man.
The trail is in good shape and I am looking forward to when the extension is complete.


22 miles of shaded, flat and gorgeous trail! Great for beginners and experts alike.

Good to ride to make up time

We picked up the trail about 4 miles south of Little Orleans. This is virtually the beginning of the trail. It's accessed near a parking lot with a gate and dilapidated building. We had been riding the C&O Canal and wanted to make up some time. It's also quicker if it's raining. It was easier to coast the pavement in the rain than the canal trail. It runs parallel to the C&O. It passes through the town of Hancock. The end of it and its connection back to the C&O is well-marked. It's not particularly scenic so don't ride it for that purpose.

Sunny Saturday

I drove over 2.5 hours to the Big Pool parking area from Pennsylvania. Easy to find and the paved trail starts at this location. I read a previous review and took the advice to ride before the leaves were on the trees. The views are pretty and the trail is in good shape with the exception of a few tree roots protruding through. Even with the beautiful weather there weren't too many people on the trail. The asphalt is wide enough to ride side by side. When we got to the end of the trail we decided to continue and hop on the C&O trail. It's gravel and grass not too shabby either. We rode it for 12 miles until we got back to Hancock then rode the WMRT back to the parking area. I recommend this trail and easily rode almost 46 miles today!

Wonderful and Beautiful

I love the speed I can pick up on the pavement

Great autumn ride only 1h30m from columbia md.

This is a wonderful way to get in a nice long weekend ride.

Cycled from BigPool to western end and back on a chilly but sunny day in early November 2015. Even with the leaves down, there is much time spent in the shade so it remained chilly but was comfortable (about 10 degrees below forecast high) - low sun angle and abundant trees.

Stopped in Hancock down by the river for a snack and also stopped at western end, again by the river. Beautiful river vistas and very peaceful.

My odometer read 45.5 but I did ride down to the river and back.

I wanted to test ride the new bike out on the c&o without a full commitment, so I liked the idea that I could ride the canal for a few miles and then hop back on the rail trail (which I did at lock 55).

One issue with the rail trail is the "root bumps". The western 12 or so miles is chock full of these bumps which can be an issue if you pick up some speed on the otherwise nice surface. I expect this will be a significant long-term maintenance issue.

Saw several pileated woodpeckers flying in the understory which was a pleasure. Bunch of squirrels, a few deer crossing the trail and bluejays.

Hancock has a cycle shop right on the trail and good prices (relative to Columbia anyways).

The parking lot at the eastern end was only half full - I was concerned since it's not a big lot and figured since it was such a nice day it would be full by the time I got there. Could always park on grass I suppose. Also, Fort Frederick is close by so my alternate was to go the Fort parking lot and then take the C&O up to the first join point on the rail trail - about 1.5 miles in.


I have done over 200 Rails2Trails and how anybody can say this trail is BORING must have had a very bad day. I love all kinds of trails and after being on the C&O Canal trail this trail was like being on a super highway. It has it all a great surface, restrooms, and great over looks. There are over 45 reviews and this person is the only one that said it was BORING.

Great ride in a bike friendly town

I biked out to the east end of the WMRT switched over to the C&O Canal towpath and with a slight detour ended up at Ft. Frederick, a historic park which is quite interesting. On the way back I had lunch at the Park N' Dine restaurant which is next to the trail and had a fantastic crab cake. I finished up at the Riverrun B&B which is conveniently located beside the Rail Trail and had some tea. There is also an excellent bike shop called the C&O Bicycle Shop in Hancock where you can rent bikes and get snacks.

I ride the WMRT a lot and find lots to see. On my last trip I found some ripe Paw Paw fruits to eat. Earlier in the summer I had some nice raspberries which were growing on the trail. I have seen: foxes, turkeys, opossums, bald eagles, owls, indigo buntings, a fence lizard, dung beetles, turtles, snakes, lithospermum flowers, larkspurs, wood frogs, spotted salamanders and lots more.

Boring due to Park Service Restriction on cutting trees along the C&O canal

Having now ridden the Western Maryland Rail trail end to end, I have the following thoughts and advice.

1. It is nearly flat with long straights that result in boring ride.

2. The only time you could possibly enjoy the view is after the leaves have fallen or before they have come out. Otherwise you riding through a tunnel of overhanging trees for 90 percent of this Trail. This could be rectified if the Park Service which manages the parallel C&O canal trail would allow the State of Maryland to remove some trees. Which when you think about it - likely had been largely cut down during the time the C&O canal was operating. So if the Park Service's mission is to preserve history and provide for the recreational enjoyment of Americans they should allow for strategically placed openings to provide opening to at least see the river and surrounding hills. Just as they are cutting many of the trees down at Gettysburg, they should allow some to be cut here too.

3. Like most trails this age with trees growing on the sides, this trail is beginning to have a fair number on root caused bumps across the trail making for several areas of really annoying lumps and bumps.

4. Maybe it is just that time of year but the squirrels seem to be suicidal. In the 44 miles I rode I had to have had six near misses with squirrels racing across the trail between my wheels.

5. Compared to other rail to trails I have ridden in five other states I would say it is a nice trail but not a really nice trail. It was disheartening to see so many older riders riding without helmets. But at least they are riding.


Fantastic for Food and Biking

The path is paved and shady most of the time. Stop in at Blue Goose for great trail snacks -- fresh peaches, wonderful selection of wine, cheese and craft beers. Also the best pie selection on the planet.

BUT THE BEST is Buddy Lou's Eats and Antiques. It is funky and eclectic. Located right on the trail where you can dump in your kayak or inter-tube and you have a choice of the paved Western Rail Trail or hoping on the C&O. Buddy Lou's loves the bike crowd and has amazing food and drinks. The decorating is artsy and country at the same time. Diane is the smart, talented and beautiful owner. This is part of what makes this trail wonderful.

Great Ride

Rode this trail again in September, 2014. Scenery is spectacular, lots of wildlife. The portion west of Hancock is the most remote and more quiet. Great new place to eat in Hancock: Bobby Lou's Eats and Antiques.

if you like the C&O, you'll love this trail

I heard this was a nice trail for biking and I was not disappointed! Lots of history along the trail with great views of WV and the Potomac too. As you travel through changing scenery and appear to change elevation, the trail still feels mostly flat. It parallels the C&O and if desired you can switch back and forth or go up out one and back the other - but with the WMRT why bother roughing it on the C&O! Parking in Hancock along the midpoint was no problem - there is a park and ride lot as well as a town park. However, as another reviewer noted - do plan ahead for bathroom and rest breaks. There is also a map available on their website www.westernmarylandrailtrail.org.

Rode the whole trail...in the rain...both directions

On our way back from Virginia, the Mrs. and I parked the truck in Hancock, MD and struck out east on the Western Maryland Rail Trail. With it being a rather rainy day (6/21/2014) we opted for the Western Maryland instead of the C&O as the WMRT is paved. After reaching the eastern terminus, we headed back west, and decided to go all the way to the western terminus. As the WMRT parallels the C&O towpath, you can get a good look at some of the old aqueducts, locks, and dams. There's also an old siding/trestle just east of Hancock, plus the Round Top Cement kiln and sand works, and even some old abandoned houses to the west of Hancock. The surface is flat and fast. I'm looking forward to the westward extension to the old tunnel! Make sure you have used your deet, as there are a ton of mosquitos, especially on the section west of Hancock. Great ride, great trail, even in the rain.

Great for a beginner

This was my first 10+ mile ride, what a great trail! Did the western half, starting in Hancock, total ride was 23 miles. With the tress so filled in the views of the Potomac were limited but there were a few great views. The trailwas heavily shaded which was great for a warm day. As others have said, stopping at weavers is a great idea, small hometown feel, great food and desserts. There is a new big restaurant that's opening right St the parking lot at Hancock station, looks like a very cool place, has a huge deck for outside dining. All in all, What is a must ride.

great ride

We drove to Hancock and rode east. Wonderful paved trail, saw deer on the trail, and turtles. Rode back on the C&O Canal trail. It's rugged, but felt somewhat downhill, nice views of the Potomac. Was nice to come back on a different trail. Will be back to ride the western half soon.

Excellent trail...but a few comments

Rode the western half of this trail Memorial day weekend 2014. Fantastic riding surface, small crowds (early in the day), and plenty of shade. Just a couple comments...

-there are river views, but they are largely obscured by trees. More like peek-throughs at times to see the river. Trains were regularly going by on the W. Va side of the river, but we couldn't see them

-the trail needs a couple rest places. We rode 13 miles out, then back, and saw just one bench. Sitting on the ground was an option, but there were few spots with space for sitting due to heavy growth around the trail

Great Map Available

Just a note to inform trail riders that a great map of the 22 mile trail is available at local stores and on the Maryland DNR web site on this web site under connections. Youker

Winter Ride

Yesterday was the first time for me riding the WMRT and I was very impressed with the condition of the trail even at this time of year. The leaves being off the trees provided many awesome views of the Potomac River as well as the trains that travel along side the river on the WV side. The winter scenery also provided me the opportunity to see many sightings of deer as well as an owl, bald eagle, ducks, and many fox squirrels. I was lucky to get pictures of all except the bald eagle. I enjoyed a quick stop at loch 55 of the C&O for lunch and the fantastic view. The temperature was 31 degrees when I started the ride from Hancock heading West and ended up being 46 when completed. I am sure that this was the reason that I did not see a single person until I was on mile 18 on the return trip. I felt like I was on my own personal trail! I could tell that the other seasons would not have the views that today provided but the riding was awesome and very relaxing. This was a very flat trail that all levels of riders can enjoy. I will be back and I highly recommend the winter ride!!

Excellent Trail

I am a newbie to biking, slowly working my way up to longer distances over the past 4 weeks. This trail is by far the best ride yet with lovely scenery, slow grades, and not a lot of traffic. My husband and I started at the Big Pool end and rode 12 miles out and back for a 24 mile ride. The trail is well maintained, no heavy traffic street crossings, and we were able to ride side by side a lot of the way. Will definitely make this a frequent ride.

A Favorite

I ride it end to end a few times each year. I always recommend it to beginners as it is easy to ride and you can get on at several points to make the ride as short or as long as they like. The pavement makes it a great place when it is wet since you have no mud to deal with.

osborn 2 ride

I never give out 5 stars but if I did this trail would get them. I did a 65 mile lop doing this trail with the C & O trail and it was like going from a back road to a super highway. This trail has it all shade, a great surface, mile markers, park benches and much much more. After talking to a couple of locals I under stand that they are going to be extending this trail for another sixteen miles going north west to Pow Pow. There is not much that I can add that has not already been in other reviews but this is one great trail and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources should be commended for a job well done

A great day trip

We have done this trail twice and have had a great time both times. The trail is well maintained and the view of the Potomac is nice. I am looking forward to doing this in the fall when the leaves are down as I imagine we will see more of the river. Consider stopping in Hancock for some raspberry cookies at Weaver's Bakery--YUMMY! We did an out an back--44 miles, so the cookies were good fuel!

Great Ride

Biked the western part of the trail last week and had a great time. The trail is nicely maintained the entire length with access to the C&O canal in places. Highly recommend this trail for anyone who wants a nice easy ride.

Lovely Alternative Route for Through-Trippers along the C&O

After visiting Fort Frederick, we joined the trail and cycled to its northern terminus.

Although the towpath was often in sight, the experience was significantly different. First, the wildlife viewing is much better: lots of wild turkeys and deer. Second, numerous interpretive signs provide an excellent insight into the corridor's early economy - something which you don't appreciate as much in the "cocooned" confines of the towpath. Although one is tempted to speed along the smooth surface of the trail, you will get a much better experience and depth of understanding by taking your time.

This is one of the finest rail trails I have ever cycled.

A nice alternative to a section of the C&O Canal trail

This trail parallels the C&O Canal towpath for almost it's whole length (in fact, you can see the towpath much of the time just on the other side of the canal). The first time I rode the C&O, I rode the towpath right past this trail because I didn't really know about it. The second time I rode the C&O, I used this trail to bypass about 20 miles of it, and it was a welcome relief, as I had been riding a heavily loaded road-touring bike on the somewhat rough towpath. Comparatively, the paved Western Maryland Rail Trail is super fast and smooth, and just as scenic for most of it's length. There is a several-mile-long section of the rail trail that runs right next to US Route 40, so it's a bit noisier than the towpath. Also, there are many places where it is easy to cross back and forth between the rail trail and the towpath, so you can ride the rail trail without having to bypass the camping areas along the towpath.

I highly recommend stopping at Weaver's Restaurant and Bakery in Hancock. They have good food and epic deserts.


Beauty, history, peace, solitude, wildlife! This may be the most perfect trail and with the upcoming expansion it'll just get better! The fact that it is paved makes it perfect for trikes and recumbents too. In a way-too-crowded Mid-Atlantic region, a day on this trail will help you get your head on straight. Luckily this trail is sufficiently far enough from the megalopolis that most are too lazy to visit this little gem in the mountains. That means more for those of us willing to make the minor effort to get there! I love this trail so much I want to keep it for myself so I'm only half-kidding when I say DON'T TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS :-)


I rode the Western Maryland Rail Trail on 21 April, 2011 exactly one year after being intentionally hit by a car on an empty two lane road in Pa. This rail trail is absolutely fantastic and NO CARS! The temperature was in the low 50's, very sunny and being a Thursday, there were a lot of people out on it along the entire 22 mile distance. I saw a lot of turtles sunning themselves on logs in the C & O Canal and the paved trail itself!! I started at the Western end and rode to the Ft. Frederick terminus. Very little litter and the trail surface is smoooooth black top!! I really enjoyed the day. This trail is a gem!! Then I visited the Ft. Frederick visitor center. Bought some WMRT souvenirs--pins an patches!! Bud Halpin-- Montour Trail Volunteer

Beautiful trail

We did this trail in 2 parts over this weekend. We started in Hancock, which is central on the trail, rode the western 1/2 on Saturday and the eastern 1/2 on Sunday. This is a really beautiful trail. It's flat, so be prepared to pedal non-stop the entire distance. It is all asphalt, meticulously maintained and clean. It runs parallel to the C&O Canal Historic Towpath and there are many points where you can transition from one to the other if you wish. You'll see historical remnants all along the way. It was uncrowded and everyone we encountered was courteous and friendly. We enjoyed it immensely.
The town of Hancock is all about this trail and the cyclists that come to ride it. As a waitress in one of the diners where we ate told me, sadly, "it's all we have left". Hancock is a lovely little town with great charm and nice people, but has seen an economic downturn in recent years, losing their industry and their apple orchards, so they are very happy to have the business that cyclists bring to the area, and treat them accordingly.
We stayed on Saturday night at the America's Best Value Inn. We were disappointed in a lot of respects. It was run down, not very clean, there were many things in the room that were broken, no blankets, and for what it was we felt it was very overpriced. The sign outside says "rooms starting at $45" but we paid $78 for a basic room with 1 bed. The only thing I will say to recommend it is that they are extremely friendly to cyclists and don't seem to bat an eye if you want to take your bikes into the room with you. As a matter of a fact, most of the occupants seemed to be cyclists from the towpath. The pulled in in droves around dinner time.
The Park and Dine is a nice place for breakfast, extremely reasonable and they filled all our water bottles with ice cold water.
We plan to go back again before the season is over and do it again, all of it in a day this time. Well worth the drive.

Nice Trail

We rode this trail on 9/6/10. We started at the Hancock Station and rode to the northern end of the WMRT, then came back on the C&O canal trail up to Fort Frederick, returning to Hancock on the WMRT. WMRT was nice smooth asphalt and there were a lot of people on it (maybe because it was Labor Day). Not a real scenic ride. C&O Canal was crushed limestone/hard packed dirt, but pretty big stones in some places. Not much traffic on the C&O compared to the WMRT. Very scenic ride--snakes, turtles, deer, river, big and little ponds--and much more shade than the WMRT. Lots of places to camp along the C&O for people wanting to do a longer trip. We opted to spend the night in Hancock. Stayed at the Super 8. Nothing fancy and a pretty old hotel, but very biker friendly. Decent breakfast. Inexpensive. Weaver's Restaurant has a variety of really good food and awesome baked goods! C&O Bike Shop was very accommodating and friendly (even open until 6 on Labor Day!).

May 29, 2010 this rail trail is AWESOME!

this is my second time biking in the past 25 years and I have to say that this trail is quite stunning and very well kept. I started in Hancock, MD and went west and came back. this was an easy ride because it is all paved and surprisingly enough, quite busy for memorial day weekend. Everyone I met out on the trail was friendly. I definitely recommend this trail for anyone who likes a leisurely ride to those who are training for speed.

Easy and change of pace

We took a 260 mile camping bike trip on the C&O towpath which is very rough,with great scenery. On our way back we stayed at a motel in Hancock. We came across a overly excited councilman telling us how the future of Hancock also telling us about Western Maryland Rail Trail. I wish we would have known about
earlier becuse this was such a pleasure to go on a straight trail with no mud or pot holes to worry about.
Hopefully they will get approval to finish the remaining part of the trail.

Western Maryland Rail Trail

The paved Western Maryland Rail Trail is a great trail for riders of all levels. Hancock, Maryland sits in the middle of the trail. Hancock offers restaurants, a couple of motels, and a good bike shop. The western half of the trail, west of Hancock, is scenic and quiet. The eastern half lies close to an Interstate and gets road noise, but it is also enjoyable. The WMRT closely parallels the C&O Canal towpath, and there are a number of spots where you can switch between the WMRT and the C&O. The C&O requires a hybrid or mountain bike, not a road bike. I usually ride west from Hancock on the C&O in order to see the historic canal structures and the Potomac River and then ride back on the WMRT to take advantage of the smooth pavement and the WMRT's equally good scenery. The WMRT would be fantastic for a person in a motorized wheelchair.

what a glorious trail!!

i rode about 3 1/2 miles (7 miles total) of the western part of this trail starting in Hancock, MD. This is a great trail if you are just starting to bike...it is flat..the asphalt makes it for a great, comfortable ride, and the scenery if great!! i cant wait to get out there again!!

Nice 22 mile trail

We did the western half of the trail -- from Hancock to Pearre -- last week and enjoyed it as much as the other half that we did two weeks ago. This segment is also as beautiful and peaceful. It was a smooth enjoyable ride -- and easy for us Hase Pino tandem riders.

Great enjoyable trail

WMRT is a great trail that is almost flat -- at least the 10-mile portion that we did from Big Pool (the eastern end) to Hancock (approximately the mid-point). We very much enjoyed the ride on our Hase Pino tandem on a beautiful fall day (last week of September). Unlike earlier reports which are from about a decade ago, we found that in 2009 it is well shaded for the most part. It seems to have been maintained very well too. Also unlike some other riders we were not bothered by the I-70 noise. It was a most enjoyable ride and we would like to do the remaining 12-mile portion sometime later this fall.


Last night was my first time to physically use the trail and I did about 10 miles on it on my roller blades. What a AMAZING ride. The scenery was beautiful and wildlife was out and about. It was very relaxing to get out there and see the river and natural wildlife. I accessed the trail from Happy Hills Campground. The campground has GREAT access to the rail trail as well as friendly and helpful staff. They go out of there way to make it a pleasant stay for everyone. I will be doing this again soon...


I recently visited the wmrt. I found this to be a great trail. I started at Big Poole and peddeled the entire length. I found this trail to be flat and very easy peddeling. The scenery on the western part of the trail was great. I hope to visit again sometime in the fall.

First outing with family on new bikes

This past spring break, my family and I spent our time at Happy Hills Campground near Hancock, MD. As we had heard that there was a path from the campground directly to the WMRT, we decided to hike down to see how the path was.

With the recent rain, I'm glad we decided to hike down the 3/4 mile instead of taking our bikes down; it was rough. If you have street bikes I wouldn't advise riding them, but you can always walk them down to the WMRT. If you are like us and have cruiser bikes (or mountain bikes) it's a decent path.

The first day on the trail we decided to rack the bikes onto our vehicle and drive the 5+ miles into downtown Hancock. After parking at the adjacent lot, we unloaded our bikes and proceeded to take our first "family" outing this year on our bikes. What a great trail.

As for our bikes, we have 2 tandems; a 2008 21-speed Pacific Duallie and 1949 Western Flyer (originally single speed but recently upgraded with a Shimano Hub 3-speed).

We are really looking forward to returning to the WMRT throughout the year so that we can see more of the trail. Our hopes are to be able to go the entire distance someday, once we get in better shape.

Thank you very much for such a great trail!


Where's the extention?

My father and I have biked the length of the trail a number of times. We wait (endlessly) for the start of the "stage IV" of the trail. What's the hold-up? I've talked with many of the riders, walkers, hikers, and even the handicapped users of the WMRT- thay all ask the same thing- when will they start building again? The last I heard (back in 2006) there was at least 2.6 million dollars allocated for the trail extension (of a proposed 5 million dollar tag- including the indigo tunnel, which would be an awsome addition to the trail) I keep researching public records concerning this, but have come up zip. Even my friends at DNR know nothing. How 'bout an update? Anyone?

great bike trail and in very good condition

We biked from the Happy Hills campground at about mile 15. Happy Hills campground claims to have an entrance to the WMRT, but it’s a mile of rough trail to the WMRT and horrible for road bikes. The WMRT is a great bike trail and in very good condition. We attempted geocaching while riding, but the geocaching was difficult and detracted from the enjoyment of the bike ride.

Wonderful Trail with Great Potential

For my wife and me, this is our favorite rail trail in Maryland. It will be spectacular if and when it it is extended westward another 14 miles to cross the Potomac River six times on high bridges and pass through three tunnels. At the end of Gov. Ehrlich's term, funding was authorized to extend the trail through the first tunnel to Little Orleans but that seems to have been postponed indefinitely. The WMRT has two main advantages over the parallel Chesapeake and Ohio Towpath: It is paved, not gravel and dirt, and it is located above the Potomac River floodline. However, rockfalls have been a persistent problem, particularly on the section west of Hancock. Tiny slivers of slate from the rock cuts can and do puncture tires, so beware. Incidentally, the trail description given above confuses east and west: The Round Top Cement Mill is WEST on Handock, while Little Pool and Big Pool are to the east.

Ron Meservey
Columbia, MD

Friendly Trail

My wife and I just spent two days riding the nearly every mile of the trail. We had a great time both days. Day one we started at the end nearest to Hagarstown and ride 7.5 miles out then back. Day two we started between mile marker 9 & 10 and rode to the western end and back. The people were all friendly and what a great trail. It is well maintained too.

giving notice

"We did the first 17 miles (and back) of this trail -notice should be given that for quite a few miles of this trail you are right next to interstate 70 - with all the noise, tractor trailers & pollution etc -that part is awful- it would be helpful to warn folks of this & I would reccommend cutting over to the C&O tow path to avoid the 'highway' part of the trail -- "

Really nice trail

"I've been riding the Western Maryland trail over the years ever since they opened it, and I'd have to say this is one of the nicest trails in the area. The surface is paved, which makes it similar to the W&OD Trail in Virginia and also the Allegheny River Trail in Pennsylvania. The paved surface makes for easy riding especially for beginners, it also means that you can use rollerblades on the trail, and there's no messy limestone/crushed rock dust to clean off your bike and legs like on conventional rails to trails.

The trail is 22 miles long from it's Eastern trailhead near Big Pool down to it's Western end at Pearre. There are parking facilities at both trail ends as well as at the 10 mile mark in downtown Hancock, and there are portajohns at both ends of the trail. The trail runs parallel to the C&O canal, so it's easy to combine both trails into a ride if you want to ride a loop with 1/2 on the WMRT and 1/2 on the C&O. The easiest places to cross from one trail to the other are at the road crossing at about the 1 mile mark (C&O is just down the hill a few hundred yards to the South), at Little Pool, at Tonoloway Creek Aqueduct, in downtown Hancock, at Dam #6/Polly Pond, and at the trail's end in Pearre which ends right behind Lock 56 at mile 136.2 of the C&O Canal. The Westernmost trail end at Pearre is the most remote, and the easiest way to get to it is to take exit 77 off of Route 68, then follow Woodmont Road across the top of the ridge then down where it meets up with Pearre Road, turn right, then follow Pearre Road for about 2 miles until you see the trail parking lot on your left.

The WMRT is the busiest on weekend mornings and afternoons, but it never gets really busy or crowded. You just have to pay attention to other riders when approaching them, and make sure you give a warning when passing...either by using a bell or yelling out ""Passing on the left"". Since it's paved the trail attracts alot of weekend/casual riders who sometimes don't follow the trail rules of keeping to the right, and sometimes ride 2-3 abreast across the trail....a painted dotted line down the center of the trail like on the W&OD Trail would probably help with this. The least used times of the trail are on weekdays and weekday evenings.

The best time to see animals along the trail is in the early morning, or in the evening after 5-6PM. Sometimes in the evening the animals outnumber the trail users. I rode the 22 mile length of the trail on a Tuesday afternoon-evening 8/15/06, from around 3-7PM and saw more deer than bike riders. One deer at the 2 mile mark, 3 near the water at Polly Pond, and on the way back a garter snake and wild turkey near the 15 mile mark, one small doe near Mile 12/Locher Road, and four deer in the backyard of the white church about a mile West of Hancock. The most I've ever seen at one time was near the old abandonded houses near Mile 12, it was late in the evening and there must have been about 20-30 deer in the fields on both sides of the trail.

On the Eastern end of the trail at around the 1 mile mark you can cross from the trail down the road over to the C&O Canal and take the C&O East past Big Pool to Fort Frederick, a ride of about 2 miles. "


"I've ridden on many rails to trails throughout the USA, but the WMRT became my favorite after I 'found' it, three days ago. This is a true Maryland gem for all bike riders. It's especially well suited for road bikes. The paved surface is virtually without flaw. The grade is nearly flat the entire length (I had a very mild breeze to my back going upgrade, which actually made my average time a little faster than it was going downgrade), it is well shaded, and the quiet seems to be from another time and age. I took my ride on a perfect Monday morning and saw, maybe, twenty other riders on the entire 45 mile round-trip. This truly is a beautiful trail and the people of Hancock and the surrounding areas must be very pleased with it."

Big Pool Maryland

This was the first Rails to Trails that I have ever used. It was fantastic and I will do it again. Sights were great and even rode along side a family of white tailed deer that were running in the woods parallel to the path. At one point we both stopped and looked at each other.

superb trail

"What a gem, I wish I had this trail in my backyard I would be in great shape. This trail will leave you with a smile on your face. Check out cute little town of Hancock and C&O Bike Shop on right of trail. This parallels C&O for a short while and you can take a short side trip in Hancock to see one of the old locks on the C&O. Recommend this highly on a trail to do list."



Trail Maintenance

"I rode this trail (from Hancock west and back)on a hot morning after a big wind storm and was very impressed that there was a work crew already clearing fallen limbs and branches. The trail's website says it's not very shady, so I was hesitant to ride in the 90+ temps. But the trail is mostly shaded and the ride was very pleasant. "

Polly Pond to Pearre now open.

"The trail extension from Polly Pond west to Pearre is now open. The trail now ends right at Lock 56 (mile 136.2) of the C&O Canal. There is a parking lot at Pearre for around 40 cars, and a couple of longer parking spots for trailers. There are also signs with descriptions and photos from the early 1900's showing Polly Pond, Woodmont schoolhouse, Woodmont Rod and Gun Club, and the Sideling Hill/Pearre Western Maryland Railroad terminal. Overall a very nice addition to the trail, only thing missing right now that would be nice to have is portajohns at the Pearre parking lot.

The Western Maryland trail is an excellent alternative route to the C&O Canal between Pearre and Fort Frederick, especially after heavy rains when the C&O becomes muddy. I hope some day that the Western Maryland trail will be extended further west from Pearre towards Paw Paw, like some groups have been discussing."

Phase III: West of Polly Pond

"Phase III of the Western Maryland Rail Trail, the 2.2 mile stretch heading west from Polly Pond, should be open for public use by early March 2005."

WMRT Proposed extension

"The current 20 mile paved trail has received many outstanding reviews from riders all over the county. More and more bikers are arriving daily, including many repeat riders. The town of Hancock and the Chamber of Commerce are very active in seeing more improvements and an extension of the trail.

As I write this on Sept. 10, 2004, the 3.2 mile extension with parking and turn-a-round is being consructed west of Poly Pond. Completion should be later this fall.

Several discussion meetings have been held with the Maryland Department of Planning, Department of Natural Resources and the National Park Service concerning the possible extension of the trail an additional 10 miles to North Branch. Further extension through West Virginia to Paw Paw has received unanimous support of the Morgan County West Virginia County Commissioners in August 2004. Completion of this portion of the trail will require much community and government support to be accomplished.

The town of Hancock is very fortunate to have such a wonderful recreational trail to complement to the existing C&O Canal Towpath. "


The WMRT has been snow covered since 01-18-04 with no big melt in sight. State Park people should be thinking about plowing at least part of the trail. When spring comes don't miss this great trail.

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