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great trail

By bowser5x5 in November, 2014

Great trail, unlike any I've ever ridden. Started in Susanville on a beautiful November day. The caboose trail head has ample parking & an interpretive to give a little background. The trail gets off to a gravelly start but soon turns into a packed gravel/dirt/mixed hard-pack sand surface. Perfect for mountain bikes, hybrids or cross bikes, which is what I rode on this ride - a road bike would be torture. Riding up grade, you can tell you're going up, if barely perceptible, but it isn't too taxing. The scenic beauty is great - you have the clear river running alongside, basalt cliffs & rock/boulder fields, hard wood, pine & cedar forests, meadows spreading out here & there. The trail crosses numerous bridges & through two cold, dark tunnels. There are plenty of handmade wooden benches to when you want to take a break, lots of paths down to the river if you want to fish or take a dip & mileage markers all along so you always know exactly where you are on the trail. I turned around at the 21-mile mark & then it was back down & you realize that you really were going up hill – it’s a breeze coming back. This is a wonderful trail for any type of rider, young or old or anywhere in between.

Excellent trail!

By davidandsharon in October, 2014

I recommend starting it in Westwood, because it's a 3% (?) downhill grade I believe from that direction. Doable going the other way, but it's not paved, so I preferred downhill. I took the public mid-day bus from Susanville, which dropped me off at a gas station in Westwood. From there, I biked 3 miles to the trailhead and rode the length of the trail to Susanville. Beautiful, remote trail. Loved it!

a must do!

By suzlavine in October, 2014

We followed the advice from other reviews and road west to east. Recommend parking in Westwood close to Shell station (intersection of 38 and A21) if you are staying in Susanville (recommend - nice small Museum, beautiful murals around town, eat at The White House and Pioneer Lodge/Lassen Ale Works). You can then catch the Lassen Rural bus in the early evening to retrieve your vehicle.
The path officially starts about 3 miles from this intersection. We drove into Westwood to see Paul Bunyan. The surface is mostly fairly fine gravel and in some places sand but not deep, all very nice surface. The trees are beautiful, and landscape changes along the ways. The most spectacular portion is for the last 7 or so miles, riding right along the Susan river; two short tunnels and several tressels. There is one segment, crossing under the road where we did walk since pretty steep and rocky. We enjoyed the whole trail. There is a great place to lunch about halfway at Gaumez with picnic benches and porta-potty.We road the the 3rd week of October and the towards the end of changing of seasonal leaves.
Side note - while in Susanville consider also riding at Ranch Park, a beautiful 27 acre park. Miles of unpaved trails, both fairly flat and mountain biking. We did a loop of Paul Bunyan to Canyon trail, about 6 miles.

Great trail

By happybiker1 in October, 2012

I found this trail on the internet then checked it out on this site. The trail is in very good condition and a very gradual grade. This is a very scenic trail and we were very pleased to have found it. We did about 14 miles R/T from Susanville which had the two tunnels and most of the bridges. If you are in this area this is a must trail for biking or hiking. We stopped and took many pictures along the way as there is much to photograph. We were there on a Monday so can't say how busy it gets on weekends we had the trail mostly to ourselves only a handful of people were on it. We had views of the Susan River most of the distance.

Easy going...West to East

By bwaddle in December, 2010

I had ridden this trail for the first time back in July, 2000. We made a Loop from the Westwood junction to where Hwy 36 cuts the trail and then we traveled back up the highway.

However, this time we used two vehicle's, one at each end. In August of 2010, we made a one-way trek from Westwood junction to Susanville.

Personally, I think it a great place for an experienced trail rider to introduce a younger/novice rider to a long day on a bike trail. Particularly, if you travel West to East. It's mostly all down hill.
Nevertheless, a rider has to maintain the will to reach the end. Also, one can gain an understanding of preparedness. No where on the trail can one just bail...pull into a Starbucks, drink a cafe mocha and wait for the rest to come back with the car. It helps build discipline and commitment.

It's difficult to get lost on this Trail. Not many splits to navigate. Very well signed. The terrain is suited for most all bikes. Although, I wouldn't recommend taking an old "ten-speed". But it's not necessary to have "RockShox" forks either. We did encounter a section with small boulder's or large rocks(depending on your point-of-view) that we had to steer clear.

All the while, this trail offers some of the wonderful views. Plenty of interesting spot's to stop and take in the scenery. Dip your toe's in the water or jump in !

You can see some of our highlights at:

Everytime is better. Ray Bryant Various

By Ray96103 in March, 2008

I have ridden the Bizz Johnson Trail many times and have always had a great trip and every time is different. Lassen Country and Modoc County plus the BLM are working of converting the railroad from Weeden to Alturus to a trail system. The Bizz Johnson Trail is being pushed east to Weeden. BLM has several bus weekend bus trips from Susanville to Westwood that allows you ride one way.Call 530-257-0456 for details and dates. The trail is gravel and is kept is good condition. It a 25+ mile trip but it is easy and plenty of places to rest. I'm 80 this year and we are planning a trip down the Bizz Johnson Trail so you know we always have a good time.

So fun

By kelli in October, 2006

My husband and I left the Susanville depot and rode up to Gomaz. It was fun and very colorful. We went Oct. 2006. It was not hard and it was fun. I am a rode bike person I had fun on a moutain bike. Going back was all down hill so relaxing. I recommond this trail to any one. Rode to westwood 2 years ago and it was a joy that why we came back. got a late start so didnt get to go all the way. Another time we plan oin doing a round trip. Someday

Great 7-mile section - easy

By in April, 2006

"This trail is listed as difficult, but the 7-mile bottom section is quite easy, and slopes gently down into Susanville. I grew up walking and biking this trail. No sweat even for smaller children on bikes, provided you stop at the great river-side beaches and play. The best part is the two (I think) rail tunnels - perfect adventure for kids. Dark and cool inside.

Ask a ranger for directions to the trailhead that is only about 7 miles out of Susanville."

Great fall adventure

By in December, 2004

"We rode this trail on a nice Sept. day. Saw 3 people & 3 deer. Started in Westwood, rode to Susanville, stayed overnight and then took local senior citizen shuttle ($3 each for person and bicycle) from BofA back to Westwood the next day. Westwood end of trail relatively flat & viewless. Gravel trail. Then great river views, trestles and tunnels. Novice rider took 8 hours, with frequent breaks and lunch."

The Local's Favorite

By in November, 2003

"The heaviest users of this trail are the locals -- primarily mountain bikers. This trail is the town's pride and joy, and every weekend the route is filled with people.

The local bus company will provide transportation for you and your bike from Susanville to Westwood so you can ride back in the downhill direction (average 3% grade).

BLM sponsors guided rides several times per year where lecture stops talk about the natural and logging history of the area. The fall color ride this year (2003) was fantastic -- the best color in years.

There is a Forest Service campground with potable water about halfway at Goumaz.

The trail is snowcovered during the winter months, but the skiing and snowshoeing is good also."

Great trail!

By aka_locojoe in October, 2002

We rode the Bizz Johnson in mid October. The temperature was pleasant and the colors great. We rode from Susanville (uphill) to the Mason trailhead and back. Leaving the Mason trailhead we took a forest service road part of the way back till we junctioned with the trail which we rode the rest of the way. It took us a little over 7 hours at a leisurely pace.

I think this trail rates right up there with the Route of the Hiawatha.

Great Fall colors

By in December, 2001

"We biked the trail (from Mason Station Trailhead to Susanville) on October 11 and the Fall colors were wonderful. While we are glad that we did the entire trail once, the next time that we bike the trail we will start at the highest elevation point and bike down to Susanville.

Bizz Johnson

By patricia3 in November, 2000

"I took this trail with a group of my bike riding friends last summer. We rode from Westwood to Susanville. It was WONDERFUL. Beautiful scenery, quiet, tunnels to ride through, bridges to cross. Just a super nice trail. Thanks to RTC for this one. "