Bloomington Hills North Trail

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Situated in the southwest corner of Utah, the city of St. George boasts a number of trails, including the Bloomington Hills Trail. This trail provides recreational opportunities for residents in the southern part of the city. The trail connects residences with nearby recreational facilities, Fort Pearce Wash Trail, Webb Hill Trail and the Virgin River and Virgin River South trails.

Parking and Trail Access

To reach Larkspur Trailhead from I-15, take Exit 4 onto E. Brigham Road. Go 1.5 miles to Bloomington Hills Drive and turn left. Go 1.2 miles to N. Fort Pierce Drive then another 0.7 mile to Larkspur Trailhead. Park on the left. From here you can also access the Fort Pierce Wash Trail, the Webb Hills Trail and the Virgin River and Virgin River South trails.


Around and through Bloomington Hills North Park

   April, 2011 by noeljkelller

First, Sorry about getting 3 pictures that belong on Bluff St Path, on this site. Reduce the map scale and the pictures show up where they belong. Entered this trail via Virgin River South and Fort Pearce Wash Trail to Larkspur Trailhead / Park. Trail more