Cherry Creek Regional Trail

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The Cherry Creek Regional Trail is a picturesque 40-mile route that begins in downtown Denver and connects suburban and rural Arapahoe and Douglas Counties, including the communities of Parker, Centennial and Franktown. The vast majority of the trail has an 8-foot wide concrete surface, but short sections of the more rural southern end consist of gravel trail and road.

The trail begins at the Platte River Trail in Denver's Confluence Park, which marks the area where a gold discovery in 1858 led to the founding of the city. Meandering southeast, the trail parallels Cherry Creek through urban landscapes and parks and into the suburbs. Highlights of the route include the Cherry Creek Shopping District and Four Mile House and Historic Park, where one can learn about Denver's early pioneers.

In Arapahoe County, the trail emerges in Cherry Creek State Park, which offers several hiking trails, campgrounds and a vast array of recreational opportunities around Cherry Creek Reservoir. Near the park's southern edge, the reconstruction of the Arapahoe Road (State Route 88) bridge unfortunately interrupts the trail's heretofore unbroken route. Construction on the bridge should be complete in June 2015, with a new trail underneath seamlessly connecting the northern and southern legs of the trail.

Just before entering Douglas County, trail-goers pass through the Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space. Purchased by the Parker Jordan Metropolitan District in 2009, the formerly private 107 acres with Cherry Creek snaking through it are now preserved in perpetuity. Continuing south over the county line, the trail passes through suburban and then increasingly rural areas, before ending at a wooded and hilly dead-end in Franktown, not far from scenic Castlewood Canyon State Park.

Parking and Trail Access

Begin at Confluence Park off 15th Street in Denver. The trail is also accessible from Cherry Creek State Park in Arapahoe County, as well as many other points in Denver, Arapahoe County and Douglas County. Refer to the TrailLink map for exact parking and access locations.



   March, 2015 by sarahelizabeeeeeth

I get lost every time I ride this trail south and back from the reservoir. The trail splits many different directions, runs parallel to other trails at some points, and has construction around Arapahoe Rd. I became very lost around the construction, as more

My favorite bike ride!

   November, 2014 by todoakai

Love, love this ride! It is beautiful! There have been many improvements on the south side of this trail. We love it and want to ride down there more often. When is the detour going to be eliminated? Leaving the park to ride on the side walk, then more

First time on this trail great ride

   August, 2014 by amartel64

Definitely enjoyed this trail. I look forward to biking another leg soon. Very clean and not too much traffic read more